• USA: Find the Duck! 

    I can count on one hand the grocery stores, the ones I usually go to, and one of them happens to be Fresh Market! Considering it being a gourmet supermarket, the place is actually spacious, and doesn’t only sell speciality food, but also a wide variety of  fresh produce, and amazing coffee beans selection. Two of my favorite things that I always get when I’m there are vegetable/okra chips from their own brand name, and their coffee of course! Another non-food item would be the amazing eco-friendly baking sheets, and I couldn’t find ones as good as theirs anywhere else. 



    There’s this mall which is around 35 minutes from my house, I went there once, but I only got through half of the mall until I felt really tired. I was aiming to get to the Disney store there, but I didn’t get the chance. I came again to the same mall to go through the other half of it, and obviously to visit the tiny Disney store. Me, and my sister went nuts! The first half of the store only had dolls of Disney princesses, and kids costumes, the other half however, had a cute stacked pile of plush toys, with many small TV screens that were playing old animated Disney movies. Aside from that were a whole lot of mugs that we could not decide which ones to get! There were kid sized bowls and plates that looked identical to the ones I had when I was a kid, so of course I had to get myself some of The Lion King’s ones, and they look the most similar to my childhood’s dinnerware. We had also passed by a candy store that had the most bizarre collection of limited edition of well-know candy brand, and most of them were family sized!


  • Still in USA: Washington DC, it Was? 

    Oh my, is Washington DC crowded! The streets are never empty. Families, couples, and even single workers are always roaming around Washington streets. Traffic is also bad, and you have to wait for traffic lights way longer than you usual do. You might also hear a horn or two, which is something I’m not familiar ever since I came here. I feel as if I’ve learned much more of Washington through this visit than the times before, and that maybe due to usually being distracted reading magazines, or playing with my phone in the backseat. 


    We make a stop at a very famous museum in Washington, and I see benches with seated couples, and families, enjoying a meal from the smelly food trucks that are parked, and lined next to them, and in front of the back entrance of what’s supposed to be the museum. I suddenly get a feeling that I might be mistaken in following the directions to the museum, so after several turns around the building, it still seemed impossible to reach the front entrance of the ginormous museum. We finally decide to step out of the car, and give the hidden back door a try, and there was one indeed. After entering, I see that there are lines of people waiting to get through security, and once I’m through, I realize that there were no required fees, and that suddenly explains why the place was crowded in the first place (yuk!). 



    There were different entrances after security, and I chose the glass one that had day light coming through it, and it turned out to be a learning field for kids, and teenagers. Even though I’m no longer a kid, nor a teenager, I knew it was the place to be. The hall was super bright, and had many equipment, microscopes, and drawers full of dead insects, and what’s left of dead animals which I didn’t appreciate at all. I went to the upper half-lever, the place that’s supposed to be for toddlers, to take a picture of the hall from above. There were books for kids, and stuffed animals, if I recall correctly. The drawers didn’t only have insects, and animals, but also plants, rocks, minerals, native americans’ accessories, human skulls that didn’t look like it belonged to actual humans at all, and more. Each glass box that contained the items had a coloured tag, if it’s green, you can go ahead, and take it out of the box, touch it, and even review it under the microscope, if it’s a yellow tag, you’ll need to reach out for assistant, and if it’s red, then you can’t open it at all. I didn’t bother to check the tags, because opening the drawers itself was a big task, since there way too many of them. When I was done, I entered one of the other main entrances, and there were three shops, a cafe, and a restaurant, but the place was rather dark, and crowded. I went upstairs, and didn’t enjoy it so much, so I left immediately. 



    It was so refreshing to get out of there, and inhale the fresh air, such an describable feeling it was. Unlike where I live, Washington DC has many Vegan restaurants, and I’m not a dining out sort of person anymore, but I felt like I had to. Right in front of the restaurant was a guy standing, and enjoying a huge slice pizza in the cold weather, as if he was in the comfort of his home, very New Yorky, right? Then another guy comes running out Whole Foods, which is right next to SweetGreen (the restaurant I was heading for), with a bottle of wine, and yes, he was literally running. Did I mention it was New Year’s Eve that day? The restaurant was uncomfortably warm, too warm to a level where I felt as if my skin cells were burning off. 

    The way it works when you come to order is that you have the option to fill your bowl, with about 5-6 ingredients, with a base of farro quinoa, rice, or whatever available at that local branch, and then veggies, tofu, other legumes, then a topping, a dressing, and then finally a piece of bread which can be discarded if the person doesn’t eat gluten. It was super healthy, super delicious, the sort of food I make for myself at home. We ate outside, and it wasn’t that cold because there were heaters outside too. 



  • Box Review: WOWBOX! (Japanese Snacks) 

    I’m back with yet another Japanese snack subscription box. This one is called WOWBOX, and it has three different box themes. Original Fun & Tasty which includes fun well-known Japanese snacks, including DIY snacks, and anime themed ones. Kawaii & Beauty, which has low-calorie snacks, as well as beauty enhancing snacks, and once in a while cosmetic products will be added to that box too. The third theme is The Classic, which collects all time favorites, and top-seller snacks in Japan. What’s really awesome about WOWBOX is that it gives the opportunity for the subscriber to change between boxes monthly (if wanted), and that makes it so special in comparison with other snack boxes. The large number of snacks reminded me of the OyatsuChaChaCha’s box. My WOWBOX was pretty large, with seventeen snacks, and one drink. It was the Original Fun & Tasty, and it was fun indeed, I really enjoyed the snacks. If you’re interested in subscribing, here’s a 10% coupon code: S-RDGTVPGG. 


    Jyga Shio Butter (7/10)

    It has a strong artificial butter smell, and flavour. My siblings thought it was okay, but I thought it tastes super weird! They said it tastes like buttered corn, but I didn’t agree, as it tastes like buttered potato to me. After trying all the snacks, and having read the paper explaining each snack, it turned out I was right. 


    Caramel Corn (10/10)

    One of my favorites of all time! These sweet puffs have some sort of a crispy texture, I think they were baked! This one had peanuts with it, and the peanuts aren’t really reachable until you’re done with the puffs? The caramel corn flavour tastes so good, but I still prefer the caramel corn cheesecake one though. 


    Tsunagete Ramune: Grape Plus Soda (8/10)

    A combination of grape, and soda flavoured candy bites, that you can hook up to create a chain with it. The texture of the candy is really interesting, it’s very chewy, and both flavours taste pretty good.


    Ramune (8/10)

    I wasn’t brave enough to try it, so this went straight to my brother, who actually liked it. This will probably be his new favorite drink, and luckily, they sell different Ramune drinks with various flavours in the Asian store I usually go to.


    Shuwabo: Change Cola (10/10)

    These look like regular fruit chew sticks, but there’s cola powder inside, and made them turn into magical fruit chew sticks. From a sweet citrusy flavour, to a sort of sour cola, this candy is really fun, and tasty!


    Pie No Mi Winter: Apple (10/10)

    Apple pie snack bites, the puff pastry is on point, but I’m not a fan of the filling. It’s still so good! As everything else LOTTE sells. 


    Super Mario Gummies: Ramune & Cola (3/10)

    At first, and from what I saw on the package, I thought these were chocolate bites shaped as Mario’s head. Turns out these are gummies, but the taste was super not appealing to me. 


    Mini Peach (9/10)

    These were tinier than the tiniest pill I take, I’m not sure if that gave you a clue at all, but texture wise, they’re the typical solid candy that crumbles when you bite it. The flavour is nice, and strong, but not overpowering.


    Saku Saku Panda Z (9/10)

    These are chocolate panda biscuits, with a thick later of chocolate. I assume that kids will like these the most, since it’s very chocolatey, and looks super kawaii. I obviously gave them to my baby sister.


    Gokujyo Hiritsu: Mellow Berry (10/10)

    I only had the middle part of the snack, and oh my god was it good. It’s similar to LOTTE’s choco pie’s texture of the spongy cookie in the middle. It’s squishy, and the strawberry filling is phenomenal. It’s really delicious! 


    Umami Wa Puffs (10/10)

    Tastes exactly like Super Ring A.K.A one of my guilty pleasures when I was a kid because my mom would get mad if I buy them. In terms of size, these rings are much bigger, and also the package itself is bigger, therefore, I must say these win over Super Ring. They’re so good, I couldn’t stop eating them! 


    Supper Mucho: Sour Cream Onion (9/10)

    Very crunchy, and flavourful. It smells, and tastes almost like Pringles’ sour cream & onion, but with a stronger flavour, obviously because Japan likes to make everything tastes better. Not to mention how cute the bag is! 


    Pine Gummy (10/10)

    I wasn’t feeling these, but my sister admits that they taste like fresh pineapples that are on the sweet side. The texture is soft, and chewy, and not very hard, or gelatin like. 


    Fit’s Gum: Hot Cola (9/10)

    I don’t like gum, nor do I like spicy food, but these were interesting. The cola flavour in it was just right, and it wasn’t really spicy, but only hot, if that makes sense. It went above my expectations. 


    Ramune Watagashi (10/10) 

    This cotton candy smells so good! I can’t really describe the dreamy smell, it tastes yummy, and sweet, but without a strong flavour. We liked this one so much!


    Shimmy Choco Corn (8/10)

    This is a crispy corn snack dipped in chocolate, sort of similar to a puffy cereal bar, if you bite into it, it’ll look more clear that the snack is shaped as a star, just as the one on the cover. My sister says there’s a bit of saltiness in it, but it might be because it’s not sweet enough for her.


    Young Donuts (5/10)

    I hate donuts, and that’s probably why I didn’t like these. They taste like a typical fried dough, with a sugar coating, nothing special about it, but if you’re into donuts, these will be your Senpai! They’re so easy to take along, and so tiny you could fit it in your pockets! 


    Choco Kinako Mochi: Matcha

    This candy is supposed to be a replica of the traditional Japanese sweet, Dango which is a dumpling made from sweet rice, and covered with Kinako which is roasted soybean flour, as well as Matcha powder, and chocolate in that case. It’s a fun DIY treat, but I haven’t really tried it.

  • USA: Week 15! (Twilight Forest, Cemetery Museum, and Bad Luck)

    Stepping into Catoctin mountain park, was like stepping into Twilight’s shooting location, except that the trees had no life. I thought my vision was playing games on me at first, but apparently, it was too foggy that day, and the place became surreal looking! It was annoyingly cold, and my hands started to hurt so very badly, but I still got away with gorgeous pictures, and a photoshoot. It’s sad to admit that the time we had spent at the park is less than the time it took us to get there, but I for one, couldn’t handle the cold, and started to get sick!



    Before one of my appointments, which I knew would be a quick one, I had planned in advance to visit a museum that’s pretty near to the hospital. The museum/castle has a gorgeous garden surrounding it. I haven’t walked through it, but it seemed like a really huge garden. It was beautiful, and rainy outside, but once we entered the house, it was dim, incredibly warm, and a weird smell roamed the place. It gave me the creeps, and then after paying, they eventually started telling us how pretty much everything was not allowed, and that they had to lock my camera up until we’re done with the graveyard tour, so I immediately canceled the tour, and walked out of there. It was really nice getting out of there, and inhaling that fresh air. Maybe I should do some more research next time I decide to go to a museum.  



    On the opposite street of the museum, there was an Asian store, and I got excited to see what’s in it, but it was obvious that it was not my day! The store lacked hygiene, and pretty much all of their products were either from China, or Taiwan, and don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with that, but since it’s an Asian store, it should have a variety of food from all Asian countries. Did I mention that most of their food was also from India? I didn’t know that India was an Asian country. It would’ve been rude if I decided to walk out without buying anything, so I bought a couple of plain rice noodles. 


  • USA: Week 14! (A Castle for FREE?) 

    Washington happens to have many famous, well known museums, and historical places to visit, however, most of them get overly crowded, and have many security guards, rules, and regulations, some of which include leaving your camera, water, and some other belongings outside the building. What’s fun about that? With that, I had to look for a historical place, with not many regulations, complications, and defiantly not many tourists. It wasn’t a hard thing to do so, because like I mentioned, Washington is known for it’s historical organizations. Larz Anderson House is a chill, easy-going place to visit, and they made that clear in their website, so it was the perfect fit! 


    The historical house of Larz Anderson, and his wife, is not only a museum now, but it’s also available to rent for events, meetings, and weddings! You can tell how fancy the castle is from outside, and it’s mind blowing to know that it was built between the years 1902, and 1905. The staff there were super nice, and friendly, and the tour was really interesting, and informative, however, we only got to see two of the three floors. For some reason, we haven’t got the chance to see any bedrooms, which was a little disappointing. The house was gorgeous, with very high ceilings, and glass walls that allow you to see the backyard with the buddha statue in it. 


    As we were told, the couple who lived there, used to collect many souvenirs, and therefore, you can see the house decorated with a lot of them, some of which are fabric from abroad, placed in a frame, and hung up on the wall. Curtains, and such are almost fully faded, and expected to dissolve by time! It was a fascinating experience to see some of that old fabric which might have dissolved by now (who knows). Once the tour was over, we headed over to the counter to pay, but we were told that the tours are free, and only tips were accepted.

  • Box Review: BoCandy!

    Bocandy is a candy subscription box, with a variety of candy imported from all over the world. Unfortunately, and unlike their previous boxes, this one included mostly chocolate, and that’s probably because the weather’s cooler now, so I had my sister try the chocolate ones, and give me her opinion. The box included some of my favorite childhood candies, and others that I haven’t seen or heard of before, such as the chilli coated lollipop, and the tamarindo candy. It was also difficult to spell some of them, so I had to refer to Google, and double check if the spelling was correct. 


    Palette: Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Lollipops (7/10)

    She admitted that the chocolate on top isn’t heavenly, but the candy overall was okay. With that been said, my sister hates marshmallow, so you might like it more than she did. 


    Gyxa Nacma: Chocolate Covered Sponge Cake with Cream Filling (10/10)

    This looks like something I used to eat when I was little. It’s a cream filled sponge cake with a hint of vanilla, covered with a thin layer of chocolate, so I assumed it’s scrumptious! My sister defiantly liked this one so much! 


    Waffi: Chocolate Covered Peanut Wafers (10/10)

    Another candy bar that gets my sister’s thumps up, she says it’s light, not overly sweet, and the added peanuts made the wafer bar even crunchier. 


    Marukawa: Orange & Strawberry Flavoured Bubble Gums (10/10)

    Those aren’t new to me, I’ve enjoyed these my whole childhood years. They’re delicious, and fun to have. They come in different flavours, and each pack has 4 bubblegums. 


    Tunnock’s: Milk Chocolate Mallows (6/10) 

    These are supposed to be S’mores, I guess. It’s a marshmallow ball, covered with chocolate, and with some sort of a graham cracker inside. If you like S’mores you’d probably love these, as they are easy to have, and you won’t even need to build a fire. 


    Kasugai: Flower Kiss Candies (10/10) 

    I’m not sure I’ve had these before, but once I tried one, I was hooked! I can’t explain how do they taste like, the taste is sort of out of this world. No, they don’t taste like flowers, nor are they flower scented. They’re magical! 


    Vero Elotes: Spicy Lollipops (0/10)

    One thing we’re not familiar with, is spicy, savoury candy, which is unfortunate, because there were a couple included in the box, that we didn’t really make a use of. This one is strawberry flavoured lollipop coated with chilli! 


    Pelon Pelo Rico: Tamarindo Flavoured (0/10)

    Another Mexican candy, and this one is soft candy flavoured with Tamarind. My sister says that it tastes something like soy sauce. 

  • Blog: USA Week 13! (Park, World Market, and Trader Joe's) 

    I’m a little late updating my website this time. I’ve done another biopsy last week, and it didn’t go too well, as I felt sick to my stomach, and passed out! The fact that I didn’t have any breakfast wasn’t necessarily the reason why, it could be the fact that I’m sick of biopsies, and the notion of getting your skin chopped up isn’t really comforting at all, and also because the doctor was a bit too slow during the procedure. It was also bizarre how my doctor predicted that I might pass out because I was sitting instead of lying down. Anywho, on one of those cloudy days, I went to a nearby park to take pictures, as it’s very calming, and satisfying in way, and luckily, the park was almost empty which was very nice. It was defiantly something I had planned for, a combination of an early timing, and a school day is great! 


    A girl on Youtube once mentioned that the World Market sells Japanese snacks, and I obviously was curious to go, and see. The market didn’t only sell speciality food, but also furniture, and gifts, sort of. I struggled finding Vegan snacks, but I wound up getting stuff like sweet burnt peanuts, fig bars, rice sheets, and vegetable chips. I love, love speciality stores. Everything seems to be taken a step further, creative minds adding a touch everyday tools, cute boxes that have everything set up for a recipe with all the ingredients needed, cute holiday candies wrapped with the world's favorite animated movies. Not to mention the miniature food, such as Sriracha sauces, honey, cheese, and more. 


    I ran out of sweet potatoes at home that day, which is supposed to be a disaster in my case, and with that in mind, I didn't forget to walk into Trader Joe's next door. Trader Joe's is one of my favorite grocery stores, but I've never taken my camera inside before, since the one I go to is very crammed, and you could hardly do your shopping there. However, this one happened to be bigger. One thing I don't like about Trader Joe's sweet potatoes, is that they're too small. I'm obsessed with Japanese sweet potatoes, and they’re one of those things that I haven't been able to try before I came to the US! Last night, I've made a vegan pizza, with Trader Joe's organic pizza crust, and topped with chunky lightly mashed organic sweet potatoes, both Japanese and the regular, and other toppings as well. It was so good! My sister, who recently turned vegan, said that it was the best pizza she's ever had.

  • Blog: USA Week 12! 

    I got to meet Rosanna Pansino this week, and it was magical! Those 20 seconds were more than enough to keep me smiling the whole week. She is super down to earth, and welcomed everyone very heartily! She’s super tiny, and adorable, and when it was time to take a picture, the security guards, the ones who work for Ro, had no idea how to use the focus element in professional cameras, therefore, the pictures turned out to be very blurry, which was very sad. I don’t need pictures to remind of that day, because it’s simply unforgettable. Since the meeting took no time at all, I went for stroll in the park, where a match between two soccer girl teams was located. Parents were jumping, screaming, and shouting at the poor girls, there were obviously cheerleaders involved as well! 



    I also went to K-Mart for grocery shopping this week, as you must all know by now, I’m obsessed with everything Japanese. To be honest, K-Mart has everything Asian, and specifically Japanese. However, almost everything that I’ve bought was produced by Japan. I bought a whole lot of ‘speciality’ Asian food, some of which were bags chestnuts, which I’ve been looking for, and couldn’t find anywhere, as well as sweet rice, red bean paste, and many more! I couldn’t recognize some of the fresh produce such as vegetables, and fruits as I’ve never seen any of them in my life. Tofu itself, took a whole aisle, including different sizes, different flavours, and different brands. I didn’t buy any cosmetics, because they only had a couple of brands which were Korean. It’s pretty odd how the smallest section was the snacks’, and in the meanwhile the meat section took half of the market. As big as the supermarket looks from outside, everything was actually crammed inside, and the meat/fish’s smell was horribly annoying, and I was offended by how fish, and crabs were kept alive in tanks waiting to be slaughtered right in front of buyers.


  • Blog: USA Week 11! (Larriland Farm is Closed & Japanese Store) 

    I literally have the worst luck ever. I wanted to go to a farm called Larriland for fruit picking when the weather was overcast, and cool. Once I arrive, not only does the weather turn sunny, and hot, but the workers inform me that the fruit picking had already stopped since the1st of November! When I entered the wooden barn to ask the workers, I realize that they have some produce available, so I got me some vegetables. No buildings are near the farm area, since it takes up more than 4 blocks, but it’s pretty empty, no one was there. 



    After that I went to a Japanese store, which I’ve been meaning to go to for a while. It looked too small from outside, but it was a little bigger than I’ve expected. They don’t have exclusive snacks, or new flavours of certain snacks, but the place was packed with a variety of food, from chips to frozen food, and sauces too. They also sell bread, and cake imported all the way from Japan, as well as beauty products, and magazines. I was hooked! I almost bought OTAKU, because of that Digimon page, but then realized that it’s in Japanese, and not written in English. I’ll keep an eye on the USA version of OTAKU for Digimon pages in the upcoming months, especially since it’ll premiere 21st this month! 

  • Opening Packages: Anime & Comics Merchandise! 

    It’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted this kind of blog post, and I’ve re-gained my passion for online shopping which is fantastic! Even though, some packages were also delivered (and possibly returned back) to, and from my local post office back at home because no one is there to receive it. 


    Most days when I feel like doing nothing, but relaxing, I defiantly consider ‘shopping’, while in bed. There are two elements now that I live in the US, one of which is of paying too little money, or no money at all for shipping, and also getting my orders delivered pretty quickly. 


    1-Archie Comics Pull-Over Hoodie 

    I’m not sure why are the gang scary looking here, could be a halloween themed collection, but the material collects fur/hair like a carpet cleaner. Either way, I still love it, and I was defiantly excited when it arrived. Hai!

    Get it HERE



    2- Cryaotic Tee

    If you don’t know Cry, or Cryaotic is, then I must feel sorry for you. He’s an awesome gamer, with a mysterious face. I believe this one is a unisex shirt too, however it turned out to be smaller than expected, and as you can see, the material collects ‘fur’.

    Get it HERE


    3- Zombie Slayer Tee 

    Such a great quality, which is something to expect from Threadless, one of my favorite online stores. Another shirt, which I had also ordered came in the package as well, but one item out of each package is sort of my rule.

    Get it HERE


    4- Nicolas Brown iPhone Cover 

    It’s Nicolas Brown ya’ll. A character of the anime Gangsta, A.K.A an anime I’m obsessed with, still. Here’s the funny part, I don’t have an iPhone 6s Plus with those over 100 giga bites, since the store I had ordered from didn’t accept my transaction, and it’s hard to get an un-locked iPhone here. I’ll probably frame the phone cover till then.

    Get it HERE


    5- Cruelty Free Vitamin C Serum 

    It’s one of those must haves that I throw in my cabinet, and never really use, which is totally my kind of thing. Since I have a horrible dehydration, my skin is obviously always dry, but I can’t simply use any moisturiser, as my skin reacts negatively with even the most gentle face creams. Therefore I decided to give serums a try, since serums tend to be really light, and not greasy. 

    Get it HERE

  • Blog: USA Week 10! (Patapsco Valley Park)

    Before it gets chillier, and before I go into hibernation, I had to spend sometime outside. Patapsco Valley Park was the answer, and when we arrived to the gate which is supposed to be the park’s one, and only gate, they informed us that in order to get to the lake, and the waterfall scenery, we would need to take a fast steep way to get to it, unless we go back, and take directions for a drive that will take longer. Unlike other parks around here, this one asks for fees, and that’s probably due to having beautiful views, such as the lake, and the waterfall, which I didn’t get to see, mostly because I was too tired to walk the long aisle. The park was huge, with many multiples ways to take, and as you drive through the park, you’ll see that there are many wooden tables with benches for families to take advantage of, except for ‘shelters’ which need reservation in advance. 



    Different groups of people came to the park for different purposes, some were there to gather with family members under a ‘shelter’ to enjoy boardgames, and food, others were there to either run, or walk, others were riding their bikes, and some were there to go fishing, even though it seemed to me that the water was not deep enough to even have the tiniest fish. To be honest, when I first read the ‘shelters’ signs, I thought that we were in a park that invites homeless people to feed them, but apparently a group of people within the same race, and big families use it for family re-unions. It was nice since the weather was neither too cold, nor was it hot, but the sun still made an appearance for a while when we were there, but for the most part, it was raining leaves, and it couldn’t get any more fall than that. 


  • Blog: USA Week 9! 

    Bowling alleys here are family-friendly, and since bowling is one the best activities out there, spending a noon bowling with my family sounded great! However, the bowling alley’s working hours are not fixed, and that’s made us go earlier than their opening time that day, therefore, we had kill time at a few stores near the alley. Once we were all set for the match, each one of us chose a different coloured ball, and mine was the orange one (I think). I was ranked the second, so that sort of means I’m not that horrible at bowling. My baby sister had her own lane, with a match against herself, using the bowling lane with bumpers that’s designed for kids, yet every time she knocks some pins down, she cheers, and dances for herself. After we were done, and were supposed to return our shoes, I suddenly realized that my shoes were designed for kids, even though they were a little too big for me! 



    One morning we headed to the Sugarloaf mountain, ‘but first, COFFEE!’, so I had to get me Starbucks which by the way, wasn’t a Pumpkin Spice latte, but only a regular black Americano. I initially didn’t want to go up the mountain, and only wanted to walk around near it, because I assumed there would be some cool nature places around it, but there were none, and suddenly we were up the mountain (by car). We followed a couple of cars in front of us, and there were two parking places on the mountain, both on two different levels, or heights, if you will. We went to the higher parking lot, where most cars were parked, and decided to hang around. It was super cold, and I was wondering the whole time how could all of these people go for a hike in such a cold weather. There were elders, babies, pregnant ladies, guys wearing shorts, and then me freezing under layers, not wanting to move. At some point, I even wrapped my blanket around me, or wore it as a skirt. I had no idea where would people disappear all of a sudden, and which directions they followed to go on hike, or how they would find their way to climb up to the same spot. I have no knowledge what so ever about hiking, as it must be obvious. We left around an hour after we had arrived, mostly because it was freezing. The mountain was beautiful, but defiantly too cold. 


  • Blog: USA Week 8! (The Maryland Zoo) 

    I was at the zoo the day before, and it’s fair to say that this was my first in a decade, and last visit ever. I didn’t have an idea of how it felt like to be around the presence of animals in general, but it’s incredible how the negative energy of locked up animals could get to you. I’ve had only walked through 1/2 of the zoo animals, when I decided I wanted get out of there as soon as possible. The sun had come out by that time which was a motive for my family to consider the idea of leaving so soon (I’m allergic to sun).



    Never have I ever seen so many animals this desperate in my life. One of which was the chimpanzee who sat right in front of the glass wall looking so depressed, and haunted by his past. No, I don't know anything about his past, but it's obvious that it's not so pretty. He was taken from his family, and home where he could jump around and explore around the unending forest. The chimpanzee wasn’t put in a huge cage under the sun, but in a small locked room with only one side of glass walls, no sun, no real trees, no family, and absolutely nothing to do, only fed, and put to sleep, and that’s how his life is going to be for the rest of his life. This depressing life was forced upon him, and can you take a second to imagine how would it be like to be locked away from your family in a room with no natural light or anything to do for the rest of your life time? His eyes, and body language were crying for help, and it hurts not being able to help at all. 











    Another monkey from a different species was locked alone in a small cage outside, I wouldn’t say ‘luckily’ because he was shaking the cage’s door, while trying to figure out how to open the steel lock. There was also only one crocodile, with lots of terrified fish hanging near the glass wall, and away from the crocodile which was so sad. They knew one of them was going to be eaten next! Therefore, my overall zoo experience wasn’t good at all. If you’re a person who cares about animals, believe in their rights, and only want to see them from close, I’d suggest you go on a safari, or watch the National Geographic channel.














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