• Box Review: WOWBOX! (Japanese Snacks) 

    I’m back with yet another Japanese snack subscription box. This one is called WOWBOX, and it has three different box themes. Original Fun & Tasty which includes fun well-known Japanese snacks, including DIY snacks, and anime themed ones. Kawaii & Beauty, which has low-calorie snacks, as well as beauty enhancing snacks, and once in a while cosmetic products will be added to that box too. The third theme is The Classic, which collects all time favorites, and top-seller snacks in Japan. What’s really awesome about WOWBOX is that it gives the opportunity for the subscriber to change between boxes monthly (if wanted), and that makes it so special in comparison with other snack boxes. The large number of snacks reminded me of the OyatsuChaChaCha’s box. My WOWBOX was pretty large, with seventeen snacks, and one drink. It was the Original Fun & Tasty, and it was fun indeed, I really enjoyed the snacks. If you’re interested in subscribing, here’s a 10% coupon code: S-RDGTVPGG. 


    Jyga Shio Butter (7/10)

    It has a strong artificial butter smell, and flavour. My siblings thought it was okay, but I thought it tastes super weird! They said it tastes like buttered corn, but I didn’t agree, as it tastes like buttered potato to me. After trying all the snacks, and having read the paper explaining each snack, it turned out I was right. 


    Caramel Corn (10/10)

    One of my favorites of all time! These sweet puffs have some sort of a crispy texture, I think they were baked! This one had peanuts with it, and the peanuts aren’t really reachable until you’re done with the puffs? The caramel corn flavour tastes so good, but I still prefer the caramel corn cheesecake one though. 


    Tsunagete Ramune: Grape Plus Soda (8/10)

    A combination of grape, and soda flavoured candy bites, that you can hook up to create a chain with it. The texture of the candy is really interesting, it’s very chewy, and both flavours taste pretty good.


    Ramune (8/10)

    I wasn’t brave enough to try it, so this went straight to my brother, who actually liked it. This will probably be his new favorite drink, and luckily, they sell different Ramune drinks with various flavours in the Asian store I usually go to.


    Shuwabo: Change Cola (10/10)

    These look like regular fruit chew sticks, but there’s cola powder inside, and made them turn into magical fruit chew sticks. From a sweet citrusy flavour, to a sort of sour cola, this candy is really fun, and tasty!


    Pie No Mi Winter: Apple (10/10)

    Apple pie snack bites, the puff pastry is on point, but I’m not a fan of the filling. It’s still so good! As everything else LOTTE sells. 


    Super Mario Gummies: Ramune & Cola (3/10)

    At first, and from what I saw on the package, I thought these were chocolate bites shaped as Mario’s head. Turns out these are gummies, but the taste was super not appealing to me. 


    Mini Peach (9/10)

    These were tinier than the tiniest pill I take, I’m not sure if that gave you a clue at all, but texture wise, they’re the typical solid candy that crumbles when you bite it. The flavour is nice, and strong, but not overpowering.


    Saku Saku Panda Z (9/10)

    These are chocolate panda biscuits, with a thick later of chocolate. I assume that kids will like these the most, since it’s very chocolatey, and looks super kawaii. I obviously gave them to my baby sister.


    Gokujyo Hiritsu: Mellow Berry (10/10)

    I only had the middle part of the snack, and oh my god was it good. It’s similar to LOTTE’s choco pie’s texture of the spongy cookie in the middle. It’s squishy, and the strawberry filling is phenomenal. It’s really delicious! 


    Umami Wa Puffs (10/10)

    Tastes exactly like Super Ring A.K.A one of my guilty pleasures when I was a kid because my mom would get mad if I buy them. In terms of size, these rings are much bigger, and also the package itself is bigger, therefore, I must say these win over Super Ring. They’re so good, I couldn’t stop eating them! 


    Supper Mucho: Sour Cream Onion (9/10)

    Very crunchy, and flavourful. It smells, and tastes almost like Pringles’ sour cream & onion, but with a stronger flavour, obviously because Japan likes to make everything tastes better. Not to mention how cute the bag is! 


    Pine Gummy (10/10)

    I wasn’t feeling these, but my sister admits that they taste like fresh pineapples that are on the sweet side. The texture is soft, and chewy, and not very hard, or gelatin like. 


    Fit’s Gum: Hot Cola (9/10)

    I don’t like gum, nor do I like spicy food, but these were interesting. The cola flavour in it was just right, and it wasn’t really spicy, but only hot, if that makes sense. It went above my expectations. 


    Ramune Watagashi (10/10) 

    This cotton candy smells so good! I can’t really describe the dreamy smell, it tastes yummy, and sweet, but without a strong flavour. We liked this one so much!


    Shimmy Choco Corn (8/10)

    This is a crispy corn snack dipped in chocolate, sort of similar to a puffy cereal bar, if you bite into it, it’ll look more clear that the snack is shaped as a star, just as the one on the cover. My sister says there’s a bit of saltiness in it, but it might be because it’s not sweet enough for her.


    Young Donuts (5/10)

    I hate donuts, and that’s probably why I didn’t like these. They taste like a typical fried dough, with a sugar coating, nothing special about it, but if you’re into donuts, these will be your Senpai! They’re so easy to take along, and so tiny you could fit it in your pockets! 


    Choco Kinako Mochi: Matcha

    This candy is supposed to be a replica of the traditional Japanese sweet, Dango which is a dumpling made from sweet rice, and covered with Kinako which is roasted soybean flour, as well as Matcha powder, and chocolate in that case. It’s a fun DIY treat, but I haven’t really tried it.

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