• Things I've Been Into! (May Favorites) 

    1- Reading: It’s obviously not a new thing for me to read books, but I’ve been oddly passionate about reading. Up to three months ago, I’d force myself to read, only because I knew I’d enjoy it at the end. However, lately I’ve been obsessed with reading, whenever I have nothing to do, I’d choose to read over anything else. Although, half of what I read are books for kids/teens which include illustrations for the most part. The other half are about self-improvement, and fictions. My choices are narrowed because I neither like books that include misery and torture, nor do I like ones with silly romance, and pointless drama. My favorites so far are Geronimo Stilton’s collections, and Self Power by Deepak Chopra.


    2- No Sugar soy ice blended vanilla with double extra espresso shot: I guess I’ve made it clear on social media that I’m really addicted to coffee. I do drink ice blended vanilla from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf every now and then, but not when I’m 100% Vegan. I haven’t had it in a long now, and it’s what my body’s been desperately calling for, mostly in evenings. I’ve been having it daily, that’s surely aside from my morning black coffee. I choose it to with extra coffee, and sugar free because if it doesn’t taste like there’s bitter coffee in it, I wouldn’t be interested. I enjoy by pairing my ice blended vanilla with any book of my choice, or continue binge watching whatever cartoonI decide to watch that day.


    3- Shopping: Before you throw a fit, let me explain. I’ve always loved shopping, I used to shop till I my vision goes wonky (online shopping, get it?), and buy too many clothes that my huge wardrobe can’t handle to this day, and half of my clothes haven’t been worn yet. However, for a year now, I’ve lost interest in shopping (for clothes only), and that’s mostly due to literally not going out at all, and as a fashionista, I still went PJs shopping regularly, and obviously grocery shopping in which I spend a fortune. So, lately I’ve been into online shopping again, as well as old-fashioned shopping, taking one baby step at time, an item here, and an item there, trying to figure out how to get back to what I was always passionate about.


    4- Monsters VS. Aliens: It’s crazy how obsessed I am with cartoons. I was hooked with this one, with only a couple of episodes in. It’s hilarious in the best way, and it’s fair to mention that no sauciness is included. My favorite character must be Susan Murphy, to whom I feel connect to in a way. My least favorite character must be the president who screams like a girl. I finished the series very quickly actually, I haven’t counted the days, but it feels like it took no time at all. A huge disappointment was the replacement of the characters’ voices, which made me uncomfortable watching the movie, and the extra special episodes. Moreover, the show isn’t coming back with a second season due to low ratings?


    5- Night workouts: I usually workout after having breakfast, but I’ve been an absolute zombie around day time this month despite the amount of coffee I drink in the morning. Therefore, I’d switch most of my morning workouts to night time whenever I realize there’s noway I could finish the workout without having to die. I start my workout a little after my evening fix of coffee, wether it’s plain black with a muffin, or a sugar free vanilla ice blended loaded with extra espresso shots (yum!). Of course there are consequences of night workouts such as sleeping/waking up late, late dinner, and probably a hangover feeling after waking up. For me, as long as I don’t skip my workout routine, everything else shall be ignored.

  • Opening Packages: Vegan Make-up Brushes, Shirts, And More! 

    I had a small stack of mail that I haven't opened, and it's fun opening those everytime because I can't remember or correctly guess what's inside of them. Yes, my memory is that bad. It could also indicate that I over-shop online, but whatever. Here are my guesses of what's inside each package:


    This package is smaller than it looks. In fact, it's the smallest package out of the rest, and my immediate thought was the gloves that protect your hands from the sun.

     The reason I would order such a thing is that I'm allergic to sun. However, I don't expect myself wearing it often, or wear it at all haha. 

    Find them here in the color pink: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DCW-High-Quality-Womens-Summer-Dot-Print-Design-Short-Driving-Sunscreen-Gloves-/121366088690?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Gloves_Mittens&var=&hash=item1c41fb8bf2

    I didn't have to guess for long, it is fluffy. It is light in weight, so it must be my vintage dress yay! 

    I got it from a vintage shop on: http://www.etsy.com

     I shook this small box a couple of times, and it sounded like it contained sunglasses, or some kind of an accessory.

    Nope, it's my vegan make-up brushes set, which looks like a sunglasses case after all. It has many vegan brushes inside, and I bought it for a very cheap price as well. Yes, I'm into 'cruelty free' products.

    Get the collection here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pro-Authentic-Makeup-Barrel-Brush-Cases-Holders-4-Color-Pink-Black-Blue-Purple-/141301195248?pt=US_Makeup_Bags_Cases&var=&hash=item20e63521f0

    At this point, and without knowing which site this mail is from, I couldn't possibly guess haha.

    I honestly was pretty jazzed when I saw this, DBNO is one of my favorite clothing lines ever. The main reason is obviously because they're designed by Josh Franceschi, and because the quality of the clothing is really good! 

    It is from: http://store.downbutnotoutproductions.com

    This specific item however, is sold out. 

    Last time I was on Asos, I was looking for a neat pair of pants. I let myself assume that these were colorful, comfy pants that had almost no weight. 

    Oh it's the huge skateboard t-shirt. I didn't choose XL instead of XS by mistake, I just think that oversized shirts are more comfortable and fun to wear.

    Here's where I bought it from: http://us.asos.com/Santa-Cruz/Santa-Cruz-Skate-T-Shirt/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4050688&SearchQuery=santa%20cruz&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=White

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