• Box Review: Japan Funbox! 

    Japan Funbox is a Japanese snack box subscription that delivers Japanese snacks & candy from Japan straight to your doorsteps, with free worldwide shipping! It combines old favorites, and new limited releases. The snack box is located in Japan, which guarantees both quality, and freshness of the snacks that are carefully chosen, and picked! They offer 3 different box sizes to choose from: MINI for $14.99, Original for $32.99, and Family for $49.99. Even though mine was the mini, it was still packed with a whole lot of snacks! They have the best snack choices, I’m not even kidding! They combined my favorites: the Whistle Candy, Umaibō, and Caramel Corn all in the box! 


    Slim Ganko Fried Potato:

    Tiny regular salted potato chips, which seem to resemble mini fries. The not too salty thin strips of  fried potato chips seem to have a different texture as well! They’re crispier in texture, and have a toasty fragrance to it! I haven’t tried those, but my sister sure enjoyed it! I try to pass down potato chips, and chocolate to my siblings since they enjoy them!


    Grape Flavor Whistle Candy:

    Can’t go wrong with this classic candy! This very popular Japanese candy isn’t unfamiliar in our house, they’re the perfect fix for a boring afternoon. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, the original flavored ones are good, but Grape flavored ones are my favorite, it has sort of a perfect balance of both sour & sweetness! 


    Umaibō Delicious Stick (Teriyaki, Mentaiko & Vegetable Salad):

    Umaibō is one of the most brilliant snacks out there! They’re light & tasty corn sticks with many flavors! I have 3 different flavors here, to be honest, I didn’t try Teriyaki, it smelled like it had too much spices, and flavors going on, but my little sister said it tasted pretty good! Mentaiko Umaibō tasted like BBQ, has a sweet and sour taste, really delicious! As for the Vegetable Salad, it tastes a lot like sour cream & onion soup chips, really yummy!


    Caramel Corn:

    Yay! My favorite Japanese puffs, reminds me of my love, German peanut puffs. It’s super sweet, and delicious! It has peanuts that sort hang in the bottom of the bag, which gives it an extra crunch. They’re crunchy, sweet, and melt in your mouth, almost. 



    Doraemon themed snack that’s basically chocolate covered corn puffs, however the combination seems like a perfect fit for many! These are stated to be a melt-in-mouth sort of snack, with a satisfying crunch to it! My sister says they’re super light, and yummy! They come with Doraemon stickers which you can collect to find the secret of Doraemon! 



    I remember having these before, they’re chewy candy,  half lemon, half orange, with fizzy coke flavored powder inside! Love the transition of flavors from fruity, to sour coke. It’s a more interesting version of fruit chew sticks! Not healthier, but defiantly tastier!


  • Unboxing: BoCandy! 


    BoCandy is a monthly candy subscription box that offers hand picked snacks from all over the world (including Japanese)! There are 2 options to pick from when it comes to choosing the box, one is half sized (3-4 candies), and the other is full sized (6-9 candies). Pricing starts from $11.00 a month, and shipping is guaranteed to be free! 


    Coris Whistle Candy (Ramune): 

    I’m always happy when I receive these in candy boxes, It’s a simple candy, with few ingredients including sugar, but no dairy, or gelatine. It’s delicious, and makes a whole lot of sound!


    Coris Whistle Candy (Grape flavored Ramune):

    This one was interesting, since I don’t remember having a flavored whistle candy other than the plain ramune one. It was sweet, and sour! Really yummy, and super addictive. 


    Goralki Strawberry Bar:

    It looks like the normal, yet delicious artificial strawberry paste filled crunchy wafers, except that this one has a twist to it, and is covered with chocolate on the edges. Chocolate lovers are more likely to love these!


    KEX Choklad: 

    Even though these come from Sweden, I always see them in Ikea’s speciality snacks store. I’ve never had these, but apparently kids love them, I’ve seen my little sisters munch on these before.


    7 days Chocolate Croissant: 

    I was surprised to find this brand in the box, because it’s so popular back home that I’d assumed it wasn’t produced by a foreign company! It’s a rather big croissant, filled with chocolate filling, and baked the Polish way!


    Toffi Kubanka & Pikolo candy drops: 

    Last, there were many Cuban toffee, and flavored candy drops in the box. It doesn’t say on the package that the toffee is chocolate flavored, but apparently, it is. The candy drops were really good, the flavors are lemon, apple, orange, and raspberry. 


  • Box Review: Graze! (Healthy Snacks)


    Graze is subscription box that includes 4 different snack creations per box, and it can be delivered weekly, every other week, or monthly depending on the subscriber’s preference. Graze makes sure to use the finest ingredients, with 100 snack creations to choose from, and only costs $11.99 for a box, Graze gives the freedom to choose the kinds of snacks wanted in the box. There are dietary preferences available to narrow down your snack packs options such as Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and such, as well as trashing an unwanted ingredient, which will automatically avoid showing you snack mixes that contain that ingredient. The box is really neat, and the snack packs are convenient for busy people who don’t want to snack on junk. 


    Vitamin E Defense: 

    Roasted hazelnuts, redskin peanuts, jumbo raisins, and cranberries. Unsalted nuts, and dried fruit with no added sugar makes a perfect, healthy, and satisfying snack. I’m a huge fan of trail mixes, crunchy nuts, and chewy dried fruit is always pleasant, and charges you with energy!


    Active Nutrient Blend:

    Chopped dates, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts. I love dates, but the combination of dates, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts doesn’t make any sense to me. The seeds were just scattered there, and the sweetness of dates didn’t catch up with the bitterness of both walnuts, and pumpkin seeds.


    Antioxidant Vit.E Nuts:

    Redskin peanuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, and pecan nuts. This snack pack is by far my favorite, especially since it has high quality Brazil nuts, which are hard to find, and I appreciate how none of the snack packs is salted. They satisfy your hunger without kicking your blood pressure up high!


    Garden of England:

    Soft apple pieces, mini strawberries, and blackcurrants. This pack was a piece of England (even though I’ve never been there). The dried apple pieces, and strawberries were super moist, and naturally sweet, while blackcurrants were still sweet, but a bit sour. A well combined mix! Super tasty!


  • Box Review: Okashi Connection! (Japanese Snacks)


    Okashi Connection is monthly Japanese snacks, and candy box subscription. This box mostly includes exclusive Japanese snacks that couldn’t be found outside Japan, and the snacks are also carefully selected, so there won’t be any bad, or ‘filler’ snacks like other subscription boxes. There are 3 different kinds of subscription boxes that Akashi Connection offers, which can be canceled at anytime, Ninja, which has 5-7 items, Samurai, with 9-13 items, and finally the Summo which includes 14-18 items. There’s also the option to purchase any of these boxes, without having to subscribe. However, the box only includes description of each snack, no ingredients included, which is sort of a problem for many, myself included. My box was the Samurai’s, and it had a pretty decent amount of snacks, and as stated, most of the snacks were indeed unlikely to be found outside Japan! 


    Kanpai Ramune: (5/10) 

    A tiny beer glass shaped container, with famous ramune flavored candies. My brother liked these, however I didn’t, they’re crumply, and powdery. As for the taste, I haven’t had ramune before, I only buy ramune for him, and that’s probably why he liked them more than I did. 


    Pierre Ojisan No Roll-cake: (6/10)

    These totally look like the mini swiss roll cakes I grew up having, but they didn’t smell as fresh. They smell weird, but the taste was alright.


    Shimi Corn Choco (8/10)

    I’m far more familiar with these puffed chocolate star cookies, since I get to have them with most boxes, even though I’ve never had them. My brother liked them!


    BBQ Scone: (9/10)

    I never have meat, however, I’ll eat anything with BBQ sauce on it! These defiantly had a different strong sweet BBQ flavor, but they’re so good! Very addictive!


    Chou Himo Q Gummi (8/10)

    The package has a really long gummy string, one half is soda flavored, and the other is cola. 


    Kaaru Stick Cheese: (7/10)

    Long puffed sticks, with light texture, and a whole lot of cheese. I let my brother try it since I don’t like cheese. 


    Giant Calico Z (8/10)

    This ice-cream snack is basically an ice-cream cone, with light airy chocolate filling. My brother says they’re crunchy, and delicious! 


    Wata-Pachi (10/10)

    Okay, this was my favorite out of this box, it’s grape flavored cotton candy, with fizzy rock candies. Once the cotton candy dissolves, your mouth will start popping! It’s fun, addicting, and delicious! 


    Ottotto Consomme (7/10)

    I believe that this snack is a healthier version goldfish crackers for kids? They’re so cute, each is shaped differently! They’re empty inside, and they taste good.


  • Box Review: TokyoTreat! (Japanese Snacks)


    TokyoTreat is a Japanese snack subscription box based in Tokyo. They partnership with local distributors, and manufacturers of high quality, speciality snacks/sweets. Being based in Japan, most of the snacks they include in the box cannot be found anywhere else. Seasonal snacks will always be in-date, not only that, but all snacks are fresh (yes, fresh!), since the snacks are produced right after TokyoTreat places their orders, and all snacks are full-sized, meaning no tiny sample ones. They have different box sizes: Small (5-7) snacks for 14.99USD, Regular (8-12) snacks + 1 DIY Candy Kit for 24.99USD, and the Premium box (13-17) snacks + 1 DIY Candy Kit + 1 Drink + 1 Special Item for 34.99USD. They  offer free shipping, from Takanawa, Tokyo to wherever you are! I can tell that too much work has been put into the box, the box itself is so cute, has animated characters inside, and outside. The box also includes a small TokyoTreat magazine, and since it was a February’s box, it was a Valentine’s edition! The magazine contains information you didn’t know about Japan, such annual interesting festivals, must visit places, how to spend this month in Japan, the month’s items (the ones included in the box), a guide for the DIY candy, TokyoTreat news, and a community page. 


    Fujiya Peko Poko Chocolate: 

    Candy pops with heads of the well-known Japanese characters Peko, and Poko. How cute are these? I don’t eat chocolate, but my little sister gave these 10 out of 10 for a rating! 


    Grain Gummy: 

    These are obviously jelly beans, and the packaging is super cute still. Flavors include apple, grape, orange, peach, and sugar coated muscat? They’re promised to be chewy, and delicious! 


    LOOKs Two Types of Strawberry:

    It looks like some really high quality chocolate, with two kinds of strawberry fillings, one has a creamy texture with strawberry flavor, and the other is the same, but with a red strawberry jelly added.


    Collin Strange Gum 2:

    Reminds me of a certain gum I used to eat when I was little! The 3 flavors are lemon, strawberry, and blueberry. All of them taste really good, and each flavor changes into a grape flavor, which is fascinating!


    Kiki and Lala Strawberry Crunch:

    Cute pastel colored packaging, with the adorable Sanrio characters, the twin Kiki, and Lala! This was more like a cereal bar, very crunchy, made with rice puffs, strong strawberry flavor, and some confetti. 


    Princess’s Lost Treasure: 

    I really like this one! The packaging has a princess that looks like Princess Peach from Mario, and the filled cookie snack is crumbly rather than crispy as it was stated in the magazine. I can’t really tell what the filling was, but this snack is so good, reminds me a lot of Maamoul! 


    LOTTE Koume Soft Candy:

    This chewy, sweet, and sour candy, is made with plum, and is very refreshing! I didn’t think I’d like these to be honest, but I guess the taste grows on you! They’re really delicious!


    Strange Candy Grape and Muscat Flavors:

    I’ve tried a couple similar ones by this candy brand, and you’re meant to get creative with these candy strings. Twisting them, and creating shaped is really fun, and the texture varies, depending on the way you twist them. Really fun, and yummy!


    Nagewa Mentai Mayo Flavor: 

    Marinated crispy potato strings, that brings a well-know Japanese flavor called Mentai to life! These potato rings are so good! Super crispy, light, and the flavor is perfection. 


    Dantaco’s Chili Tacos Flavored Chips:

    This is supposed to be taco flavored nacho chips. It says that the ingredients are really made from an actual spicy taco. I haven’t really tried these.



    Pocky Fleck Strawberry Heart Full:

    Another Valentine themed snack, and to be honest, I’ve never tried Pocky sticks. I couldn’t really recognize any the heart shapes while having these, but taste super delicious! The strawberry icing is far too good to be real!


    DIY Kracie’s Mr. Fun Bakery:

    I’ve never enjoyed DIY candy kits, but this specific one was a really fun experience. You make your own frosting, and fill the ice-cream scones with it, as well as the pie crust, and the wafers too. Confetti sprinkles are included too for decorating, and these turned out pretty good. The wafers were crunchy, and the frosting was delicious.



    Sweet Red Bean Soup:

    I was planning on making a sweet red bean soup, since I’ve attempted making the sweet bean paste, and it turned out pretty good. This already made soup tastes exactly like a fresh one, I added sesame Tongyuan to it after boiling it, and it tasted incredibly good!  


    Good Luck with Chopsticks Fortune: 

    Since I already bought me a pair of chopsticks from the asian market, I’ll take these with me back home, because apparently they bring good luck. 


    Cream Collon (Extra Item):

    This neatly packaged snack has vanilla cream filled biscuits. The biscuit shells are sweet, and crunchy, but the cream filling doesn’t taste at all like vanilla. It tastes more like plain thick cream, which I really dislike. 


  • Box Review: Birchbox! (February) 

    Birchbox is a subscription box that monthly delivers personalised beauty samples of high quality brands, and not only that but you can go to their website, and shop for the available samples in case you are picky when it comes to beauty products. You can checkout my previous review of this box here. This month, Birchbox’s theme is called ‘What’s the Occasion?’, and the box itself is so pretty! The box is packed with mini products that’ll help you get ready to your special occasion (in my case, it’ll probably be the two blocks away comic book store). The range of products that were in my box focused mainly on skin. 


    Origins Face Wash:

    A frothy face wash, with a foaming formula that balances oil production for both oily, and dry skin with a blend of botanicals, and enriched with aromatic bergamot, spearmint, and lavender. I don’t buy face products that are meant to be for both oily, and dry skin for a reason. This product happens to dry my skin even more, so I think it would suit those with oily skin best. It’s not a bad product, it just wasn’t for my skin type.


    SkinClinical Extreme Healing Repair Concentrate: 

    I like how this healing cream has no fragrance, parabens, dyes, or steroids in it. It makes it perfect, and non-irritant, and it’s stated to be used for severly dry areas, sensitive, red, inflamed, wounded, scarred, itchy, or chapped skin. It kind of works as a hydrating shield to protect the affected area, while hydrating it, to help it recover quickly! I think this product is brilliant, and I’ll give it a try on my affected fingers, and cuticles. 


    Hey Honey Peel Off Mask:

    It’s an exfoliating honey beauty mask that helps to promote a smooth skin, and to clear complexion. It has alpha hydroxy to help peel away dead skin, clear out pores, and reduce wrinkles. I haven’t tried it since I have a oversensitive skin, but apparently the concentration of AHAs lowers the chances of getting your skin irritated, but makes it still as effective. 



    Arrow BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm (Exclusive):

    This lip balm has a super-hydrating formula that adjusts to your pH, and makes your lip color pop. When you apply it, you can feel that it’s not as firm as other lip balms, it sort of melts into the lips. At first, I thought it was exactly as if I just applied minty petroleum jelly, but after looking into the mirror, I realize how my lips have changed color. The lip balm does a very good job, not only does it hydrate the lips well, but it also enhances its color. I notice that the edges of my lips have also changed color, which makes me think that my lips might only be reacting to the mint? 


    Obliphica Professional Seaberry Serum: 

    This one is a lightweight hair serum that helps repair damaged hair. First of all, it smells so good, like a really fancy perfume. Most importantly, does this thing actually work? I have some pretty damaged hair ends since I bleach, and dye my hair all the time. The serum’s results showed right after applying. The serum is sort of a gel-like, very light, and not greasy whatsoever. My ends looked instantly healthier, and shinier! 


  • Box Review: Vegan Tuck Box! 

    Vegan Tuck Box is UK’s first 100% vegan box scheme that delivers vegan snacks, and treats to your doorsteps! They have a variety of different Vegan boxes as: Health Kick, Chocoholic, Starter, Selection, Ultimate, Variety, and a new one for pre-order called the Vegan Easter Tuck Box. They collaborate with different high quality food brands to bring new collections of 100% Vegan snacks for every box. Wether you want the box to be gluten-free or not, is up to you. Vegan Tuck Box donates 10p from each sold box to Vegan causes, and animal sanctuaries. Their offices are powered by solar panels, their box and print outs are also made from recycled materials, and vegetable ink. If you’re not sure about the box, which can be canceled at any time, their website sells Vegan/Gluten-free treats individually. You can use the code ‘Blog20’ to get 20% off of your first box! 


    Planet Organic Lemon Rawkin’ Roons:

    These are raw macaroons made with unrefined coconut sugar, and real lemon juice. I believe that this one is by far the best raw snack I’ve ever had in my life. The melt in your mouth macaroons aren’t really that sweet, they’re in fact a little salty, but they’re really good!


    Anada Foods Chocolate Raspberry Marshmallow Lolly:

    Unfortunately, the marshmallow stuffed chocolate heart was crushed. My sister found the raspberry sprinkles very bitter, but the marshmallow, and chocolate were okay.  

    Crazy4Cocoa Truffles:

    3 different handmade Belgian chocolate truffles, with different fondants, soft caramel, passion fruit ganache, and raspberry ganache. 


    Gillie Food Cucumber Crackers:

    I’ve never heard of, or seen this food brand before, but I can tell that they’re quite geniuses. Who would’ve thought of making cucumber chips, they’re called crackers, but they’re actually more like chips. The ingredients are actual perfection, they used real cucumber, tapioca flour, and salt. How simple, and it tastes amazing! They’re really light, not greasy, or too salty!


    Brad’s Raw Broccoli Peppers:

    I’m familiar with this brand, I used to love their kale chips. This one is made with broccoli, which oddly made it look exactly like weed. The taste is super over-powering, citrusy, and a little cheesy. I wouldn’t mind the flavor if it was 50% decreased.


    Premium Chocolatiers Peanot Cups:

    Identical to Reese’s cups (which I’ve never had), but these have no dairy, and no nuts either. My sister says they’re a bit salty, but really delicious, and well made! 


    Plamil Lots of This None of That Bar:

    The packaging is adorable! When dairy food/snacks have a cow on the packaging, this vegan dark chocolate has a pretty happy cow with a no symbol on it! 



    Kwan’s Kitchen Sweet Chilli Stir Fry Kit:

    I can’t really have spicy food, so I gave this one to my sister, and she followed the steps on the back of the packet. The whole house smelled so good, and she admits that it gave the stir-fried vegetables a delicate flavor of sweet, and spicy! 


    Kwan’s Kitchen Sweet Chilli Stir Fry Kit:

    I can’t really have spicy food, so I gave this one to my sister, and she followed the steps on the back of the packet. The whole house smelled so good, and she admits that it gave the stir-fried vegetables a delicate flavor of sweet, and spicy! 


    Ara Chocolat Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts:

    Hazelnuts covered with high quality vegan chocolate, my sister loved these. It’s made by an artisanal company in Paris, super fancy, right?  

  • Box Review: Oyatsu Cha Cha Cha! (Japanese Snacks)


    OYATSU Cha Cha Cha is a Japanese Snack Box that delivers directly from Osaka, Japan to your doorsteps. It includes from 15 up to 20 snacks per box, most of which are seasonal, and can’t be found anywhere else outside Japan. The box only costs 39$, with no shipping fees. Snacks’ description is included in the box, and also written English. OYATSU uses a cool unique technique when it comes to choosing some of their monthly snacks, and that’s by casting subscribers’ votes through a form on their site. I’ll be reviewing the snacks, with ratings from 0 to 10 right next to each one of them, and not only will be giving my impressions, but also my siblings’, whom I shared the snacks with. 


    Ikedaya: Ebikko (9/10)

    These are very very thin, light, and crispy in texture. There are seaweed bits in there, which gives it a delicate, complicated taste. I believe it is rice based, or has rice in one of it’s ingredients. Everyone liked these even though none of my siblings like seaweed. 


    Yamato Seika: Aji Curry (7/10)

    In texture wise, they weren’t puffy as I suspected, but more on the crackers side. I personally don’t like curry, but these weren’t bad at all. 


    Tohato: Caramel Corn Cheesecake Yakiringo (10/10)

    If I had to choose which one was my favorite out of the box, this would be my answer. I love snack puffs, but all of them are made with cheese, so these ones, and the peanut-butter puffs I was obsessed with in Germany, are defiantly made for me, and everyone who doesn’t like cheesy puffs.


    Morinaga: Nama Ramune Gummy Orange Soda (5/10)

    These gummy snacks have a nice orangey flavour, but I’m not used to the texture. It sort of turns crumply when you chew it, and then melts. 


    Coris: Sonomanma Coke (8/10)

    I’ve seen many try these on social media, since they are very popular, and often included in Japanese snack boxes. Basically, there are 3 gum balls inside, two of which are sweet, and one is supposed to be sour. I’ve tried the sweet one, and it tasted pretty good, really soft in texture, it feels like it’s about to melt in your mouth, unlike bubble gums. From my sister’s face expression, the sour one isn’t deadly sour. 


    Yaokin: Umaibo Corn Potage Soup - Umaibo Pizza - Umaibo Shrimp Mayonnaise (10/10)

    The corn soup one tastes almost like the original corn stick snack that I grew up eating, with a hint of sour cream. The pizza flavoured tastes so good almost like real pizza, with a bit of a smokey flavour. Shrimp mayo is one of a kind, I haven’t really had anything like it, but it has an interesting flavour with a good spices combination.


    Kyoshin Seika: Awamokomoko Banana 

    I can’t really rate this one because I didn’t try it. I don’t like fizzy drink at all, and how this one really  works is you put some water in it, and then it turns into a very foamy drink. Almost like a soda pop, and you have to be careful because the powder inside will keep reacting, causing more foam to come out which will get everywhere. My sister says it’s yummy!


    Coris: Fue Ramune (9/10)

    It was so much fun trying these, they’re something similar to POLO, or Savers mints. These allow you to whistle, and are very crumply. There was a tiny brush that came with it, but I don’t get it. It’s super kawaii.


    Kameda Seika: Kaki No Tane (Yuzu Mentaiko)

    These are spicy crackers and peanuts. I couldn’t try them, but my siblings thought these were great for snacking!


    CTF: Neri Ume (0/10)

    After doing some research, it turns out these are pickled plums candy, which explains why I spat it out. It’s very sour, and odd tasting. 


    Bourbon: Petit Usuyaki Umeshio (9/10)

    I really enjoyed these, and I’ve wondered which flavour were they. After searching them online, it turns out they’re made with plum, and salted rice. I’m guessing they’re pickled plums, not regular ones. I could’ve sworn I tasted ketchup though. Scrumptious! 


    Kameda Seika: Happy turn (8/10)

    It has a cute packaging, with a corn stick prince, not a princess. These are somewhat light rice crackers, with a hint of corn flavour. It’s pretty plain compared to Umaibo’s corn stick snacks, but it still has the same taste of sweet, and salty.


    [LOTTE] Koala no March Sweet Potato (10/10) 

    They’re much like the panda filled cookies, but these are a bit smaller, with less filling. They tasted like vanilla to be honest, and I couldn’t tell which flavour is it from the package, and the taste. Totally like these kind of snacks that substitute chocolate fillings with different delicious fillings. Great taste, and a lovely packaging! 


    Oyatsucompany: Babystar Guruguru Monja (7/10) 

    This is supposed to be a DIY snack. You pour hot water over the instant noodles, and mix in the powder to create the sauce. Toppings are included, and added to the finished snack. The taste was interesting, but very salty! I could defiantly taste soy sauce in there. This was my sister’s favorite snack out of all the them, and it’s funny because she doesn’t really eat Japanese food, or noodles.

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