USA: Find the Duck! 

    I can count on one hand the grocery stores, the ones I usually go to, and one of them happens to be Fresh Market! Considering it being a gourmet supermarket, the place is actually spacious, and doesn’t only sell speciality food, but also a wide variety of  fresh produce, and amazing coffee beans selection. Two of my favorite things that I always get when I’m there are vegetable/okra chips from their own brand name, and their coffee of course! Another non-food item would be the amazing eco-friendly baking sheets, and I couldn’t find ones as good as theirs anywhere else. 



    There’s this mall which is around 35 minutes from my house, I went there once, but I only got through half of the mall until I felt really tired. I was aiming to get to the Disney store there, but I didn’t get the chance. I came again to the same mall to go through the other half of it, and obviously to visit the tiny Disney store. Me, and my sister went nuts! The first half of the store only had dolls of Disney princesses, and kids costumes, the other half however, had a cute stacked pile of plush toys, with many small TV screens that were playing old animated Disney movies. Aside from that were a whole lot of mugs that we could not decide which ones to get! There were kid sized bowls and plates that looked identical to the ones I had when I was a kid, so of course I had to get myself some of The Lion King’s ones, and they look the most similar to my childhood’s dinnerware. We had also passed by a candy store that had the most bizarre collection of limited edition of well-know candy brand, and most of them were family sized!




    monica says (Feb 9, 2016):

    The scenery where the duck located is really beautiful!


    Kawaii Senpai says (Sep 30, 2016):

    my boyfriend has to drag me out of Disney stores every time! tsum tsums are addictive

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