• Blog: USA Week 8! (The Maryland Zoo) 

    I was at the zoo the day before, and it’s fair to say that this was my first in a decade, and last visit ever. I didn’t have an idea of how it felt like to be around the presence of animals in general, but it’s incredible how the negative energy of locked up animals could get to you. I’ve had only walked through 1/2 of the zoo animals, when I decided I wanted get out of there as soon as possible. The sun had come out by that time which was a motive for my family to consider the idea of leaving so soon (I’m allergic to sun).



    Never have I ever seen so many animals this desperate in my life. One of which was the chimpanzee who sat right in front of the glass wall looking so depressed, and haunted by his past. No, I don't know anything about his past, but it's obvious that it's not so pretty. He was taken from his family, and home where he could jump around and explore around the unending forest. The chimpanzee wasn’t put in a huge cage under the sun, but in a small locked room with only one side of glass walls, no sun, no real trees, no family, and absolutely nothing to do, only fed, and put to sleep, and that’s how his life is going to be for the rest of his life. This depressing life was forced upon him, and can you take a second to imagine how would it be like to be locked away from your family in a room with no natural light or anything to do for the rest of your life time? His eyes, and body language were crying for help, and it hurts not being able to help at all. 











    Another monkey from a different species was locked alone in a small cage outside, I wouldn’t say ‘luckily’ because he was shaking the cage’s door, while trying to figure out how to open the steel lock. There was also only one crocodile, with lots of terrified fish hanging near the glass wall, and away from the crocodile which was so sad. They knew one of them was going to be eaten next! Therefore, my overall zoo experience wasn’t good at all. If you’re a person who cares about animals, believe in their rights, and only want to see them from close, I’d suggest you go on a safari, or watch the National Geographic channel.














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