• Most Common Online Scams! 

    Job Scams: 

    How many times had pop-up ads scare you to death? Many use voice message to inform you about their new ‘job’, and how they’re making thousands of dollars working from home. The most annoying one for me is where this guy called Ben starts out with ‘My name is Ben! Two years ago I lost my job…’, I’m not really sure where is he supposed to go with this, but I immediately close the ad tab. These ads will do all the easy talk, the one that is poorly professionalized, only to get to your credit card, and/or your Social Security number.With that, comes a fake reasoning for why such personal information is needed.


    Online Dating Scams: 

    Many singles seek the internet hoping that they’ll find their soulmate just desperately waiting for their call. However, in many cases the guy turns out to be a girl, the girl turn out to be a grandma, and the list goes on. Most of their excuses tend to come out as them being camera shy, or simply don’t have a camera even though it’s 2015, where even gaming consoles have cameras. Once the victim gets deeply caught in the trap, he is asked for money, gifts, or personal information such as credit card number, and more often than not, this isn’t done directly, but in a twisty, playful way. Most of those show up as pop-up ads too. 


    Lottery Scams: 

    This type of scam is well-known for long now, as all of us have read or heard the ‘YOU HAVE WON’ lie, wether the notification comes as a message, an e-mail, or an ad that usually seems as an overseas lottery. They claim that it is your lucky day, and that you’re the number 1000,000,000 visitor, or the winner of a prize draw. Then what? You guessed it. To process the payment of the winning money, they’ll either ask for credit card number, a ticket that you need to buy, or fees, when in fact, no legal lottery asks for advance fees. ’Security reasons’ is always the shot back when ‘whys’ intervene. 


    Scholarship Scams: 

    Of course every student wouldn’t turn his back on a scholarship with a financial aid, wether his parents can, or can’t pay for college/university. In fact, many are desperate to get one to the point where any foolish ad that promises a bogus scholarship that’s too good to be true gets their interest immediately. As the student digs in deep into the ad, and ask for the scholarship, and how to get it, application fees, money for widgets, and bank account information are needed. When the scholarship never comes, the hard truth is uncovered, and the company turns out to be untraceable. 


    Weight Loss & Health Products Scams: 

    These come either as ads, or advertising accounts (mostly on Instagram). Also, most of them use poorly faked accounts using fake names, pictures, and a life. Only to deceive others, making them think that this person is real, and happily satisfied with their products. Once the buyer gives in to the trick, the only thing that’s going to get lighter is their wallet. Same goes with cheap health products that are useless, but the description still makes it look like it’s the perfect product that would suit the buyer best. Product scams end with scenarios where either more money is taken from your card, the product doesn’t work, or it doesn’t arrive at all. 

  • Recipe: Vegan Gluten Free Crab Cakes! 

    I’ve never had an actual crab cake, or crabs in that matter, and never will. Crabs and lobsters’ shells are meant to protect them, and make it hard for anyone to kill them, so in order to kill them, they are frozen, boiled, or microwaved to death, and sometimes they have their shells ripped apart. It’s hard for me to write this as it’s hard for me to imagine how they are tortured like that. Even if you weren’t vegan, nor vegetarian, eating lobsters/crabs is against your humanity! I’ve heard of crab cakes, and thought of veganizing it. I knew it would be a cool challenge for me, and at the same time I thought of sharing it, and hopefully make others to like it as much as the ones with tortured crabs. 


    One of the reasons I thought of it as a challenge is due to not attempting to make vegan patties of some sort, ever. I wasn’t a burger or meat eater before becoming vegan, so I didn’t feel the need to substitute burgers. Another reason is the fact that the ingredients don’t include something mushy to make the process easier like tofu, tempeh, or beans, therefore, messing up is a big possibility. Nevertheless, they actually turned out pretty good, and that made me feel very good about myself. I recommend you trying it, and you don’t have to use the same ingredients. I’ll write the substitutions beside each ingredient in case you don’t have the original ones around your kitchen. 


    The idea here is to get a mixture that will form patties, and before frying, I much rather sautéing the vegetables in order not to get raw crab cakes from the inside. Another thing you should probably do is drying the excess oil after sautéing each vegetable with tissues, or a clean towel. With heart of palm though, use very little oil, and by that, it will dry out any excess water in it while it cooks, and shrink in mass. 


    The ingredients: 

    - 200 grams of heart of palm (I took out half of what’s in an 800 grams can with liquid, which is 200 grams without the liquid), or you can use canned artichokes

    - 1/3 cup of chopped white onion (or scallions)

    - 1/4 cup chopped celery (or bell pepper)

    - 1/4 cup vegan mayo

    - 4 tbsps of chopped parsley (dill, or celery leaves)

    - 1 tbsp oat flour (or cornmeal)

    - 4 tbsp almond meal for breading (or cornmeal)

    - 1 tsp Old bay seasoning (or seafood seasoning which is what I used)

    - Olive oil for frying


    First thing, sauté your onions in a saucepan with some olive oil until they’re caramarlized a little, and transfer them into a plate. Then shred the heart of palm and saute them until they’re crispy and golden in color, and transfer them aside. After that, sauté the celery, and put all the ingredients in a large bowl (except the 4 tbsp of almond meal for breading), and mix them up. Next, form them into patties, and with this recipe, you can make two large ones. Then use the breading to cover them, and without forgetting the sides. In a large saucepan, fry them in olive oil, one at a time in order not to burn them. Make sure you move the pan around to cover the sides, if not much oil is used. 


    You can serve these alone, with veggies, or in sandwiches as burgers. They’re really good, and any leftover crab cakes can be kept in the fridge, and baked in the oven (not refried).

  • Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc Review! 



    To be honest, finding Winged Sakura: Mindy’s Arc in my Steam’s library was a total shock to me. I recognized the game, but I didn’t remember buying it. So I fought my amnesia for a while, and turned out when I was anime-hyped, I looked for anime games that were kawaii, and we’re talking about six months ago! I sort of remember buying the game, but then again I was still upset because after buying the game, I couldn’t find it in my library, and my typical self couldn’t argue with Steam because who’s got time for that? Now, not only do I find the game in my library, but also it’s soundtrack too which I don’t recall buying at all. Any who, the game is really great, so I thought reviewing it would be necessary. 


    A fun strategy RPG game, much like Plants Vs Zombies, but with much more characteristics to it. The game is one of the three games made by the company Winged Sakura Games, and there is a free demo of it on Steam. The scenario shows Mindy (the girl with amnesia), receiving Cherry Blossoms delivered to her by her boyfriend, from her sister. After that, she gets bizarre visions, collapses, and falls into the ground which had opened into a huge hole that swallowed her, and her companion along with her. They find themselves in a modern underground base, and Mindy gets bossed around, and dragged into battles by a girl named Minzy (her sister), but Mindy doesn’t recognize her, and no specific explanations are given of what in the world is happening until later on, as the story unfolds itself a little after each beaten level. Nevertheless, the art is great, and that’s one of the reasons I bought this game. The soundtrack is fast-beat which suits the game very well.



    The gameplay is very fun, and fast-beat like I said. You set different characters as defenders, with each numerous levels you beat, you get a new character (spirits), and each one has it’s own different job in the battle. There are sixteen different spirits to unlock throughout the 99 levels, and from attacking with arrows, electric shocks, or simply working as shield, each character has it’s own clock ticking, and will despair in seconds. Aside from that, there are special skills obtained by time, some of which are mine, fire, and freeze. The rapid disappearance of defenders every second while twenty extra enemies surge in can overwhelm the player a lot, that’s where the S-Pause’s job comes. Strategic pause can be reached within a click of the spacebar to pause the game, get yourself guarded by placing tower defences, and continue the battle. The trick here is to use the right tactics by choosing which and where will defenders take place, and to rationally think of using your skills in the right time since they are only available for use few times during a battle.



    Before the beginning of each battle, you get a tiny setting to choose from easy to insane, and with the option of disabling the S-Pause, and slower enemies. As for After the end of each battle you might get to fold cherry blossom shaped cards, and earn items, the better you do at the battle, the more cards you’ll get to fold, and the more items you’ll earn. Some of the items can be worn by the characters to upgrade their performance (could be weapons, or auxiliary items), others can be used to get optional achievements, or get sold for money. As you level up, a round of incomers get added, and ironically, the species you fight look almost similar to the spirits you use. Skills, and gears can be upgraded, and with the right recipes, items can be crafted. Levels become easier if you keep up on upgrading your spirits’ gears, and your skills. In fact, some levels require you to upgrade certain skills, or else there won’t be a chance for you to win. The game is great, and very addictive, and with not much of an interesting dialogs, or story behind it, I still enjoy it a lot! 


    I give it 10/10 


  • Opening Packages: Vegan Make-up Brushes, Shirts, And More! 

    I had a small stack of mail that I haven't opened, and it's fun opening those everytime because I can't remember or correctly guess what's inside of them. Yes, my memory is that bad. It could also indicate that I over-shop online, but whatever. Here are my guesses of what's inside each package:


    This package is smaller than it looks. In fact, it's the smallest package out of the rest, and my immediate thought was the gloves that protect your hands from the sun.

     The reason I would order such a thing is that I'm allergic to sun. However, I don't expect myself wearing it often, or wear it at all haha. 

    Find them here in the color pink: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DCW-High-Quality-Womens-Summer-Dot-Print-Design-Short-Driving-Sunscreen-Gloves-/121366088690?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Gloves_Mittens&var=&hash=item1c41fb8bf2

    I didn't have to guess for long, it is fluffy. It is light in weight, so it must be my vintage dress yay! 

    I got it from a vintage shop on: http://www.etsy.com

     I shook this small box a couple of times, and it sounded like it contained sunglasses, or some kind of an accessory.

    Nope, it's my vegan make-up brushes set, which looks like a sunglasses case after all. It has many vegan brushes inside, and I bought it for a very cheap price as well. Yes, I'm into 'cruelty free' products.

    Get the collection here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pro-Authentic-Makeup-Barrel-Brush-Cases-Holders-4-Color-Pink-Black-Blue-Purple-/141301195248?pt=US_Makeup_Bags_Cases&var=&hash=item20e63521f0

    At this point, and without knowing which site this mail is from, I couldn't possibly guess haha.

    I honestly was pretty jazzed when I saw this, DBNO is one of my favorite clothing lines ever. The main reason is obviously because they're designed by Josh Franceschi, and because the quality of the clothing is really good! 

    It is from: http://store.downbutnotoutproductions.com

    This specific item however, is sold out. 

    Last time I was on Asos, I was looking for a neat pair of pants. I let myself assume that these were colorful, comfy pants that had almost no weight. 

    Oh it's the huge skateboard t-shirt. I didn't choose XL instead of XS by mistake, I just think that oversized shirts are more comfortable and fun to wear.

    Here's where I bought it from: http://us.asos.com/Santa-Cruz/Santa-Cruz-Skate-T-Shirt/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4050688&SearchQuery=santa%20cruz&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=White

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