• Blog: Week 7 in USA! 

    In case you didn’t know this already, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is my favorite coffee shop of all time. The nearest one happens to be around 35-40 minutes away from us, and located in Hilton’s Hotel, just like all the other CBTL’s branches around my area. It looks like they’re sponsored by Hilton’s hotels, and they don’t have the pink card policy available either. The hotel’s interior design is gorgeous, and the walls are too tall, it makes it look like the inside of a castle. I took the time to appreciate the place, even though it’s my 15th time here. It was raining, and the glass walls made it perfect to take pictures. There’s actually a glass corridor that connects the hotel to the Baltimore Convention Center which makes Hilton the only place attendees, who don’t live around the area want to stay at, especially the important ones.






    Since I got to pack in 2 large luggage bags, I was able to bring with me new unworn winter jackets, and such. I still went shopping for heavier clothes with my family though, however, I felt like dumbbells were wrapped around each leg as I was shopping. It was really hard to walk, and I have no idea what’s the matter. Music was playing, and I was explaining how much I would love it if Paramore were on the song list, especially since they were playing my sisters’ favorites. A couple of songs later, Ain’t It Fun was on, and it made my day! 


  • 5 Best Online Stores In Terms Of Shipping/Handling services & Prices!

    Don't you hate it when you shop online and the second before you hit 'checkout' you realize that the shipping price is higher or equals the order itself? I personally feel like a fool and try to find a reason to back away and not checkout (even though I want to). So, I thought of sharing few online stores that ship internationally with reasonable prices or even for free! 

    1- Asos

    Asos provides free international shipping which is convenient! Also, they always have crazy sales up to 70%. I remember when girls were all about Asos, but I'm the kind of girl who goes left when everyone is heading right, so I never really payed attention to it until lately. Nevertheless, their deals are worthy and include brands as well. 

    2- Sammy Dress 

    This one is a bit different because it sells Asian fashion, cheap Asian apparel for both genders and kids, as well as beauty and home products. You can choose your shipping rate, and it starts with a really cheap shipping price. 

    3- Maker Shop

    This store gathers talented Youtubers' creations of t-shirts, accessories and kids section too! I personally love ordering from it since I adore most of the Youtubers/gamers there, and because their t-shirts' quality is amazing too. It was called Rodeo Arcade, but they recently changed it to Maker Shop.


    4- J.crew

    I like this store because it takes international shipping seriously, and they deliver orders using DHL Express. The shipping prices aren't high at all, packages get delivered pretty fast too.

    5- Necessary Clothing 

    NC are pretty honest about their standardized prices as they mention on the home page of their site 'We ship internationally. $15 to Canada. $20 everywhere else!'. For more details, you can check their 'Shipping & Handling' page. Ps, I haven't experienced their shipping yet.

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