USA: Week 15! (Twilight Forest, Cemetery Museum, and Bad Luck)

    Stepping into Catoctin mountain park, was like stepping into Twilight’s shooting location, except that the trees had no life. I thought my vision was playing games on me at first, but apparently, it was too foggy that day, and the place became surreal looking! It was annoyingly cold, and my hands started to hurt so very badly, but I still got away with gorgeous pictures, and a photoshoot. It’s sad to admit that the time we had spent at the park is less than the time it took us to get there, but I for one, couldn’t handle the cold, and started to get sick!



    Before one of my appointments, which I knew would be a quick one, I had planned in advance to visit a museum that’s pretty near to the hospital. The museum/castle has a gorgeous garden surrounding it. I haven’t walked through it, but it seemed like a really huge garden. It was beautiful, and rainy outside, but once we entered the house, it was dim, incredibly warm, and a weird smell roamed the place. It gave me the creeps, and then after paying, they eventually started telling us how pretty much everything was not allowed, and that they had to lock my camera up until we’re done with the graveyard tour, so I immediately canceled the tour, and walked out of there. It was really nice getting out of there, and inhaling that fresh air. Maybe I should do some more research next time I decide to go to a museum.  



    On the opposite street of the museum, there was an Asian store, and I got excited to see what’s in it, but it was obvious that it was not my day! The store lacked hygiene, and pretty much all of their products were either from China, or Taiwan, and don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with that, but since it’s an Asian store, it should have a variety of food from all Asian countries. Did I mention that most of their food was also from India? I didn’t know that India was an Asian country. It would’ve been rude if I decided to walk out without buying anything, so I bought a couple of plain rice noodles. 




    Abby says (Dec 9, 2015):

    Awesome pictures!!!! + you need to post more at least twice a week.


    Lucy says (Dec 30, 2015):

    Your pictures are rlly amazing!

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