• Box Review: Japan Funbox! 

    Japan Funbox is a Japanese snack box subscription that delivers Japanese snacks & candy from Japan straight to your doorsteps, with free worldwide shipping! It combines old favorites, and new limited releases. The snack box is located in Japan, which guarantees both quality, and freshness of the snacks that are carefully chosen, and picked! They offer 3 different box sizes to choose from: MINI for $14.99, Original for $32.99, and Family for $49.99. Even though mine was the mini, it was still packed with a whole lot of snacks! They have the best snack choices, I’m not even kidding! They combined my favorites: the Whistle Candy, Umaibō, and Caramel Corn all in the box! 


    Slim Ganko Fried Potato:

    Tiny regular salted potato chips, which seem to resemble mini fries. The not too salty thin strips of  fried potato chips seem to have a different texture as well! They’re crispier in texture, and have a toasty fragrance to it! I haven’t tried those, but my sister sure enjoyed it! I try to pass down potato chips, and chocolate to my siblings since they enjoy them!


    Grape Flavor Whistle Candy:

    Can’t go wrong with this classic candy! This very popular Japanese candy isn’t unfamiliar in our house, they’re the perfect fix for a boring afternoon. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, the original flavored ones are good, but Grape flavored ones are my favorite, it has sort of a perfect balance of both sour & sweetness! 


    Umaibō Delicious Stick (Teriyaki, Mentaiko & Vegetable Salad):

    Umaibō is one of the most brilliant snacks out there! They’re light & tasty corn sticks with many flavors! I have 3 different flavors here, to be honest, I didn’t try Teriyaki, it smelled like it had too much spices, and flavors going on, but my little sister said it tasted pretty good! Mentaiko Umaibō tasted like BBQ, has a sweet and sour taste, really delicious! As for the Vegetable Salad, it tastes a lot like sour cream & onion soup chips, really yummy!


    Caramel Corn:

    Yay! My favorite Japanese puffs, reminds me of my love, German peanut puffs. It’s super sweet, and delicious! It has peanuts that sort hang in the bottom of the bag, which gives it an extra crunch. They’re crunchy, sweet, and melt in your mouth, almost. 



    Doraemon themed snack that’s basically chocolate covered corn puffs, however the combination seems like a perfect fit for many! These are stated to be a melt-in-mouth sort of snack, with a satisfying crunch to it! My sister says they’re super light, and yummy! They come with Doraemon stickers which you can collect to find the secret of Doraemon! 



    I remember having these before, they’re chewy candy,  half lemon, half orange, with fizzy coke flavored powder inside! Love the transition of flavors from fruity, to sour coke. It’s a more interesting version of fruit chew sticks! Not healthier, but defiantly tastier!


  • Box Review: Graze! (Healthy Snacks)


    Graze is subscription box that includes 4 different snack creations per box, and it can be delivered weekly, every other week, or monthly depending on the subscriber’s preference. Graze makes sure to use the finest ingredients, with 100 snack creations to choose from, and only costs $11.99 for a box, Graze gives the freedom to choose the kinds of snacks wanted in the box. There are dietary preferences available to narrow down your snack packs options such as Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and such, as well as trashing an unwanted ingredient, which will automatically avoid showing you snack mixes that contain that ingredient. The box is really neat, and the snack packs are convenient for busy people who don’t want to snack on junk. 


    Vitamin E Defense: 

    Roasted hazelnuts, redskin peanuts, jumbo raisins, and cranberries. Unsalted nuts, and dried fruit with no added sugar makes a perfect, healthy, and satisfying snack. I’m a huge fan of trail mixes, crunchy nuts, and chewy dried fruit is always pleasant, and charges you with energy!


    Active Nutrient Blend:

    Chopped dates, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts. I love dates, but the combination of dates, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts doesn’t make any sense to me. The seeds were just scattered there, and the sweetness of dates didn’t catch up with the bitterness of both walnuts, and pumpkin seeds.


    Antioxidant Vit.E Nuts:

    Redskin peanuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, and pecan nuts. This snack pack is by far my favorite, especially since it has high quality Brazil nuts, which are hard to find, and I appreciate how none of the snack packs is salted. They satisfy your hunger without kicking your blood pressure up high!


    Garden of England:

    Soft apple pieces, mini strawberries, and blackcurrants. This pack was a piece of England (even though I’ve never been there). The dried apple pieces, and strawberries were super moist, and naturally sweet, while blackcurrants were still sweet, but a bit sour. A well combined mix! Super tasty!


  • Box Review: Birchbox! (February) 

    Birchbox is a subscription box that monthly delivers personalised beauty samples of high quality brands, and not only that but you can go to their website, and shop for the available samples in case you are picky when it comes to beauty products. You can checkout my previous review of this box here. This month, Birchbox’s theme is called ‘What’s the Occasion?’, and the box itself is so pretty! The box is packed with mini products that’ll help you get ready to your special occasion (in my case, it’ll probably be the two blocks away comic book store). The range of products that were in my box focused mainly on skin. 


    Origins Face Wash:

    A frothy face wash, with a foaming formula that balances oil production for both oily, and dry skin with a blend of botanicals, and enriched with aromatic bergamot, spearmint, and lavender. I don’t buy face products that are meant to be for both oily, and dry skin for a reason. This product happens to dry my skin even more, so I think it would suit those with oily skin best. It’s not a bad product, it just wasn’t for my skin type.


    SkinClinical Extreme Healing Repair Concentrate: 

    I like how this healing cream has no fragrance, parabens, dyes, or steroids in it. It makes it perfect, and non-irritant, and it’s stated to be used for severly dry areas, sensitive, red, inflamed, wounded, scarred, itchy, or chapped skin. It kind of works as a hydrating shield to protect the affected area, while hydrating it, to help it recover quickly! I think this product is brilliant, and I’ll give it a try on my affected fingers, and cuticles. 


    Hey Honey Peel Off Mask:

    It’s an exfoliating honey beauty mask that helps to promote a smooth skin, and to clear complexion. It has alpha hydroxy to help peel away dead skin, clear out pores, and reduce wrinkles. I haven’t tried it since I have a oversensitive skin, but apparently the concentration of AHAs lowers the chances of getting your skin irritated, but makes it still as effective. 



    Arrow BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm (Exclusive):

    This lip balm has a super-hydrating formula that adjusts to your pH, and makes your lip color pop. When you apply it, you can feel that it’s not as firm as other lip balms, it sort of melts into the lips. At first, I thought it was exactly as if I just applied minty petroleum jelly, but after looking into the mirror, I realize how my lips have changed color. The lip balm does a very good job, not only does it hydrate the lips well, but it also enhances its color. I notice that the edges of my lips have also changed color, which makes me think that my lips might only be reacting to the mint? 


    Obliphica Professional Seaberry Serum: 

    This one is a lightweight hair serum that helps repair damaged hair. First of all, it smells so good, like a really fancy perfume. Most importantly, does this thing actually work? I have some pretty damaged hair ends since I bleach, and dye my hair all the time. The serum’s results showed right after applying. The serum is sort of a gel-like, very light, and not greasy whatsoever. My ends looked instantly healthier, and shinier! 


  • Box Review: Birchbox (Beauty Samples) 


    Birchbox is a subscription box that monthly delivers personalised beauty samples of high quality brands, and not only that but you can go to their website, and shop for the available samples in case you are picky when it comes to beauty products. Everything in the box was packed, and wrapped neatly, with an info sheet that mentions all the products included in it, and how much the actual full product of the sample would actually cost. Also, for a motivational kick since it’s the first box of the year, stickers of different qualities are designed to go on the box’s cover lid where it says: “2016: the year of ___”. I love how this box is all about positive energy! You can actually customize your own box in one of their two branches, one in New York, and the other in Washington DC, and choose the products yourself. I’m not sure which one I’ll visit yet, but I’ll defiantly have to get myself a box that’s 100% vegan, and cruelty free!



    Caudalie S.O.S Morning Eye Rescue

    I’ve always thought that eye creams are not necessary what so ever, and that their one and only purpose is to fix your under eye circles, which to be honest, is impossible! Turns out that they are meant to moisturise the area around the eyes, which can get dry during the winter especially. I don’t really moisturise that area when I use my face moisturiser, since that area is super sensitive, and also because I’ve had horrible experiences using sunscreen, and other moisturisers around my eyes. Even though this one doesn’t have any perfumes, it still includes alcohol which is normally bad for your skin. I’m going to look for cruelty-free eye creams to start using.


    Ciaté Nail Polish 

    I don’t necessarily like ashen colors when it comes to nail polishes, especially since I only use them to paint my little sister’s nails. This one is cruelty-free and vegan. In terms of quality, and usage, the nail polish seems to give a good coverage after a couple of coats, and it dries up quickly, both of which were concerning me since the nail polish is runny in texture wise. The brush is flat which makes the applying process very easy, and not messy. I’ll probably mix in glitter to the container, or use glitter flakes as a finishing touch just to give a kick, and make it more fun!


    Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner 

    I love the fact that most of the products in this box are cruelty-free, including this one! It’s named after the American fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. The eyeliner has a crayon tip, and even though it is smudge proof, I was only brave enough to apply it on the outer corner of my eyes, and blended it a little. It didn’t smudge, and stayed on most of the day. If you’re into smokey makeup looks, you’ll defiantly like this crayon eyeliner! 




    English Laundry No7 

    From the packet design, and color I assumed it was men’s perfume. I smell it, and it still does smell manly more than it is feminine to me. I’ve loved men’s perfumes since I was a child, and that makes me a fan of this perfume. After doing some research, English Laundry only really specializes in men’s perfumes, makes a lot of sense, right? Christopher Wicks who put together this perfume turned it more like a unisex perfume. The first thing you strongly smell is the musk, along with a little bit of vanilla, and a citrusy scent that you’ll hardly ever tell it’s there. With that been said, I like the smell of it, and I’m defiantly getting some of their men perfumes as gifts. 


    Whish Almond Body Butter 

    Oh my god! This is honestly one of the best body butters out there, not only is it cruelty-free and vegan, but it actually smells incredibly good! My mom went crazy over how good I smelled when I used this, and we’ve actually order many of these after using this one, to ship them back to our home. This body butter is more like a lotion, it’s light in texture, and your skin will absorb it very quickly, leaving you smelling amazing! It’s also made with all natural ingredients, and the only downer is that it has perfume, which my skin doesn’t really take well, but at this point, I don’t really mind. There are other scents like: coconut, blueberry, pomegranate, and more. 

  • Box Review: WOWBOX! (Japanese Snacks) 

    I’m back with yet another Japanese snack subscription box. This one is called WOWBOX, and it has three different box themes. Original Fun & Tasty which includes fun well-known Japanese snacks, including DIY snacks, and anime themed ones. Kawaii & Beauty, which has low-calorie snacks, as well as beauty enhancing snacks, and once in a while cosmetic products will be added to that box too. The third theme is The Classic, which collects all time favorites, and top-seller snacks in Japan. What’s really awesome about WOWBOX is that it gives the opportunity for the subscriber to change between boxes monthly (if wanted), and that makes it so special in comparison with other snack boxes. The large number of snacks reminded me of the OyatsuChaChaCha’s box. My WOWBOX was pretty large, with seventeen snacks, and one drink. It was the Original Fun & Tasty, and it was fun indeed, I really enjoyed the snacks. If you’re interested in subscribing, here’s a 10% coupon code: S-RDGTVPGG. 


    Jyga Shio Butter (7/10)

    It has a strong artificial butter smell, and flavour. My siblings thought it was okay, but I thought it tastes super weird! They said it tastes like buttered corn, but I didn’t agree, as it tastes like buttered potato to me. After trying all the snacks, and having read the paper explaining each snack, it turned out I was right. 


    Caramel Corn (10/10)

    One of my favorites of all time! These sweet puffs have some sort of a crispy texture, I think they were baked! This one had peanuts with it, and the peanuts aren’t really reachable until you’re done with the puffs? The caramel corn flavour tastes so good, but I still prefer the caramel corn cheesecake one though. 


    Tsunagete Ramune: Grape Plus Soda (8/10)

    A combination of grape, and soda flavoured candy bites, that you can hook up to create a chain with it. The texture of the candy is really interesting, it’s very chewy, and both flavours taste pretty good.


    Ramune (8/10)

    I wasn’t brave enough to try it, so this went straight to my brother, who actually liked it. This will probably be his new favorite drink, and luckily, they sell different Ramune drinks with various flavours in the Asian store I usually go to.


    Shuwabo: Change Cola (10/10)

    These look like regular fruit chew sticks, but there’s cola powder inside, and made them turn into magical fruit chew sticks. From a sweet citrusy flavour, to a sort of sour cola, this candy is really fun, and tasty!


    Pie No Mi Winter: Apple (10/10)

    Apple pie snack bites, the puff pastry is on point, but I’m not a fan of the filling. It’s still so good! As everything else LOTTE sells. 


    Super Mario Gummies: Ramune & Cola (3/10)

    At first, and from what I saw on the package, I thought these were chocolate bites shaped as Mario’s head. Turns out these are gummies, but the taste was super not appealing to me. 


    Mini Peach (9/10)

    These were tinier than the tiniest pill I take, I’m not sure if that gave you a clue at all, but texture wise, they’re the typical solid candy that crumbles when you bite it. The flavour is nice, and strong, but not overpowering.


    Saku Saku Panda Z (9/10)

    These are chocolate panda biscuits, with a thick later of chocolate. I assume that kids will like these the most, since it’s very chocolatey, and looks super kawaii. I obviously gave them to my baby sister.


    Gokujyo Hiritsu: Mellow Berry (10/10)

    I only had the middle part of the snack, and oh my god was it good. It’s similar to LOTTE’s choco pie’s texture of the spongy cookie in the middle. It’s squishy, and the strawberry filling is phenomenal. It’s really delicious! 


    Umami Wa Puffs (10/10)

    Tastes exactly like Super Ring A.K.A one of my guilty pleasures when I was a kid because my mom would get mad if I buy them. In terms of size, these rings are much bigger, and also the package itself is bigger, therefore, I must say these win over Super Ring. They’re so good, I couldn’t stop eating them! 


    Supper Mucho: Sour Cream Onion (9/10)

    Very crunchy, and flavourful. It smells, and tastes almost like Pringles’ sour cream & onion, but with a stronger flavour, obviously because Japan likes to make everything tastes better. Not to mention how cute the bag is! 


    Pine Gummy (10/10)

    I wasn’t feeling these, but my sister admits that they taste like fresh pineapples that are on the sweet side. The texture is soft, and chewy, and not very hard, or gelatin like. 


    Fit’s Gum: Hot Cola (9/10)

    I don’t like gum, nor do I like spicy food, but these were interesting. The cola flavour in it was just right, and it wasn’t really spicy, but only hot, if that makes sense. It went above my expectations. 


    Ramune Watagashi (10/10) 

    This cotton candy smells so good! I can’t really describe the dreamy smell, it tastes yummy, and sweet, but without a strong flavour. We liked this one so much!


    Shimmy Choco Corn (8/10)

    This is a crispy corn snack dipped in chocolate, sort of similar to a puffy cereal bar, if you bite into it, it’ll look more clear that the snack is shaped as a star, just as the one on the cover. My sister says there’s a bit of saltiness in it, but it might be because it’s not sweet enough for her.


    Young Donuts (5/10)

    I hate donuts, and that’s probably why I didn’t like these. They taste like a typical fried dough, with a sugar coating, nothing special about it, but if you’re into donuts, these will be your Senpai! They’re so easy to take along, and so tiny you could fit it in your pockets! 


    Choco Kinako Mochi: Matcha

    This candy is supposed to be a replica of the traditional Japanese sweet, Dango which is a dumpling made from sweet rice, and covered with Kinako which is roasted soybean flour, as well as Matcha powder, and chocolate in that case. It’s a fun DIY treat, but I haven’t really tried it.

  • Box Review: BoCandy!

    Bocandy is a candy subscription box, with a variety of candy imported from all over the world. Unfortunately, and unlike their previous boxes, this one included mostly chocolate, and that’s probably because the weather’s cooler now, so I had my sister try the chocolate ones, and give me her opinion. The box included some of my favorite childhood candies, and others that I haven’t seen or heard of before, such as the chilli coated lollipop, and the tamarindo candy. It was also difficult to spell some of them, so I had to refer to Google, and double check if the spelling was correct. 


    Palette: Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Lollipops (7/10)

    She admitted that the chocolate on top isn’t heavenly, but the candy overall was okay. With that been said, my sister hates marshmallow, so you might like it more than she did. 


    Gyxa Nacma: Chocolate Covered Sponge Cake with Cream Filling (10/10)

    This looks like something I used to eat when I was little. It’s a cream filled sponge cake with a hint of vanilla, covered with a thin layer of chocolate, so I assumed it’s scrumptious! My sister defiantly liked this one so much! 


    Waffi: Chocolate Covered Peanut Wafers (10/10)

    Another candy bar that gets my sister’s thumps up, she says it’s light, not overly sweet, and the added peanuts made the wafer bar even crunchier. 


    Marukawa: Orange & Strawberry Flavoured Bubble Gums (10/10)

    Those aren’t new to me, I’ve enjoyed these my whole childhood years. They’re delicious, and fun to have. They come in different flavours, and each pack has 4 bubblegums. 


    Tunnock’s: Milk Chocolate Mallows (6/10) 

    These are supposed to be S’mores, I guess. It’s a marshmallow ball, covered with chocolate, and with some sort of a graham cracker inside. If you like S’mores you’d probably love these, as they are easy to have, and you won’t even need to build a fire. 


    Kasugai: Flower Kiss Candies (10/10) 

    I’m not sure I’ve had these before, but once I tried one, I was hooked! I can’t explain how do they taste like, the taste is sort of out of this world. No, they don’t taste like flowers, nor are they flower scented. They’re magical! 


    Vero Elotes: Spicy Lollipops (0/10)

    One thing we’re not familiar with, is spicy, savoury candy, which is unfortunate, because there were a couple included in the box, that we didn’t really make a use of. This one is strawberry flavoured lollipop coated with chilli! 


    Pelon Pelo Rico: Tamarindo Flavoured (0/10)

    Another Mexican candy, and this one is soft candy flavoured with Tamarind. My sister says that it tastes something like soy sauce. 

  • Box Review: Oyatsu Cha Cha Cha! (Japanese Snacks)


    OYATSU Cha Cha Cha is a Japanese Snack Box that delivers directly from Osaka, Japan to your doorsteps. It includes from 15 up to 20 snacks per box, most of which are seasonal, and can’t be found anywhere else outside Japan. The box only costs 39$, with no shipping fees. Snacks’ description is included in the box, and also written English. OYATSU uses a cool unique technique when it comes to choosing some of their monthly snacks, and that’s by casting subscribers’ votes through a form on their site. I’ll be reviewing the snacks, with ratings from 0 to 10 right next to each one of them, and not only will be giving my impressions, but also my siblings’, whom I shared the snacks with. 


    Ikedaya: Ebikko (9/10)

    These are very very thin, light, and crispy in texture. There are seaweed bits in there, which gives it a delicate, complicated taste. I believe it is rice based, or has rice in one of it’s ingredients. Everyone liked these even though none of my siblings like seaweed. 


    Yamato Seika: Aji Curry (7/10)

    In texture wise, they weren’t puffy as I suspected, but more on the crackers side. I personally don’t like curry, but these weren’t bad at all. 


    Tohato: Caramel Corn Cheesecake Yakiringo (10/10)

    If I had to choose which one was my favorite out of the box, this would be my answer. I love snack puffs, but all of them are made with cheese, so these ones, and the peanut-butter puffs I was obsessed with in Germany, are defiantly made for me, and everyone who doesn’t like cheesy puffs.


    Morinaga: Nama Ramune Gummy Orange Soda (5/10)

    These gummy snacks have a nice orangey flavour, but I’m not used to the texture. It sort of turns crumply when you chew it, and then melts. 


    Coris: Sonomanma Coke (8/10)

    I’ve seen many try these on social media, since they are very popular, and often included in Japanese snack boxes. Basically, there are 3 gum balls inside, two of which are sweet, and one is supposed to be sour. I’ve tried the sweet one, and it tasted pretty good, really soft in texture, it feels like it’s about to melt in your mouth, unlike bubble gums. From my sister’s face expression, the sour one isn’t deadly sour. 


    Yaokin: Umaibo Corn Potage Soup - Umaibo Pizza - Umaibo Shrimp Mayonnaise (10/10)

    The corn soup one tastes almost like the original corn stick snack that I grew up eating, with a hint of sour cream. The pizza flavoured tastes so good almost like real pizza, with a bit of a smokey flavour. Shrimp mayo is one of a kind, I haven’t really had anything like it, but it has an interesting flavour with a good spices combination.


    Kyoshin Seika: Awamokomoko Banana 

    I can’t really rate this one because I didn’t try it. I don’t like fizzy drink at all, and how this one really  works is you put some water in it, and then it turns into a very foamy drink. Almost like a soda pop, and you have to be careful because the powder inside will keep reacting, causing more foam to come out which will get everywhere. My sister says it’s yummy!


    Coris: Fue Ramune (9/10)

    It was so much fun trying these, they’re something similar to POLO, or Savers mints. These allow you to whistle, and are very crumply. There was a tiny brush that came with it, but I don’t get it. It’s super kawaii.


    Kameda Seika: Kaki No Tane (Yuzu Mentaiko)

    These are spicy crackers and peanuts. I couldn’t try them, but my siblings thought these were great for snacking!


    CTF: Neri Ume (0/10)

    After doing some research, it turns out these are pickled plums candy, which explains why I spat it out. It’s very sour, and odd tasting. 


    Bourbon: Petit Usuyaki Umeshio (9/10)

    I really enjoyed these, and I’ve wondered which flavour were they. After searching them online, it turns out they’re made with plum, and salted rice. I’m guessing they’re pickled plums, not regular ones. I could’ve sworn I tasted ketchup though. Scrumptious! 


    Kameda Seika: Happy turn (8/10)

    It has a cute packaging, with a corn stick prince, not a princess. These are somewhat light rice crackers, with a hint of corn flavour. It’s pretty plain compared to Umaibo’s corn stick snacks, but it still has the same taste of sweet, and salty.


    [LOTTE] Koala no March Sweet Potato (10/10) 

    They’re much like the panda filled cookies, but these are a bit smaller, with less filling. They tasted like vanilla to be honest, and I couldn’t tell which flavour is it from the package, and the taste. Totally like these kind of snacks that substitute chocolate fillings with different delicious fillings. Great taste, and a lovely packaging! 


    Oyatsucompany: Babystar Guruguru Monja (7/10) 

    This is supposed to be a DIY snack. You pour hot water over the instant noodles, and mix in the powder to create the sauce. Toppings are included, and added to the finished snack. The taste was interesting, but very salty! I could defiantly taste soy sauce in there. This was my sister’s favorite snack out of all the them, and it’s funny because she doesn’t really eat Japanese food, or noodles.

  • Review:  Canon EOS 5D Mark III


    I’ve got my hands on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Woho! I’ve been playing around with it for a week now, and I haven’t had difficulties setting it up, and all that since my last camera used to be Canon as well. I avoided getting this specific one because it’s super expensive, and I know I could get it cheaper online but I wanted to buy locally so I could have a guarantee against breakage! I initially planned on getting the Mark II body, but as usual, my mom insisted that I get the latest one! I did, and I absolutely regret nothing. 

    What I noticed about the body is that it lacks is the pop-up flash! Is it because this camera takes lighter pictures? Or is it because Canon is greedy and wants to earn extra money by forcing us to go buy the flash? Other than that, the on/off buttons have been moved to the upper left side, and the CA mode has been removed! I didn’t really care since I don’t use the Creative Auto mode anyway. The body’s design is great, and I’m totally loving the leather/rubber coverage. Unfortunately, the camera is pretty heavy for me. My arms would kill me after standing for good five minutes trying to take the perfect shot.



    Canon EOS 5D Mark III has many features in terms of image quality and performance. It auto focuses and takes pictures much, much faster than any other camera that I’ve used before. Something I’ve been amazed by is the scroll wheel’s speed! I can scroll through pictures within a second, similarly and as fast as when flipping through a book’s pages. Its continuous shooting speed is at 6.0 fps using a UDMA CF card. This one offers 61- point AF system which boosts the focusing ability. Also, Canon provides five pages long dedicated for the Auto Focus mode settings. The camera itself reduces the noise automatically to come out with the cleanest, and clearest HQ images. Pictures come out lighter than other cameras which is a point worth repeating really, and it works out well in slightly darker places. 


    I haven’t taken many pictures with it, not only because I was mostly home this week, but also because I have no bag for it yet. I liked none of the ones I saw, and I won’t make the effort to go and look for one, I’ll get it online and have it delivered to my door. Don’t get confused by how dark the pictures are, I prefer a darker tone to my pictures, so I edited them and that’s why.






    All that’s been said, I really have nothing else to add other than the fact that I’m excited to make new memories with this camera, and to be able to post more eventually because I found out that it is almost impossible to post blogs without my camera. I’m currently loving Canon EOS 5D Mark III without having any complains so far, and long may it continue that way.

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