• Weird Habits

    Wether you blink your eyes many times in a second, cover your pizza with ketchup, or sleep wearing socks… Those or many different other weird habits could be obtained by us, and even without us knowing them unless someone points them out. Weird habits aren't necessarily bad, They could be as simple as carrying all of your grocery bags from your car to your kitchen at once, instead of going back and forth. For me, that is weight training! It's fun getting to know what weird habits other people have. Although, not many like to share them, and rather to keep them for themselves. Basically because some of those habits can only be understood within their owners. For example, I remember spending summers at home when I was a kid playing playstation with boys, and as I was waiting for my turn to come, my cousin would ask me to hold his bangs up so he could focus while playing, but his bangs were too short anyway that it couldn't even touch his forehead? Or my other cousin, she used to spin around all the time. Her dignity didn't even matter back then, she would spin around while crying too, which makes me giggle now. She would interrupt our game to click 'start', spin while being seated, then continue the game! I on the other hand used to freak out, scream, throw the controller away, runaway, cry and ask someone else to shut down the console only because I was followed by the cops in the game.

    I do have some freaking weird habits nowadays, a couple of which I have been carrying for long now. I keep some of them as a secret because they sound so silly for others, but really important for me. I have this weird habit that I could consider it a bad one as well, which is wearing socks all day long (unless when sleeping). I sure change them once or twice during the day, but haven't noticed the purpose until now, and that is not only because I have cold hands/ feet but because I tend to pick my toe nails out if they're not covered! Yep, especially the smallest ones, I always take the smallest ones out… I've been doing that since I was a child, it's easier to cover them now since I always shoes when I go out, but I managed to cover them with nail polish when I was little haha. Wait, does that mean that reason I rather to wear shoes instead of sandals because of this habit?… Another weird habit is that sometimes I get obsessed with the things that I hate. Such as being obsessed and craving sushi all the time after almost puking from biting into one the first time, the same goes for soy sauce, or loving cartoons so much after thinking it is dumb, and useless during most of my teenage years(only), because what kind of childhood would yours be without cartoons, right? Re-watching some of my favorite cartoons ever nowadays warms my heart, it's a hobby of mine, I suppose. 

    While writing this, I re-call everything that I frequently do just to examine wether it's in fact a weird habit or not, how ironic! In a way, it's kind of getting to know yourself a little better, try it!

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