USA: Throwback! 

    While checking the footage on my camera, I realized that I haven’t posted some from the last couple of weeks in US. We actually stayed at a hotel to sort of break the routine, and my room was actually pretty big, with a kitchen, dishwasher, and everything! It only made me think back of the first month and a half, where I had to stay at really nice hotels, but no kitchen. It was really hard, especially for someone who only likes his own cooked food. I immediately thought ‘only if I had known about this hotel!’.



    It also snowed a little on our last week, but then the sun showed up, and melted every last bit of the it! I absolutely love it when it rains/snows, and the sky turns into it’s whitest shade. Sunshines/sunsets were also phenomenal, a piece of art, if you will. Everyday the sky shows a new color, if not multiple ones! I’ve encountered the craziest sunsets, where it literally felt as if someone held a gigantic yellow flash light from the top, which turned everything into very bright yellow, and it defiantly blew my mind! Other times, the sky is pink, turning every object on ground into a tinted pinkish color. Not to mention the cotton candy sky, me and my sister, would stare at it for hours, and not get bored. Nature never fails to fascinate me. I’ve seen squirrels, deers, rabbits, and foxes in front of my house… which is not something I’m able to see here, not even at the zoo. I didn’t go out and explore a whole lot, but staying at home was still sort of fun. Cultural shock only happened when I came back, other than that, I felt like I was home. Of course there were some ungrateful incidents here, and there, but nevertheless, America was defiantly the place to be. 



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