USA: Week 14! (A Castle for FREE?) 

    Washington happens to have many famous, well known museums, and historical places to visit, however, most of them get overly crowded, and have many security guards, rules, and regulations, some of which include leaving your camera, water, and some other belongings outside the building. What’s fun about that? With that, I had to look for a historical place, with not many regulations, complications, and defiantly not many tourists. It wasn’t a hard thing to do so, because like I mentioned, Washington is known for it’s historical organizations. Larz Anderson House is a chill, easy-going place to visit, and they made that clear in their website, so it was the perfect fit! 


    The historical house of Larz Anderson, and his wife, is not only a museum now, but it’s also available to rent for events, meetings, and weddings! You can tell how fancy the castle is from outside, and it’s mind blowing to know that it was built between the years 1902, and 1905. The staff there were super nice, and friendly, and the tour was really interesting, and informative, however, we only got to see two of the three floors. For some reason, we haven’t got the chance to see any bedrooms, which was a little disappointing. The house was gorgeous, with very high ceilings, and glass walls that allow you to see the backyard with the buddha statue in it. 


    As we were told, the couple who lived there, used to collect many souvenirs, and therefore, you can see the house decorated with a lot of them, some of which are fabric from abroad, placed in a frame, and hung up on the wall. Curtains, and such are almost fully faded, and expected to dissolve by time! It was a fascinating experience to see some of that old fabric which might have dissolved by now (who knows). Once the tour was over, we headed over to the counter to pay, but we were told that the tours are free, and only tips were accepted.



    Lucy says (Dec 3, 2015):

    Your website is so interesting and I enjoy reading it!

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