• Opening Packages: Anime & Comics Merchandise! 

    It’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted this kind of blog post, and I’ve re-gained my passion for online shopping which is fantastic! Even though, some packages were also delivered (and possibly returned back) to, and from my local post office back at home because no one is there to receive it. 


    Most days when I feel like doing nothing, but relaxing, I defiantly consider ‘shopping’, while in bed. There are two elements now that I live in the US, one of which is of paying too little money, or no money at all for shipping, and also getting my orders delivered pretty quickly. 


    1-Archie Comics Pull-Over Hoodie 

    I’m not sure why are the gang scary looking here, could be a halloween themed collection, but the material collects fur/hair like a carpet cleaner. Either way, I still love it, and I was defiantly excited when it arrived. Hai!

    Get it HERE



    2- Cryaotic Tee

    If you don’t know Cry, or Cryaotic is, then I must feel sorry for you. He’s an awesome gamer, with a mysterious face. I believe this one is a unisex shirt too, however it turned out to be smaller than expected, and as you can see, the material collects ‘fur’.

    Get it HERE


    3- Zombie Slayer Tee 

    Such a great quality, which is something to expect from Threadless, one of my favorite online stores. Another shirt, which I had also ordered came in the package as well, but one item out of each package is sort of my rule.

    Get it HERE


    4- Nicolas Brown iPhone Cover 

    It’s Nicolas Brown ya’ll. A character of the anime Gangsta, A.K.A an anime I’m obsessed with, still. Here’s the funny part, I don’t have an iPhone 6s Plus with those over 100 giga bites, since the store I had ordered from didn’t accept my transaction, and it’s hard to get an un-locked iPhone here. I’ll probably frame the phone cover till then.

    Get it HERE


    5- Cruelty Free Vitamin C Serum 

    It’s one of those must haves that I throw in my cabinet, and never really use, which is totally my kind of thing. Since I have a horrible dehydration, my skin is obviously always dry, but I can’t simply use any moisturiser, as my skin reacts negatively with even the most gentle face creams. Therefore I decided to give serums a try, since serums tend to be really light, and not greasy. 

    Get it HERE

  • Opening Packages: The Simpsons T-shirt, Baymax Keychain, and More!

    A number of shipped packages have accumulated in the corner of my room, and others waited in one of the living rooms. I’ve been asked a couple of times to pick them up, but I was waiting for the right time. The right time would come when motivation kicks in to put a post together. As usual, I’ll be opening five random packages. 



    1-Baymax Big Hero 6 Keychain

    How cute is little thing? You can tell that I’m a fan of Big Hero 6, and since I’ve been wanting a keychain for my door, this was the answer. You can actually get the regular white Baymax instead of his superhero form.

    Get it HERE.



    2-Shower Head

    Is receiving useless tiny blush brushes supposed to make me ignore the fact that the shower head I ordered is too small, and a bit shattered on the side? It doesn’t matter either way since it wouldn’t fit the place of the older head.

    Available HERE.



    3-Hey Derek Tee

    Derek is a character from a video game called RE:Alistair, and the tee features an inside joke only known by whoever watched the series of Re:Alistair gameplay videos by Dodger Leigh and Crendor. 

    Get it HERE.



    4- The Simpsons Vintage T-shirt

    Oh la la! That’s what the shirt got me saying after opening the package. This shirt should be in a museum, such a good quality for a cheap price. I only hope not to get rashes when wearing it. After washing it multiple times, that is.

    From HERE.



    5-Ginseng Root Extract Capsules

    I read somewhere that ginseng is supposed to be good for auto-immune disorder diseases, and no, I’m not too dumb to believe that honestly. Especially not after taking a variety of prescribed pills, and having them not work.

    Available HERE.

  • Opening Packages: Sweet Mug, Iphone Cover, And More!

    I've chosen five random packages from the mails I got this month to post about! Sadly, I haven't received my flash stands yet, and I'm worried they're going to be a crappy quality, or just don't work at all. Scenarios like these happen all the time with me. It also happened this time when I opened my camera bag's package, and found out that the pull tab of the zipper is broken in half. 


    1-Kitty Skinny Jeans 

    I'd be lying if I said I remember getting these pair of jeans, but oh well, they look comfy, and stretchy. Exactly how I like them to be. It must've taken Threadscene really long time to ship it. That must be the reason I couldn’t find it on their web store. On a side note, can we take a second to appreciate the wrapping inside the package?



    2- Camera Bag

    Like I said, the pull tab was broken, and it made me pretty mad. Also, the strap opened while I was carrying the bag, so I don't think I'll use this bag until I get myself new good straps. 

    You can get it here, but please don’t!



    3- The Heart Of My Heart Mug

    I give this an estimation of 6-8 weeks since ordering! I've already used it multiple times because it's just too beautiful. The colors, and art calm me down so much, I'm just in love with it. 

    Get it here 



    4-Lace Socks

    Since I have to wear socks all day, I had to have cute ones for when I decide to wear a dress, or a skirt, and ignoring the fact that I rarely make such a decision. I'm pretty sure I've seen such socks in Top Shop. I looked there, and couldn't find them. So I ordered these, and a couple more that haven't received yet. I believe they're going to look cute with flat Mary Janes. 

    Get it here



    5- Paramore Bars Phone Cover

    Ironically, I was surprised to receive this phone cover since I've already received one that looks almost the same, and I'm not the kind person who changes his phone cover often so. Fun fact, all of my phone covers have been Paramore's in the past five years or so. 

    It’s available here

  • Opening Packages: Granny Wallet, Paramore Merch, and More!

    Hey ya’ll. I’ve received few packages recently, so I decided it’s time to open them, and post about what I got. I’ve accurately guessed most of the packages, and it might be because I haven’t been shopping online as much as I used to. On a side note, I see Youtubers try on clothes as soon as they get them in the mail which grosses me out. I feel disgusted when opening mail packages, get all itchy and wash the hell out of my hands after that. I’m sure someone out there feels the same way I do. 



    1- Granny Wallet Aka Key case

    Since this was the tiniest package I’ve received, I immediately thought to myself ‘This should be the GRANNY WALLET!’. Ok, so I originally ordered this as a cute tiny wallet, until I just read that it could be used as key a case. I feel less dumb knowing that the two options are both applicable. 

    You can get them here



    2- Asos’ Dark Skinny Jeans 

    I did expect this order to be a pair of jeans, for that’s what I tend to look for every time I’m surfing Asos. What I didn’t expect is finding a cross-bag with it, which I have forgotten to take a picture of. Those jeans are sold out, sorry. 



    3- Prairie Sheer Dress 

    This squishy package must be the vintage dress I’ve ordered more than six weeks ago. I’ve initially wanted it for a special occasion, and I wasn’t stupid enough to wait till it arrives because orders always get delayed. And since I’ve worn something else at the occasion, I’ll wear this dress at a family gathering or whatever. 

    I got it from Etsy.com. It’s vintage, so mine was the only piece available.



    4- Paramore shirts

    I couldn’t guess what it was, and I was surprised when I opened it! The reason being is that Paramore’s online store's shipping takes forever. That’s why I completely forget about them, but oh man am I excited to wear these. 

    Get Paramore’s merch here



    5- Disposable Wooden Spoons

    I’ve been into making banana ice-creams, and topping them with nuts, dried fruit, and so on. You can let your creativity run wild with banana ice-creams, and it’s really delicious too. It’s sad though I won’t be having them soon since it’s almost winter. Anyway, enough talking about banana ice-creams. Those spoons are meant to be used for the home made ice-creams because they taste much better with wooden spoons. End of story.

    I got them from Ebay

  • Opening Packages: Vegan Make-up Brushes, Shirts, And More! 

    I had a small stack of mail that I haven't opened, and it's fun opening those everytime because I can't remember or correctly guess what's inside of them. Yes, my memory is that bad. It could also indicate that I over-shop online, but whatever. Here are my guesses of what's inside each package:


    This package is smaller than it looks. In fact, it's the smallest package out of the rest, and my immediate thought was the gloves that protect your hands from the sun.

     The reason I would order such a thing is that I'm allergic to sun. However, I don't expect myself wearing it often, or wear it at all haha. 

    Find them here in the color pink: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DCW-High-Quality-Womens-Summer-Dot-Print-Design-Short-Driving-Sunscreen-Gloves-/121366088690?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Gloves_Mittens&var=&hash=item1c41fb8bf2

    I didn't have to guess for long, it is fluffy. It is light in weight, so it must be my vintage dress yay! 

    I got it from a vintage shop on: http://www.etsy.com

     I shook this small box a couple of times, and it sounded like it contained sunglasses, or some kind of an accessory.

    Nope, it's my vegan make-up brushes set, which looks like a sunglasses case after all. It has many vegan brushes inside, and I bought it for a very cheap price as well. Yes, I'm into 'cruelty free' products.

    Get the collection here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pro-Authentic-Makeup-Barrel-Brush-Cases-Holders-4-Color-Pink-Black-Blue-Purple-/141301195248?pt=US_Makeup_Bags_Cases&var=&hash=item20e63521f0

    At this point, and without knowing which site this mail is from, I couldn't possibly guess haha.

    I honestly was pretty jazzed when I saw this, DBNO is one of my favorite clothing lines ever. The main reason is obviously because they're designed by Josh Franceschi, and because the quality of the clothing is really good! 

    It is from: http://store.downbutnotoutproductions.com

    This specific item however, is sold out. 

    Last time I was on Asos, I was looking for a neat pair of pants. I let myself assume that these were colorful, comfy pants that had almost no weight. 

    Oh it's the huge skateboard t-shirt. I didn't choose XL instead of XS by mistake, I just think that oversized shirts are more comfortable and fun to wear.

    Here's where I bought it from: http://us.asos.com/Santa-Cruz/Santa-Cruz-Skate-T-Shirt/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4050688&SearchQuery=santa%20cruz&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=White

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