• Review:  Canon EOS 5D Mark III


    I’ve got my hands on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Woho! I’ve been playing around with it for a week now, and I haven’t had difficulties setting it up, and all that since my last camera used to be Canon as well. I avoided getting this specific one because it’s super expensive, and I know I could get it cheaper online but I wanted to buy locally so I could have a guarantee against breakage! I initially planned on getting the Mark II body, but as usual, my mom insisted that I get the latest one! I did, and I absolutely regret nothing. 

    What I noticed about the body is that it lacks is the pop-up flash! Is it because this camera takes lighter pictures? Or is it because Canon is greedy and wants to earn extra money by forcing us to go buy the flash? Other than that, the on/off buttons have been moved to the upper left side, and the CA mode has been removed! I didn’t really care since I don’t use the Creative Auto mode anyway. The body’s design is great, and I’m totally loving the leather/rubber coverage. Unfortunately, the camera is pretty heavy for me. My arms would kill me after standing for good five minutes trying to take the perfect shot.



    Canon EOS 5D Mark III has many features in terms of image quality and performance. It auto focuses and takes pictures much, much faster than any other camera that I’ve used before. Something I’ve been amazed by is the scroll wheel’s speed! I can scroll through pictures within a second, similarly and as fast as when flipping through a book’s pages. Its continuous shooting speed is at 6.0 fps using a UDMA CF card. This one offers 61- point AF system which boosts the focusing ability. Also, Canon provides five pages long dedicated for the Auto Focus mode settings. The camera itself reduces the noise automatically to come out with the cleanest, and clearest HQ images. Pictures come out lighter than other cameras which is a point worth repeating really, and it works out well in slightly darker places. 


    I haven’t taken many pictures with it, not only because I was mostly home this week, but also because I have no bag for it yet. I liked none of the ones I saw, and I won’t make the effort to go and look for one, I’ll get it online and have it delivered to my door. Don’t get confused by how dark the pictures are, I prefer a darker tone to my pictures, so I edited them and that’s why.






    All that’s been said, I really have nothing else to add other than the fact that I’m excited to make new memories with this camera, and to be able to post more eventually because I found out that it is almost impossible to post blogs without my camera. I’m currently loving Canon EOS 5D Mark III without having any complains so far, and long may it continue that way.

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