• Blog: Day 5 & 6 in Germany!

    It was time to change our hotel. We moved into another hotel that made me super uncomfortable, for I felt like I was buried underground when I'm in it. Could the walls that are designed to block the sound be the reason? I took pictures of the room we're staying in, and it looks soothing and all somehow, when it's defiantly not. Packing from the old place was easy and fast since we had almost all of our stuff in the luggages. 'Hey, maybe there are nearby stores we could walk to and by then, this place won't suck as much in my opinion!'. No, no. The only thing that is nearby is a train station. Furthermore, their 'room service' basically means that you have to go and get whatever you want from the reception. It turned out that you have to pay 7 Euros (each day) for each person for the wifi service, when I thought it was free. 













    We went for a walk that day, and almost every store we passed by was close. It's irritating  how stores close around 6PM here. Thank god a hair salon, which sells hair products, was open. I rushed inside because I really needed a hair conditioner. As usual, everything was written in German, so I thought that the hair products with a dog picture on the top of their shelves, were made for dogs. I asked the hair dresser if that was so, and she denied it while giggling. I asked for a hair conditioner that suits colored hair, and a shampoo that goes with it. She showed me many brands, and I wound up getting the most expensive pair. Obviously because of the hypothesis, me and my mom created which is 'the more money you give, the better product you get'.






    Moving on to day six, I woke up early to go to doctor appointments while fasting. My assumption was right, I was asked to do lots of blood tests, so I was delighted that I was fasting. I had to go to a different clinic to get more appointments, and they asked me for more blood tests, but I refused since I've done too many in both arms already, and I thought I ran out of blood, and I might pass out if I do more of them. So they told me that they'll contact the previous clinic to make sure wether I've done the required blood tests within the ones I've already done that day. They asked us to wait for the answer which will take about an hour and half (until the previous clinic opens again). I looked for a good restaurant or cafe around, and the only one I found was a dirty Thai restaurant that smelled awful. I kept looking, and as soon as I started feeling worse because of the heat, and the sun, I was like 'screw it, let's go home'. I was done for that day, and even if I was required to do more blood tests or x-rays in that clinic, which is an hour away, it wouldn't be that day.








  • Blog: Day 4 in Germany 

    I decided to walk around our hotel to dicover what's nearby, also to visit a supermarket that sells organic food, located two streets away. Our area is much, much better than the crowded city center. It's too quiet here that I leave the windows open at night because we have no air conditioning! We're probably moving to another hotel not only because we don't have AC, but also because there is no room service. Unfortunately, I'm kind of attached to this place, so if I don't find a better hotel with a quiet area, then I'll stay here. They serve a small breakfast buffet everyday, like really small. I only have coffee (obviously), apples with peanut butter, orange juice, and sometimes a banana. Those are the only things I can eat. They also serve pasteries, meat, eggs etc. We have our breakfast in a small glass covered blacony. 

    I also found different types of stores which was exciting! 




    'What's this? Is that even an accurate letter? Why isn't there anything written in English on ANY package?!!' The supermarket was great, but it is torturing to be forced to translate every ingredient. Maybe I should just memorize the ingredients that I'm allergic to in German.







  • Blog: Day 1-3 in Germany 

    A new place, new people, and a new environment! Too much to absorb in a couple of days, but I can already tell that it's not the greatest place I could be at. First of all, pictures from day 2 are not included since I spent it inside. Had to fully relax and take a break because I was sick. Let's talk about how Germans are racists, and hostile! No matter how much you tip, or how nice you are, if 'German' is not written on your forehead, then you're unwelcomed! Some were ok to me in the valley areas, but those numerous ones can't be compared to the majority! Some of the places are gorgeous, but the awkward stares you get from civilians ruin the whole experience. Other than that, I wasn't strong enough to walk, or stay outside for long. I usually stay inside. The rooms we stay at are nice and allow in natural light which is good! Here are some pictures I took in the car: 














    Our room (Mine and bro's):

    It only took it one flight for it to look like this! :(






    Valley: The forests here remind me so much of the Twilight movie


















    Will post day #4 by tonight inshallah since I posted these late.

    Don't post my pictures anywhere unless you give credits!

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