• Blog: USA Week 12! 

    I got to meet Rosanna Pansino this week, and it was magical! Those 20 seconds were more than enough to keep me smiling the whole week. She is super down to earth, and welcomed everyone very heartily! She’s super tiny, and adorable, and when it was time to take a picture, the security guards, the ones who work for Ro, had no idea how to use the focus element in professional cameras, therefore, the pictures turned out to be very blurry, which was very sad. I don’t need pictures to remind of that day, because it’s simply unforgettable. Since the meeting took no time at all, I went for stroll in the park, where a match between two soccer girl teams was located. Parents were jumping, screaming, and shouting at the poor girls, there were obviously cheerleaders involved as well! 



    I also went to K-Mart for grocery shopping this week, as you must all know by now, I’m obsessed with everything Japanese. To be honest, K-Mart has everything Asian, and specifically Japanese. However, almost everything that I’ve bought was produced by Japan. I bought a whole lot of ‘speciality’ Asian food, some of which were bags chestnuts, which I’ve been looking for, and couldn’t find anywhere, as well as sweet rice, red bean paste, and many more! I couldn’t recognize some of the fresh produce such as vegetables, and fruits as I’ve never seen any of them in my life. Tofu itself, took a whole aisle, including different sizes, different flavours, and different brands. I didn’t buy any cosmetics, because they only had a couple of brands which were Korean. It’s pretty odd how the smallest section was the snacks’, and in the meanwhile the meat section took half of the market. As big as the supermarket looks from outside, everything was actually crammed inside, and the meat/fish’s smell was horribly annoying, and I was offended by how fish, and crabs were kept alive in tanks waiting to be slaughtered right in front of buyers.


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