• Unboxing: BoCandy! 


    BoCandy is a monthly candy subscription box that offers hand picked snacks from all over the world (including Japanese)! There are 2 options to pick from when it comes to choosing the box, one is half sized (3-4 candies), and the other is full sized (6-9 candies). Pricing starts from $11.00 a month, and shipping is guaranteed to be free! 


    Coris Whistle Candy (Ramune): 

    I’m always happy when I receive these in candy boxes, It’s a simple candy, with few ingredients including sugar, but no dairy, or gelatine. It’s delicious, and makes a whole lot of sound!


    Coris Whistle Candy (Grape flavored Ramune):

    This one was interesting, since I don’t remember having a flavored whistle candy other than the plain ramune one. It was sweet, and sour! Really yummy, and super addictive. 


    Goralki Strawberry Bar:

    It looks like the normal, yet delicious artificial strawberry paste filled crunchy wafers, except that this one has a twist to it, and is covered with chocolate on the edges. Chocolate lovers are more likely to love these!


    KEX Choklad: 

    Even though these come from Sweden, I always see them in Ikea’s speciality snacks store. I’ve never had these, but apparently kids love them, I’ve seen my little sisters munch on these before.


    7 days Chocolate Croissant: 

    I was surprised to find this brand in the box, because it’s so popular back home that I’d assumed it wasn’t produced by a foreign company! It’s a rather big croissant, filled with chocolate filling, and baked the Polish way!


    Toffi Kubanka & Pikolo candy drops: 

    Last, there were many Cuban toffee, and flavored candy drops in the box. It doesn’t say on the package that the toffee is chocolate flavored, but apparently, it is. The candy drops were really good, the flavors are lemon, apple, orange, and raspberry. 


  • Box Review: Okashi Connection! (Japanese Snacks)


    Okashi Connection is monthly Japanese snacks, and candy box subscription. This box mostly includes exclusive Japanese snacks that couldn’t be found outside Japan, and the snacks are also carefully selected, so there won’t be any bad, or ‘filler’ snacks like other subscription boxes. There are 3 different kinds of subscription boxes that Akashi Connection offers, which can be canceled at anytime, Ninja, which has 5-7 items, Samurai, with 9-13 items, and finally the Summo which includes 14-18 items. There’s also the option to purchase any of these boxes, without having to subscribe. However, the box only includes description of each snack, no ingredients included, which is sort of a problem for many, myself included. My box was the Samurai’s, and it had a pretty decent amount of snacks, and as stated, most of the snacks were indeed unlikely to be found outside Japan! 


    Kanpai Ramune: (5/10) 

    A tiny beer glass shaped container, with famous ramune flavored candies. My brother liked these, however I didn’t, they’re crumply, and powdery. As for the taste, I haven’t had ramune before, I only buy ramune for him, and that’s probably why he liked them more than I did. 


    Pierre Ojisan No Roll-cake: (6/10)

    These totally look like the mini swiss roll cakes I grew up having, but they didn’t smell as fresh. They smell weird, but the taste was alright.


    Shimi Corn Choco (8/10)

    I’m far more familiar with these puffed chocolate star cookies, since I get to have them with most boxes, even though I’ve never had them. My brother liked them!


    BBQ Scone: (9/10)

    I never have meat, however, I’ll eat anything with BBQ sauce on it! These defiantly had a different strong sweet BBQ flavor, but they’re so good! Very addictive!


    Chou Himo Q Gummi (8/10)

    The package has a really long gummy string, one half is soda flavored, and the other is cola. 


    Kaaru Stick Cheese: (7/10)

    Long puffed sticks, with light texture, and a whole lot of cheese. I let my brother try it since I don’t like cheese. 


    Giant Calico Z (8/10)

    This ice-cream snack is basically an ice-cream cone, with light airy chocolate filling. My brother says they’re crunchy, and delicious! 


    Wata-Pachi (10/10)

    Okay, this was my favorite out of this box, it’s grape flavored cotton candy, with fizzy rock candies. Once the cotton candy dissolves, your mouth will start popping! It’s fun, addicting, and delicious! 


    Ottotto Consomme (7/10)

    I believe that this snack is a healthier version goldfish crackers for kids? They’re so cute, each is shaped differently! They’re empty inside, and they taste good.


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