• Blog: USA Week 13! (Park, World Market, and Trader Joe's) 

    I’m a little late updating my website this time. I’ve done another biopsy last week, and it didn’t go too well, as I felt sick to my stomach, and passed out! The fact that I didn’t have any breakfast wasn’t necessarily the reason why, it could be the fact that I’m sick of biopsies, and the notion of getting your skin chopped up isn’t really comforting at all, and also because the doctor was a bit too slow during the procedure. It was also bizarre how my doctor predicted that I might pass out because I was sitting instead of lying down. Anywho, on one of those cloudy days, I went to a nearby park to take pictures, as it’s very calming, and satisfying in way, and luckily, the park was almost empty which was very nice. It was defiantly something I had planned for, a combination of an early timing, and a school day is great! 


    A girl on Youtube once mentioned that the World Market sells Japanese snacks, and I obviously was curious to go, and see. The market didn’t only sell speciality food, but also furniture, and gifts, sort of. I struggled finding Vegan snacks, but I wound up getting stuff like sweet burnt peanuts, fig bars, rice sheets, and vegetable chips. I love, love speciality stores. Everything seems to be taken a step further, creative minds adding a touch everyday tools, cute boxes that have everything set up for a recipe with all the ingredients needed, cute holiday candies wrapped with the world's favorite animated movies. Not to mention the miniature food, such as Sriracha sauces, honey, cheese, and more. 


    I ran out of sweet potatoes at home that day, which is supposed to be a disaster in my case, and with that in mind, I didn't forget to walk into Trader Joe's next door. Trader Joe's is one of my favorite grocery stores, but I've never taken my camera inside before, since the one I go to is very crammed, and you could hardly do your shopping there. However, this one happened to be bigger. One thing I don't like about Trader Joe's sweet potatoes, is that they're too small. I'm obsessed with Japanese sweet potatoes, and they’re one of those things that I haven't been able to try before I came to the US! Last night, I've made a vegan pizza, with Trader Joe's organic pizza crust, and topped with chunky lightly mashed organic sweet potatoes, both Japanese and the regular, and other toppings as well. It was so good! My sister, who recently turned vegan, said that it was the best pizza she's ever had.

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