• Inside Look of a Beach Resort House! 

    When it comes to my country, there aren’t many things to do here for fun, especially not during summer vacation, and that’s why the country is empty this time of the year, everyone else is out in Europe, or somewhere where it’s cold. While my plan was to leave the country this month, I had to postpone the trip for some reason, and that had left me knocking my head to the walls out of boredom, so I came up with the idea of booking at a nice hotel (my kind of thing after having given up on cafes here).


    While booking online at a specific global hotel chain, I see that they offer private beach resorts, and my first thought was somewhat sarcastic, but having had the thought go through my head a couple of times, I finally come to realize that it was a brilliant idea. The house resort would be much more spacious with extra rooms, and would get the family together. Other families go there to swim, and hangout at the beach, but our kind of night, was watching old Lindsay Lohan movies while having extra caffeinated Starbucks! I honestly thought I would die from heat, even inside the house, since it has huge glass walls, and balconies, but it was actually rather cold, and cozy!


     I didn’t walk outside, although surprisingly, there were a couple of days where the weather becomes cool around 5 AM. The resort house was really nice, and as usual I get to have the best room, and I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. Late night animated movies, and sunrise watching was exactly what I needed! Even though, I had a lot to complain about, the annoying families around us who’d stay out screaming all day, and all night long, is one example.  Aside from that, it was a pleasant experience, and that’s why we’ve booked in it again a week after that, and while still choosing the same option for housing, and location, the resort house was slightly different, with upgrades. 



  • Unboxing: BoCandy! 


    BoCandy is a monthly candy subscription box that offers hand picked snacks from all over the world (including Japanese)! There are 2 options to pick from when it comes to choosing the box, one is half sized (3-4 candies), and the other is full sized (6-9 candies). Pricing starts from $11.00 a month, and shipping is guaranteed to be free! 


    Coris Whistle Candy (Ramune): 

    I’m always happy when I receive these in candy boxes, It’s a simple candy, with few ingredients including sugar, but no dairy, or gelatine. It’s delicious, and makes a whole lot of sound!


    Coris Whistle Candy (Grape flavored Ramune):

    This one was interesting, since I don’t remember having a flavored whistle candy other than the plain ramune one. It was sweet, and sour! Really yummy, and super addictive. 


    Goralki Strawberry Bar:

    It looks like the normal, yet delicious artificial strawberry paste filled crunchy wafers, except that this one has a twist to it, and is covered with chocolate on the edges. Chocolate lovers are more likely to love these!


    KEX Choklad: 

    Even though these come from Sweden, I always see them in Ikea’s speciality snacks store. I’ve never had these, but apparently kids love them, I’ve seen my little sisters munch on these before.


    7 days Chocolate Croissant: 

    I was surprised to find this brand in the box, because it’s so popular back home that I’d assumed it wasn’t produced by a foreign company! It’s a rather big croissant, filled with chocolate filling, and baked the Polish way!


    Toffi Kubanka & Pikolo candy drops: 

    Last, there were many Cuban toffee, and flavored candy drops in the box. It doesn’t say on the package that the toffee is chocolate flavored, but apparently, it is. The candy drops were really good, the flavors are lemon, apple, orange, and raspberry. 


  • USA: Find the Duck! 

    I can count on one hand the grocery stores, the ones I usually go to, and one of them happens to be Fresh Market! Considering it being a gourmet supermarket, the place is actually spacious, and doesn’t only sell speciality food, but also a wide variety of  fresh produce, and amazing coffee beans selection. Two of my favorite things that I always get when I’m there are vegetable/okra chips from their own brand name, and their coffee of course! Another non-food item would be the amazing eco-friendly baking sheets, and I couldn’t find ones as good as theirs anywhere else. 



    There’s this mall which is around 35 minutes from my house, I went there once, but I only got through half of the mall until I felt really tired. I was aiming to get to the Disney store there, but I didn’t get the chance. I came again to the same mall to go through the other half of it, and obviously to visit the tiny Disney store. Me, and my sister went nuts! The first half of the store only had dolls of Disney princesses, and kids costumes, the other half however, had a cute stacked pile of plush toys, with many small TV screens that were playing old animated Disney movies. Aside from that were a whole lot of mugs that we could not decide which ones to get! There were kid sized bowls and plates that looked identical to the ones I had when I was a kid, so of course I had to get myself some of The Lion King’s ones, and they look the most similar to my childhood’s dinnerware. We had also passed by a candy store that had the most bizarre collection of limited edition of well-know candy brand, and most of them were family sized!


  • Box Review: Birchbox (Beauty Samples) 


    Birchbox is a subscription box that monthly delivers personalised beauty samples of high quality brands, and not only that but you can go to their website, and shop for the available samples in case you are picky when it comes to beauty products. Everything in the box was packed, and wrapped neatly, with an info sheet that mentions all the products included in it, and how much the actual full product of the sample would actually cost. Also, for a motivational kick since it’s the first box of the year, stickers of different qualities are designed to go on the box’s cover lid where it says: “2016: the year of ___”. I love how this box is all about positive energy! You can actually customize your own box in one of their two branches, one in New York, and the other in Washington DC, and choose the products yourself. I’m not sure which one I’ll visit yet, but I’ll defiantly have to get myself a box that’s 100% vegan, and cruelty free!



    Caudalie S.O.S Morning Eye Rescue

    I’ve always thought that eye creams are not necessary what so ever, and that their one and only purpose is to fix your under eye circles, which to be honest, is impossible! Turns out that they are meant to moisturise the area around the eyes, which can get dry during the winter especially. I don’t really moisturise that area when I use my face moisturiser, since that area is super sensitive, and also because I’ve had horrible experiences using sunscreen, and other moisturisers around my eyes. Even though this one doesn’t have any perfumes, it still includes alcohol which is normally bad for your skin. I’m going to look for cruelty-free eye creams to start using.


    Ciaté Nail Polish 

    I don’t necessarily like ashen colors when it comes to nail polishes, especially since I only use them to paint my little sister’s nails. This one is cruelty-free and vegan. In terms of quality, and usage, the nail polish seems to give a good coverage after a couple of coats, and it dries up quickly, both of which were concerning me since the nail polish is runny in texture wise. The brush is flat which makes the applying process very easy, and not messy. I’ll probably mix in glitter to the container, or use glitter flakes as a finishing touch just to give a kick, and make it more fun!


    Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner 

    I love the fact that most of the products in this box are cruelty-free, including this one! It’s named after the American fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. The eyeliner has a crayon tip, and even though it is smudge proof, I was only brave enough to apply it on the outer corner of my eyes, and blended it a little. It didn’t smudge, and stayed on most of the day. If you’re into smokey makeup looks, you’ll defiantly like this crayon eyeliner! 




    English Laundry No7 

    From the packet design, and color I assumed it was men’s perfume. I smell it, and it still does smell manly more than it is feminine to me. I’ve loved men’s perfumes since I was a child, and that makes me a fan of this perfume. After doing some research, English Laundry only really specializes in men’s perfumes, makes a lot of sense, right? Christopher Wicks who put together this perfume turned it more like a unisex perfume. The first thing you strongly smell is the musk, along with a little bit of vanilla, and a citrusy scent that you’ll hardly ever tell it’s there. With that been said, I like the smell of it, and I’m defiantly getting some of their men perfumes as gifts. 


    Whish Almond Body Butter 

    Oh my god! This is honestly one of the best body butters out there, not only is it cruelty-free and vegan, but it actually smells incredibly good! My mom went crazy over how good I smelled when I used this, and we’ve actually order many of these after using this one, to ship them back to our home. This body butter is more like a lotion, it’s light in texture, and your skin will absorb it very quickly, leaving you smelling amazing! It’s also made with all natural ingredients, and the only downer is that it has perfume, which my skin doesn’t really take well, but at this point, I don’t really mind. There are other scents like: coconut, blueberry, pomegranate, and more. 

  • Still in USA: Washington DC, it Was? 

    Oh my, is Washington DC crowded! The streets are never empty. Families, couples, and even single workers are always roaming around Washington streets. Traffic is also bad, and you have to wait for traffic lights way longer than you usual do. You might also hear a horn or two, which is something I’m not familiar ever since I came here. I feel as if I’ve learned much more of Washington through this visit than the times before, and that maybe due to usually being distracted reading magazines, or playing with my phone in the backseat. 


    We make a stop at a very famous museum in Washington, and I see benches with seated couples, and families, enjoying a meal from the smelly food trucks that are parked, and lined next to them, and in front of the back entrance of what’s supposed to be the museum. I suddenly get a feeling that I might be mistaken in following the directions to the museum, so after several turns around the building, it still seemed impossible to reach the front entrance of the ginormous museum. We finally decide to step out of the car, and give the hidden back door a try, and there was one indeed. After entering, I see that there are lines of people waiting to get through security, and once I’m through, I realize that there were no required fees, and that suddenly explains why the place was crowded in the first place (yuk!). 



    There were different entrances after security, and I chose the glass one that had day light coming through it, and it turned out to be a learning field for kids, and teenagers. Even though I’m no longer a kid, nor a teenager, I knew it was the place to be. The hall was super bright, and had many equipment, microscopes, and drawers full of dead insects, and what’s left of dead animals which I didn’t appreciate at all. I went to the upper half-lever, the place that’s supposed to be for toddlers, to take a picture of the hall from above. There were books for kids, and stuffed animals, if I recall correctly. The drawers didn’t only have insects, and animals, but also plants, rocks, minerals, native americans’ accessories, human skulls that didn’t look like it belonged to actual humans at all, and more. Each glass box that contained the items had a coloured tag, if it’s green, you can go ahead, and take it out of the box, touch it, and even review it under the microscope, if it’s a yellow tag, you’ll need to reach out for assistant, and if it’s red, then you can’t open it at all. I didn’t bother to check the tags, because opening the drawers itself was a big task, since there way too many of them. When I was done, I entered one of the other main entrances, and there were three shops, a cafe, and a restaurant, but the place was rather dark, and crowded. I went upstairs, and didn’t enjoy it so much, so I left immediately. 



    It was so refreshing to get out of there, and inhale the fresh air, such an describable feeling it was. Unlike where I live, Washington DC has many Vegan restaurants, and I’m not a dining out sort of person anymore, but I felt like I had to. Right in front of the restaurant was a guy standing, and enjoying a huge slice pizza in the cold weather, as if he was in the comfort of his home, very New Yorky, right? Then another guy comes running out Whole Foods, which is right next to SweetGreen (the restaurant I was heading for), with a bottle of wine, and yes, he was literally running. Did I mention it was New Year’s Eve that day? The restaurant was uncomfortably warm, too warm to a level where I felt as if my skin cells were burning off. 

    The way it works when you come to order is that you have the option to fill your bowl, with about 5-6 ingredients, with a base of farro quinoa, rice, or whatever available at that local branch, and then veggies, tofu, other legumes, then a topping, a dressing, and then finally a piece of bread which can be discarded if the person doesn’t eat gluten. It was super healthy, super delicious, the sort of food I make for myself at home. We ate outside, and it wasn’t that cold because there were heaters outside too. 



  • Box Review: WOWBOX! (Japanese Snacks) 

    I’m back with yet another Japanese snack subscription box. This one is called WOWBOX, and it has three different box themes. Original Fun & Tasty which includes fun well-known Japanese snacks, including DIY snacks, and anime themed ones. Kawaii & Beauty, which has low-calorie snacks, as well as beauty enhancing snacks, and once in a while cosmetic products will be added to that box too. The third theme is The Classic, which collects all time favorites, and top-seller snacks in Japan. What’s really awesome about WOWBOX is that it gives the opportunity for the subscriber to change between boxes monthly (if wanted), and that makes it so special in comparison with other snack boxes. The large number of snacks reminded me of the OyatsuChaChaCha’s box. My WOWBOX was pretty large, with seventeen snacks, and one drink. It was the Original Fun & Tasty, and it was fun indeed, I really enjoyed the snacks. If you’re interested in subscribing, here’s a 10% coupon code: S-RDGTVPGG. 


    Jyga Shio Butter (7/10)

    It has a strong artificial butter smell, and flavour. My siblings thought it was okay, but I thought it tastes super weird! They said it tastes like buttered corn, but I didn’t agree, as it tastes like buttered potato to me. After trying all the snacks, and having read the paper explaining each snack, it turned out I was right. 


    Caramel Corn (10/10)

    One of my favorites of all time! These sweet puffs have some sort of a crispy texture, I think they were baked! This one had peanuts with it, and the peanuts aren’t really reachable until you’re done with the puffs? The caramel corn flavour tastes so good, but I still prefer the caramel corn cheesecake one though. 


    Tsunagete Ramune: Grape Plus Soda (8/10)

    A combination of grape, and soda flavoured candy bites, that you can hook up to create a chain with it. The texture of the candy is really interesting, it’s very chewy, and both flavours taste pretty good.


    Ramune (8/10)

    I wasn’t brave enough to try it, so this went straight to my brother, who actually liked it. This will probably be his new favorite drink, and luckily, they sell different Ramune drinks with various flavours in the Asian store I usually go to.


    Shuwabo: Change Cola (10/10)

    These look like regular fruit chew sticks, but there’s cola powder inside, and made them turn into magical fruit chew sticks. From a sweet citrusy flavour, to a sort of sour cola, this candy is really fun, and tasty!


    Pie No Mi Winter: Apple (10/10)

    Apple pie snack bites, the puff pastry is on point, but I’m not a fan of the filling. It’s still so good! As everything else LOTTE sells. 


    Super Mario Gummies: Ramune & Cola (3/10)

    At first, and from what I saw on the package, I thought these were chocolate bites shaped as Mario’s head. Turns out these are gummies, but the taste was super not appealing to me. 


    Mini Peach (9/10)

    These were tinier than the tiniest pill I take, I’m not sure if that gave you a clue at all, but texture wise, they’re the typical solid candy that crumbles when you bite it. The flavour is nice, and strong, but not overpowering.


    Saku Saku Panda Z (9/10)

    These are chocolate panda biscuits, with a thick later of chocolate. I assume that kids will like these the most, since it’s very chocolatey, and looks super kawaii. I obviously gave them to my baby sister.


    Gokujyo Hiritsu: Mellow Berry (10/10)

    I only had the middle part of the snack, and oh my god was it good. It’s similar to LOTTE’s choco pie’s texture of the spongy cookie in the middle. It’s squishy, and the strawberry filling is phenomenal. It’s really delicious! 


    Umami Wa Puffs (10/10)

    Tastes exactly like Super Ring A.K.A one of my guilty pleasures when I was a kid because my mom would get mad if I buy them. In terms of size, these rings are much bigger, and also the package itself is bigger, therefore, I must say these win over Super Ring. They’re so good, I couldn’t stop eating them! 


    Supper Mucho: Sour Cream Onion (9/10)

    Very crunchy, and flavourful. It smells, and tastes almost like Pringles’ sour cream & onion, but with a stronger flavour, obviously because Japan likes to make everything tastes better. Not to mention how cute the bag is! 


    Pine Gummy (10/10)

    I wasn’t feeling these, but my sister admits that they taste like fresh pineapples that are on the sweet side. The texture is soft, and chewy, and not very hard, or gelatin like. 


    Fit’s Gum: Hot Cola (9/10)

    I don’t like gum, nor do I like spicy food, but these were interesting. The cola flavour in it was just right, and it wasn’t really spicy, but only hot, if that makes sense. It went above my expectations. 


    Ramune Watagashi (10/10) 

    This cotton candy smells so good! I can’t really describe the dreamy smell, it tastes yummy, and sweet, but without a strong flavour. We liked this one so much!


    Shimmy Choco Corn (8/10)

    This is a crispy corn snack dipped in chocolate, sort of similar to a puffy cereal bar, if you bite into it, it’ll look more clear that the snack is shaped as a star, just as the one on the cover. My sister says there’s a bit of saltiness in it, but it might be because it’s not sweet enough for her.


    Young Donuts (5/10)

    I hate donuts, and that’s probably why I didn’t like these. They taste like a typical fried dough, with a sugar coating, nothing special about it, but if you’re into donuts, these will be your Senpai! They’re so easy to take along, and so tiny you could fit it in your pockets! 


    Choco Kinako Mochi: Matcha

    This candy is supposed to be a replica of the traditional Japanese sweet, Dango which is a dumpling made from sweet rice, and covered with Kinako which is roasted soybean flour, as well as Matcha powder, and chocolate in that case. It’s a fun DIY treat, but I haven’t really tried it.

  • USA: Week 15! (Twilight Forest, Cemetery Museum, and Bad Luck)

    Stepping into Catoctin mountain park, was like stepping into Twilight’s shooting location, except that the trees had no life. I thought my vision was playing games on me at first, but apparently, it was too foggy that day, and the place became surreal looking! It was annoyingly cold, and my hands started to hurt so very badly, but I still got away with gorgeous pictures, and a photoshoot. It’s sad to admit that the time we had spent at the park is less than the time it took us to get there, but I for one, couldn’t handle the cold, and started to get sick!



    Before one of my appointments, which I knew would be a quick one, I had planned in advance to visit a museum that’s pretty near to the hospital. The museum/castle has a gorgeous garden surrounding it. I haven’t walked through it, but it seemed like a really huge garden. It was beautiful, and rainy outside, but once we entered the house, it was dim, incredibly warm, and a weird smell roamed the place. It gave me the creeps, and then after paying, they eventually started telling us how pretty much everything was not allowed, and that they had to lock my camera up until we’re done with the graveyard tour, so I immediately canceled the tour, and walked out of there. It was really nice getting out of there, and inhaling that fresh air. Maybe I should do some more research next time I decide to go to a museum.  



    On the opposite street of the museum, there was an Asian store, and I got excited to see what’s in it, but it was obvious that it was not my day! The store lacked hygiene, and pretty much all of their products were either from China, or Taiwan, and don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with that, but since it’s an Asian store, it should have a variety of food from all Asian countries. Did I mention that most of their food was also from India? I didn’t know that India was an Asian country. It would’ve been rude if I decided to walk out without buying anything, so I bought a couple of plain rice noodles. 


  • USA: Week 14! (A Castle for FREE?) 

    Washington happens to have many famous, well known museums, and historical places to visit, however, most of them get overly crowded, and have many security guards, rules, and regulations, some of which include leaving your camera, water, and some other belongings outside the building. What’s fun about that? With that, I had to look for a historical place, with not many regulations, complications, and defiantly not many tourists. It wasn’t a hard thing to do so, because like I mentioned, Washington is known for it’s historical organizations. Larz Anderson House is a chill, easy-going place to visit, and they made that clear in their website, so it was the perfect fit! 


    The historical house of Larz Anderson, and his wife, is not only a museum now, but it’s also available to rent for events, meetings, and weddings! You can tell how fancy the castle is from outside, and it’s mind blowing to know that it was built between the years 1902, and 1905. The staff there were super nice, and friendly, and the tour was really interesting, and informative, however, we only got to see two of the three floors. For some reason, we haven’t got the chance to see any bedrooms, which was a little disappointing. The house was gorgeous, with very high ceilings, and glass walls that allow you to see the backyard with the buddha statue in it. 


    As we were told, the couple who lived there, used to collect many souvenirs, and therefore, you can see the house decorated with a lot of them, some of which are fabric from abroad, placed in a frame, and hung up on the wall. Curtains, and such are almost fully faded, and expected to dissolve by time! It was a fascinating experience to see some of that old fabric which might have dissolved by now (who knows). Once the tour was over, we headed over to the counter to pay, but we were told that the tours are free, and only tips were accepted.

  • Box Review: BoCandy!

    Bocandy is a candy subscription box, with a variety of candy imported from all over the world. Unfortunately, and unlike their previous boxes, this one included mostly chocolate, and that’s probably because the weather’s cooler now, so I had my sister try the chocolate ones, and give me her opinion. The box included some of my favorite childhood candies, and others that I haven’t seen or heard of before, such as the chilli coated lollipop, and the tamarindo candy. It was also difficult to spell some of them, so I had to refer to Google, and double check if the spelling was correct. 


    Palette: Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Lollipops (7/10)

    She admitted that the chocolate on top isn’t heavenly, but the candy overall was okay. With that been said, my sister hates marshmallow, so you might like it more than she did. 


    Gyxa Nacma: Chocolate Covered Sponge Cake with Cream Filling (10/10)

    This looks like something I used to eat when I was little. It’s a cream filled sponge cake with a hint of vanilla, covered with a thin layer of chocolate, so I assumed it’s scrumptious! My sister defiantly liked this one so much! 


    Waffi: Chocolate Covered Peanut Wafers (10/10)

    Another candy bar that gets my sister’s thumps up, she says it’s light, not overly sweet, and the added peanuts made the wafer bar even crunchier. 


    Marukawa: Orange & Strawberry Flavoured Bubble Gums (10/10)

    Those aren’t new to me, I’ve enjoyed these my whole childhood years. They’re delicious, and fun to have. They come in different flavours, and each pack has 4 bubblegums. 


    Tunnock’s: Milk Chocolate Mallows (6/10) 

    These are supposed to be S’mores, I guess. It’s a marshmallow ball, covered with chocolate, and with some sort of a graham cracker inside. If you like S’mores you’d probably love these, as they are easy to have, and you won’t even need to build a fire. 


    Kasugai: Flower Kiss Candies (10/10) 

    I’m not sure I’ve had these before, but once I tried one, I was hooked! I can’t explain how do they taste like, the taste is sort of out of this world. No, they don’t taste like flowers, nor are they flower scented. They’re magical! 


    Vero Elotes: Spicy Lollipops (0/10)

    One thing we’re not familiar with, is spicy, savoury candy, which is unfortunate, because there were a couple included in the box, that we didn’t really make a use of. This one is strawberry flavoured lollipop coated with chilli! 


    Pelon Pelo Rico: Tamarindo Flavoured (0/10)

    Another Mexican candy, and this one is soft candy flavoured with Tamarind. My sister says that it tastes something like soy sauce. 

  • Blog: USA Week 13! (Park, World Market, and Trader Joe's) 

    I’m a little late updating my website this time. I’ve done another biopsy last week, and it didn’t go too well, as I felt sick to my stomach, and passed out! The fact that I didn’t have any breakfast wasn’t necessarily the reason why, it could be the fact that I’m sick of biopsies, and the notion of getting your skin chopped up isn’t really comforting at all, and also because the doctor was a bit too slow during the procedure. It was also bizarre how my doctor predicted that I might pass out because I was sitting instead of lying down. Anywho, on one of those cloudy days, I went to a nearby park to take pictures, as it’s very calming, and satisfying in way, and luckily, the park was almost empty which was very nice. It was defiantly something I had planned for, a combination of an early timing, and a school day is great! 


    A girl on Youtube once mentioned that the World Market sells Japanese snacks, and I obviously was curious to go, and see. The market didn’t only sell speciality food, but also furniture, and gifts, sort of. I struggled finding Vegan snacks, but I wound up getting stuff like sweet burnt peanuts, fig bars, rice sheets, and vegetable chips. I love, love speciality stores. Everything seems to be taken a step further, creative minds adding a touch everyday tools, cute boxes that have everything set up for a recipe with all the ingredients needed, cute holiday candies wrapped with the world's favorite animated movies. Not to mention the miniature food, such as Sriracha sauces, honey, cheese, and more. 


    I ran out of sweet potatoes at home that day, which is supposed to be a disaster in my case, and with that in mind, I didn't forget to walk into Trader Joe's next door. Trader Joe's is one of my favorite grocery stores, but I've never taken my camera inside before, since the one I go to is very crammed, and you could hardly do your shopping there. However, this one happened to be bigger. One thing I don't like about Trader Joe's sweet potatoes, is that they're too small. I'm obsessed with Japanese sweet potatoes, and they’re one of those things that I haven't been able to try before I came to the US! Last night, I've made a vegan pizza, with Trader Joe's organic pizza crust, and topped with chunky lightly mashed organic sweet potatoes, both Japanese and the regular, and other toppings as well. It was so good! My sister, who recently turned vegan, said that it was the best pizza she's ever had.

  • Blog: USA Week 12! 

    I got to meet Rosanna Pansino this week, and it was magical! Those 20 seconds were more than enough to keep me smiling the whole week. She is super down to earth, and welcomed everyone very heartily! She’s super tiny, and adorable, and when it was time to take a picture, the security guards, the ones who work for Ro, had no idea how to use the focus element in professional cameras, therefore, the pictures turned out to be very blurry, which was very sad. I don’t need pictures to remind of that day, because it’s simply unforgettable. Since the meeting took no time at all, I went for stroll in the park, where a match between two soccer girl teams was located. Parents were jumping, screaming, and shouting at the poor girls, there were obviously cheerleaders involved as well! 



    I also went to K-Mart for grocery shopping this week, as you must all know by now, I’m obsessed with everything Japanese. To be honest, K-Mart has everything Asian, and specifically Japanese. However, almost everything that I’ve bought was produced by Japan. I bought a whole lot of ‘speciality’ Asian food, some of which were bags chestnuts, which I’ve been looking for, and couldn’t find anywhere, as well as sweet rice, red bean paste, and many more! I couldn’t recognize some of the fresh produce such as vegetables, and fruits as I’ve never seen any of them in my life. Tofu itself, took a whole aisle, including different sizes, different flavours, and different brands. I didn’t buy any cosmetics, because they only had a couple of brands which were Korean. It’s pretty odd how the smallest section was the snacks’, and in the meanwhile the meat section took half of the market. As big as the supermarket looks from outside, everything was actually crammed inside, and the meat/fish’s smell was horribly annoying, and I was offended by how fish, and crabs were kept alive in tanks waiting to be slaughtered right in front of buyers.


  • Blog: USA Week 11! (Larriland Farm is Closed & Japanese Store) 

    I literally have the worst luck ever. I wanted to go to a farm called Larriland for fruit picking when the weather was overcast, and cool. Once I arrive, not only does the weather turn sunny, and hot, but the workers inform me that the fruit picking had already stopped since the1st of November! When I entered the wooden barn to ask the workers, I realize that they have some produce available, so I got me some vegetables. No buildings are near the farm area, since it takes up more than 4 blocks, but it’s pretty empty, no one was there. 



    After that I went to a Japanese store, which I’ve been meaning to go to for a while. It looked too small from outside, but it was a little bigger than I’ve expected. They don’t have exclusive snacks, or new flavours of certain snacks, but the place was packed with a variety of food, from chips to frozen food, and sauces too. They also sell bread, and cake imported all the way from Japan, as well as beauty products, and magazines. I was hooked! I almost bought OTAKU, because of that Digimon page, but then realized that it’s in Japanese, and not written in English. I’ll keep an eye on the USA version of OTAKU for Digimon pages in the upcoming months, especially since it’ll premiere 21st this month! 

  • Opening Packages: Anime & Comics Merchandise! 

    It’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted this kind of blog post, and I’ve re-gained my passion for online shopping which is fantastic! Even though, some packages were also delivered (and possibly returned back) to, and from my local post office back at home because no one is there to receive it. 


    Most days when I feel like doing nothing, but relaxing, I defiantly consider ‘shopping’, while in bed. There are two elements now that I live in the US, one of which is of paying too little money, or no money at all for shipping, and also getting my orders delivered pretty quickly. 


    1-Archie Comics Pull-Over Hoodie 

    I’m not sure why are the gang scary looking here, could be a halloween themed collection, but the material collects fur/hair like a carpet cleaner. Either way, I still love it, and I was defiantly excited when it arrived. Hai!

    Get it HERE



    2- Cryaotic Tee

    If you don’t know Cry, or Cryaotic is, then I must feel sorry for you. He’s an awesome gamer, with a mysterious face. I believe this one is a unisex shirt too, however it turned out to be smaller than expected, and as you can see, the material collects ‘fur’.

    Get it HERE


    3- Zombie Slayer Tee 

    Such a great quality, which is something to expect from Threadless, one of my favorite online stores. Another shirt, which I had also ordered came in the package as well, but one item out of each package is sort of my rule.

    Get it HERE


    4- Nicolas Brown iPhone Cover 

    It’s Nicolas Brown ya’ll. A character of the anime Gangsta, A.K.A an anime I’m obsessed with, still. Here’s the funny part, I don’t have an iPhone 6s Plus with those over 100 giga bites, since the store I had ordered from didn’t accept my transaction, and it’s hard to get an un-locked iPhone here. I’ll probably frame the phone cover till then.

    Get it HERE


    5- Cruelty Free Vitamin C Serum 

    It’s one of those must haves that I throw in my cabinet, and never really use, which is totally my kind of thing. Since I have a horrible dehydration, my skin is obviously always dry, but I can’t simply use any moisturiser, as my skin reacts negatively with even the most gentle face creams. Therefore I decided to give serums a try, since serums tend to be really light, and not greasy. 

    Get it HERE

  • Blog: USA Week 10! (Patapsco Valley Park)

    Before it gets chillier, and before I go into hibernation, I had to spend sometime outside. Patapsco Valley Park was the answer, and when we arrived to the gate which is supposed to be the park’s one, and only gate, they informed us that in order to get to the lake, and the waterfall scenery, we would need to take a fast steep way to get to it, unless we go back, and take directions for a drive that will take longer. Unlike other parks around here, this one asks for fees, and that’s probably due to having beautiful views, such as the lake, and the waterfall, which I didn’t get to see, mostly because I was too tired to walk the long aisle. The park was huge, with many multiples ways to take, and as you drive through the park, you’ll see that there are many wooden tables with benches for families to take advantage of, except for ‘shelters’ which need reservation in advance. 



    Different groups of people came to the park for different purposes, some were there to gather with family members under a ‘shelter’ to enjoy boardgames, and food, others were there to either run, or walk, others were riding their bikes, and some were there to go fishing, even though it seemed to me that the water was not deep enough to even have the tiniest fish. To be honest, when I first read the ‘shelters’ signs, I thought that we were in a park that invites homeless people to feed them, but apparently a group of people within the same race, and big families use it for family re-unions. It was nice since the weather was neither too cold, nor was it hot, but the sun still made an appearance for a while when we were there, but for the most part, it was raining leaves, and it couldn’t get any more fall than that. 


  • Blog: USA Week 9! 

    Bowling alleys here are family-friendly, and since bowling is one the best activities out there, spending a noon bowling with my family sounded great! However, the bowling alley’s working hours are not fixed, and that’s made us go earlier than their opening time that day, therefore, we had kill time at a few stores near the alley. Once we were all set for the match, each one of us chose a different coloured ball, and mine was the orange one (I think). I was ranked the second, so that sort of means I’m not that horrible at bowling. My baby sister had her own lane, with a match against herself, using the bowling lane with bumpers that’s designed for kids, yet every time she knocks some pins down, she cheers, and dances for herself. After we were done, and were supposed to return our shoes, I suddenly realized that my shoes were designed for kids, even though they were a little too big for me! 



    One morning we headed to the Sugarloaf mountain, ‘but first, COFFEE!’, so I had to get me Starbucks which by the way, wasn’t a Pumpkin Spice latte, but only a regular black Americano. I initially didn’t want to go up the mountain, and only wanted to walk around near it, because I assumed there would be some cool nature places around it, but there were none, and suddenly we were up the mountain (by car). We followed a couple of cars in front of us, and there were two parking places on the mountain, both on two different levels, or heights, if you will. We went to the higher parking lot, where most cars were parked, and decided to hang around. It was super cold, and I was wondering the whole time how could all of these people go for a hike in such a cold weather. There were elders, babies, pregnant ladies, guys wearing shorts, and then me freezing under layers, not wanting to move. At some point, I even wrapped my blanket around me, or wore it as a skirt. I had no idea where would people disappear all of a sudden, and which directions they followed to go on hike, or how they would find their way to climb up to the same spot. I have no knowledge what so ever about hiking, as it must be obvious. We left around an hour after we had arrived, mostly because it was freezing. The mountain was beautiful, but defiantly too cold. 


  • Box Review: Oyatsu Cha Cha Cha! (Japanese Snacks)


    OYATSU Cha Cha Cha is a Japanese Snack Box that delivers directly from Osaka, Japan to your doorsteps. It includes from 15 up to 20 snacks per box, most of which are seasonal, and can’t be found anywhere else outside Japan. The box only costs 39$, with no shipping fees. Snacks’ description is included in the box, and also written English. OYATSU uses a cool unique technique when it comes to choosing some of their monthly snacks, and that’s by casting subscribers’ votes through a form on their site. I’ll be reviewing the snacks, with ratings from 0 to 10 right next to each one of them, and not only will be giving my impressions, but also my siblings’, whom I shared the snacks with. 


    Ikedaya: Ebikko (9/10)

    These are very very thin, light, and crispy in texture. There are seaweed bits in there, which gives it a delicate, complicated taste. I believe it is rice based, or has rice in one of it’s ingredients. Everyone liked these even though none of my siblings like seaweed. 


    Yamato Seika: Aji Curry (7/10)

    In texture wise, they weren’t puffy as I suspected, but more on the crackers side. I personally don’t like curry, but these weren’t bad at all. 


    Tohato: Caramel Corn Cheesecake Yakiringo (10/10)

    If I had to choose which one was my favorite out of the box, this would be my answer. I love snack puffs, but all of them are made with cheese, so these ones, and the peanut-butter puffs I was obsessed with in Germany, are defiantly made for me, and everyone who doesn’t like cheesy puffs.


    Morinaga: Nama Ramune Gummy Orange Soda (5/10)

    These gummy snacks have a nice orangey flavour, but I’m not used to the texture. It sort of turns crumply when you chew it, and then melts. 


    Coris: Sonomanma Coke (8/10)

    I’ve seen many try these on social media, since they are very popular, and often included in Japanese snack boxes. Basically, there are 3 gum balls inside, two of which are sweet, and one is supposed to be sour. I’ve tried the sweet one, and it tasted pretty good, really soft in texture, it feels like it’s about to melt in your mouth, unlike bubble gums. From my sister’s face expression, the sour one isn’t deadly sour. 


    Yaokin: Umaibo Corn Potage Soup - Umaibo Pizza - Umaibo Shrimp Mayonnaise (10/10)

    The corn soup one tastes almost like the original corn stick snack that I grew up eating, with a hint of sour cream. The pizza flavoured tastes so good almost like real pizza, with a bit of a smokey flavour. Shrimp mayo is one of a kind, I haven’t really had anything like it, but it has an interesting flavour with a good spices combination.


    Kyoshin Seika: Awamokomoko Banana 

    I can’t really rate this one because I didn’t try it. I don’t like fizzy drink at all, and how this one really  works is you put some water in it, and then it turns into a very foamy drink. Almost like a soda pop, and you have to be careful because the powder inside will keep reacting, causing more foam to come out which will get everywhere. My sister says it’s yummy!


    Coris: Fue Ramune (9/10)

    It was so much fun trying these, they’re something similar to POLO, or Savers mints. These allow you to whistle, and are very crumply. There was a tiny brush that came with it, but I don’t get it. It’s super kawaii.


    Kameda Seika: Kaki No Tane (Yuzu Mentaiko)

    These are spicy crackers and peanuts. I couldn’t try them, but my siblings thought these were great for snacking!


    CTF: Neri Ume (0/10)

    After doing some research, it turns out these are pickled plums candy, which explains why I spat it out. It’s very sour, and odd tasting. 


    Bourbon: Petit Usuyaki Umeshio (9/10)

    I really enjoyed these, and I’ve wondered which flavour were they. After searching them online, it turns out they’re made with plum, and salted rice. I’m guessing they’re pickled plums, not regular ones. I could’ve sworn I tasted ketchup though. Scrumptious! 


    Kameda Seika: Happy turn (8/10)

    It has a cute packaging, with a corn stick prince, not a princess. These are somewhat light rice crackers, with a hint of corn flavour. It’s pretty plain compared to Umaibo’s corn stick snacks, but it still has the same taste of sweet, and salty.


    [LOTTE] Koala no March Sweet Potato (10/10) 

    They’re much like the panda filled cookies, but these are a bit smaller, with less filling. They tasted like vanilla to be honest, and I couldn’t tell which flavour is it from the package, and the taste. Totally like these kind of snacks that substitute chocolate fillings with different delicious fillings. Great taste, and a lovely packaging! 


    Oyatsucompany: Babystar Guruguru Monja (7/10) 

    This is supposed to be a DIY snack. You pour hot water over the instant noodles, and mix in the powder to create the sauce. Toppings are included, and added to the finished snack. The taste was interesting, but very salty! I could defiantly taste soy sauce in there. This was my sister’s favorite snack out of all the them, and it’s funny because she doesn’t really eat Japanese food, or noodles.

  • Blog: USA Week 8! (The Maryland Zoo) 

    I was at the zoo the day before, and it’s fair to say that this was my first in a decade, and last visit ever. I didn’t have an idea of how it felt like to be around the presence of animals in general, but it’s incredible how the negative energy of locked up animals could get to you. I’ve had only walked through 1/2 of the zoo animals, when I decided I wanted get out of there as soon as possible. The sun had come out by that time which was a motive for my family to consider the idea of leaving so soon (I’m allergic to sun).



    Never have I ever seen so many animals this desperate in my life. One of which was the chimpanzee who sat right in front of the glass wall looking so depressed, and haunted by his past. No, I don't know anything about his past, but it's obvious that it's not so pretty. He was taken from his family, and home where he could jump around and explore around the unending forest. The chimpanzee wasn’t put in a huge cage under the sun, but in a small locked room with only one side of glass walls, no sun, no real trees, no family, and absolutely nothing to do, only fed, and put to sleep, and that’s how his life is going to be for the rest of his life. This depressing life was forced upon him, and can you take a second to imagine how would it be like to be locked away from your family in a room with no natural light or anything to do for the rest of your life time? His eyes, and body language were crying for help, and it hurts not being able to help at all. 











    Another monkey from a different species was locked alone in a small cage outside, I wouldn’t say ‘luckily’ because he was shaking the cage’s door, while trying to figure out how to open the steel lock. There was also only one crocodile, with lots of terrified fish hanging near the glass wall, and away from the crocodile which was so sad. They knew one of them was going to be eaten next! Therefore, my overall zoo experience wasn’t good at all. If you’re a person who cares about animals, believe in their rights, and only want to see them from close, I’d suggest you go on a safari, or watch the National Geographic channel.














  • Blog: Week 7 in USA! 

    In case you didn’t know this already, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is my favorite coffee shop of all time. The nearest one happens to be around 35-40 minutes away from us, and located in Hilton’s Hotel, just like all the other CBTL’s branches around my area. It looks like they’re sponsored by Hilton’s hotels, and they don’t have the pink card policy available either. The hotel’s interior design is gorgeous, and the walls are too tall, it makes it look like the inside of a castle. I took the time to appreciate the place, even though it’s my 15th time here. It was raining, and the glass walls made it perfect to take pictures. There’s actually a glass corridor that connects the hotel to the Baltimore Convention Center which makes Hilton the only place attendees, who don’t live around the area want to stay at, especially the important ones.






    Since I got to pack in 2 large luggage bags, I was able to bring with me new unworn winter jackets, and such. I still went shopping for heavier clothes with my family though, however, I felt like dumbbells were wrapped around each leg as I was shopping. It was really hard to walk, and I have no idea what’s the matter. Music was playing, and I was explaining how much I would love it if Paramore were on the song list, especially since they were playing my sisters’ favorites. A couple of songs later, Ain’t It Fun was on, and it made my day! 


  • Blog: Week 6 in USA! (Comic-Con) 

    I don’t really have any footage this week other than Comic-Con’s, and that means I don’t really need any. Remember last summer when I went to Germany? I bought tickets to Gamescom, and my dad booked/paid online at a fancy hotel nearby the convention for a couple of nights, but after a 15 hour flight, we thought it was crazy  to go for another 5 hours ride to Cologne. I literally cried because I wanted to go so badly, but my body had given up on me, and it killed me, especially since many of my favorite Youtubers were there! I don’t know why am I connecting these two events, but I sort have this urge in me to go to every game/comic/anime convection nearby. It’s like stepping into a place where you’re not different anymore. It never bothered me being called names, or getting judged for what I like, or what I do because it only proved how true I am to myself, and how the community surrounding me never had a chance to change, or influence me. I literally saw men over 60 enjoying comics as they used to in their youth, and some of them were cosplaying. That itself warmed my heart, and gave me an incredibly pleasant feeling.



    It’s not like I’ve seen anyone that I know, mostly because not many Youtubers/actors come to Baltimore’s Comic-Con. On the same day, there were a few other Comic-cons going on in Nashville, Salt Late, and Jakarta. I’ve seen some awesome cosplays, a couple of which have a really bubbly personality. However, when I ask to take a picture of them, I look around, and find that many photographers come hurling to take pictures, even though my sister would usually be in them. I assume that they already took many pictures of them, so I have no idea what was going on. 



    Here’s my shopping experience, as a smart ‘kid’ I am, I decided to keep my eyes on the things that I wanted to get, and also let the booth hold some stuff for me, as I walk around the whole convention, and then come back, and get it, just so I wouldn’t carry things that were double my weight. I wasn’t following that technique the way I was supposed to, and that’s because I would get excited about something, and immediately checkout. Therefore, after many purchases later, my card gets a restriction on it? I paid with all the I had cash for some of the items, and walked to the ATM machines, and I tried all of them, multiple times each, but none would withdraw me money. Therefore, I move on to the individual ATM, the one in front of the walking stairs, and it wouldn’t work either. I sit down on the ground, where many were just chilling, and oh my god did it feel good to just sit down after walking around for three hours. I opened my bank account using the app to take off the restriction, because by that time I was pretty positive I had a restriction on it, since it happened to me before. Even though I took the restriction off, it still wouldn’t withdraw money, but somehow, the few sellers that I insisted on getting their stuff (Digimon T-shirt!) had to play with my card a couple of times until it worked. I had a couple of items in my mind at that time, but I was super exhausted to go get them. 




    Attending Comic-con was a very humbling experience. Supporting artists, comics, and other booths that sell comic-based items is always very exciting, and meaningful. Meeting cosplays, who all happened to be friendly was heart-warming. Giving complements, receiving complements, and having small talks is part of being in a convention, because attendees gathered for the same reason, and most likely have the same interests. Positive energy roamed around the convention center as I expected, and everyone was having a great time, except the Pikachu guy, whom I believe was suffocating.


  • Blog: Week 5 in USA! 

    Good news: We’ve finally settled in a house nearby, and with this house, I don’t think any of what happened was planned. I say that because it would be irrational for us to get this house since it’s unfurnished. With that been said, the house obviously needed not only furnishes, which will be thrown away after a couple of months once we’re about to leave, but it also needed wifi connection, a tv, and a tv box/cable to be set up, and of course cleaning tools, dish ware, utensils, ironer, and etc. As for me, I did get unnecessary things such as gardening tools, lots of plants, plant pots, organic gardening soil, seeds, and plant food which I didn’t know existed until I saw/bought it. All of these came out to be pretty pricey for me, but not compared to what my parents had to pay. 



    This week my doctor shocked the hell out of me when he informed me that all of my tests showed nothing, except that I have a primary CTD, and other symptoms. I was previously diagnosed with two other diseases, and now for him to tell me that I don’t have anything specific yet was disappointing. I mean, he admitted that I do have the exact symptoms of the few categories he was suspicious of, but he still didn’t change any of the drugs I take, which frustrated me. I’m supposed to see him soon right after I’m done with the MRI, but I sort of lost hope, and the effort I put to come all the way to here. I postponed the appointment to sort of digest everything, and to also try, and get my mind off of it for a week or so. 



    Right after the bad news, I went to another Hot Topic store nearby, as a sort of meditating. I got myself all the Paramore merchandise they had, and I totally believe that I bought a couple that I had back at home, but didn’t really wear yet, which is totally okay. I was advised to go to Spencer’s by the nice girl who works in the hotel’s lobby, and she explained that since I like Hot Topic so much, I’d like Spencer’s too. Oh boy, was she wrong! Here are the reasons why, for one, the store is way darker inside than Hot Topic, which makes it feel like a club, the music was so loud, and the music they played was crappy, unlike Hot Topic which plays Paramore, and Twenty One Pilots. Most importantly, the goods they sell include nudity, strippers’ costumes, and what not. As soon I as I got in it, I was out of it. 



    We’ve also been to the aquarium, and to get there, you’d have to park somewhere near, and walk to it, passing by some kind of a food festival right next to the harbour. They were grilling meat which got me super grossed out, so I had to close my nose the whole way, and of course I’ve got some looks, and laughs. I really have no idea how do people eat meat at all! The aquarium was huge, and I was sort of happy to find out that the dolphins exhibit was over the minute we walked in, only because we were too tired at that time. Also, funny story, before you walk in to the aquarium, there’s a lady who has her sea themed backdrops, and camera to take pictures. I asked her if it was obligatory to take pictures, and she explained that they’ll benefit from it for a project, or something. Once I told her we’re good, she suddenly changes attitude, and goes like ‘Yeah, I mean you got your tickets or whatever, so you can go’. It was ironic how badly she wanted to take those pictures, and it seemed like many have turned her down already that day. 


  • Blog: Week 4 in USA! 

    I had to bleach my hair, dye it, then bleach, and dye it again, until I became content with it, and I’ve also done that two days in a row, which totally sounds like me. I don’t worry about the damage, and neither do I have the patience to wait for a week with a hair that I’m not quite satisfied with. Long story short, I’m in love with it now, but it sure did take me some effort, and a whole lot of damage, not only to my hair, but for the bathroom, doors, and everything else. Even my hotel room’s door got some red hand prints on it, and as my brother described it ‘It looked as if you’d dragged a body into your room’. Did I mention that my pillow cases, bed sheets, and shirts get stained everyday? Oh well. 


    I’ve actually just realized that Springfield is less than a couple of hours away from me, and as a person who’s had watched all of The Simpsons’ seasons, I surely, and badly want to go there, and see how Springfield looks like in real life. Ah! This week, I pulled myself together, and decided to go shopping. I found out that Hot Topic is in the mall I was planning to go to, and I totally went crazy. I bought all of Paramore’s merchandise (there weren’t too many though), along side with Twenty One Pilots, The Walking Dead, and more. I got too excited, and forgot to take pictures while I was in Hot Topic. There were also some stores that sold Anime, and TV shows’ shirts, and of course I had to get my brother The Walking Dead’s one. 


    I’ve been wanting to go a museum for long now, but most of them required the visitors to take a troll outside, or around the museum itself, and since the weather wasn’t so great, I decided to wait. However, the railroads’ one seemed to be in a building (which I assumed to have AC), but once we walked in, I realized that this was going to be the death of me. It wasn’t only so hot, but actually too humid, and I couldn’t even breath. I had a horrible rash, and my whole body started to burn. It’s so sad because the museum was actually pretty cool, and I really like trains too. I hustled around, without reading the info boards, and it turned out that the rest of the trains that some of which, we were allowed to look at some of it’s parts from the inside, were actually outside the building. 


    Before I decide to go outside, the old man who worked there came, and was like ‘Can I tell you a joke?’… ‘Do you have an extra barrel of oil I could borrow?’. My brother was the first to laugh as I digest what he said, and eventually laugh. When we went home, I asked my sister wether she got the joke or not, and she explained that she was standing there all this time, staring at one of the info boards, but not really reading, just staring at it, and when she saw us laughing, she tried to get along, and laughed as well. Oh god. Once I got out of the ‘sauna’, I was so happy to find that the weather was actually cooler outside, especially after it had just rained. It obviously did take hours for the rash to go away, but I managed to go hurl around the whole museum. 


  • Blog: Week 3 in USA! 

    People check in, and out of the hotel, except for us. If anything, that made me feel like the twins from the Disney show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I’m not complaining, in fact, I’m pretty comfortable staying in here, in the biggest room plan the hotel has. This week has been uneventful, which means more time to game, and that is wonderful. The weather hasn’t been so great, and that made me back off, and stay at home especially after getting sick thanks to the one minute walk to the car in a hot day, where I quickly checked a couple of stores before I felt sick to my stomach. I went to Marshalls, and once you walk in, you see cute Halloween decorations, and figurines. When you actually walk in to middle of the store, you see a mess. All different items get stacked upon each other in an incredibly unorganized way, much like a family throwing together their used, unwanted items on a wooden table in their garage sale (disclaimer, I haven’t been to a garage sale in my life, but I did see it on TV shows). 

    The other store was Books a Million. A well organized book store, in which they sell Manga, comics, table games, lots of Star Wars merchandise, and obviously books. Most stores have their AC working ever so slightly, which is one of my pet peeves. It’s almost like shopping with a flaming mouth after having chilli pepper, except that the chilli was rubbed into my face, except not really. My lip stitches still hurt a little, but I stayed away from solid food the first 3 days. I should expect them to fall out after a week from the biopsy, which will be in 3 days. 


    Here’s something funny, I’m pretty nervous about the eye examination more than the lip biopsy. You have no idea how much I hate it when a light is pointed directly to my eyes. It’s like being sent to hell every time a doctor puts some eye drops that burns, and blind my eyes, then beams the deadly laser into my eyes (which occurs more than multiple times during an eye check). I realize that I sound like a kid with en endless imagination, narrating how aliens will conquer the world. Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this way about light, but those who have Sjogren’s get easily irritated by light, and can’t really go out at night because of street’s, and cars’ lights, and that’s made me relieved. 


  • Blog: Week 2 in USA! 

    17 days later, and we’re still stuck at the hotel, all houses that looked like I could live in them have a minimum lease of one year. To be honest, I can’t imagine myself living somewhere else other than this hotel, which by the way, I’ve decided it’s my favorite. Yet, it would still be nice to find a new house, that still doesn’t smell like paint, with a backyard, and spacious bedrooms. If only I could get my hands on such a house! I’ve sort of given up on looking for a house, or multiple apartments like I specified in the earlier post (I think), and that’s mostly because I’ve been thinking of nothing but finding a house, which meant spending all my time searching online, and making phone calls at the same time, not to mention going for long distances to take a look at the apartments, and eventually get disappointed as hell. I took a break for my sake, and not to put extra weight on my shoulder because I’ve already got too many examinations, tests, and appointments to come. I’ve done a lip biopsy few hours ago, and I’m so grateful that’s it’s all done, and I don’t have to think about it. 

    Restaurant wise, there aren’t any vegan restaurants except for Flying Avocado which has a vegan menu, but unfortunately, you can’t have your orders delivered to your door steps, they’re only available for a pick up. I ordered us some take outs when we were driving, looking for a house on the first week. I ordered a grilled vegetable sandwich, with a side salad, and bean chips. To be honest, their food is pretty good. This week, I went to checkout Columbia Mall, and I haven’t seen anything special, other than book store which happens to sell ‘nerdy’ stuff, although most of the merchandise they sell are about a year old. I don’t know how big the mall is, but I assume that I’ve only checked about 1/4 of it’s stores only. I also went to a small nearby GameStop branch the day before, and got a couple of things. I’m disappointed for not seeing any sort of Digimon merchandise so far! On a total different subject, I’ve realized that the more I look into food aisles in grocery stores that I’m not interested in, the more fascinated I become. For example, packaged frosted donuts, packaged raw garlic gloves, packaged boiled eggs, and canned pigs feet? Oh dear god. 

    I must be the last person in America who is supposed to complain about the weather, for the fact that it’s 10 times hotter back home, but damn is it hot in here! I can only be in air conditioned places, or else, I’ doomed. However, almost all drivers here drive with their windows fully opened, and not to mention those who go for walk or a jog in hot sunny days.

  • Blog: Week 1 in USA! 

    In case you didn’t know by now, I have made it to the US about a week ago, a week ago, a week ago, no? Well, it’s been nine days so far to be precise. Believe it or not, I started ‘singing’ that when the nurse asked me wether I’ve done extra blood work about a week ago, and she didn’t react. Turned out she doesn’t use Vine. Any who, I will do some sort of a weekly blog just like the ones I used to do during my Germany trip, except that these ones will be on a weekly basis for two reasons. One being the fact that I’m 10 times weaker, and my new camera probably weighs more than I do. The other reason is that I’ll be staying way longer than a couple of weeks, so a weekly update will do. I’ve been sick, and stressed over the fact that we’ve spent a fortune on hotels. We’ve already stayed at three hotels in Owings Mills so far, and I’m very, very, very picky when it comes to choosing a place to stay at. I get disgusted by the best hotels there are, and this doesn’t explain why we’re not able to find a place yet. Surprisingly, finding a place to live in the US is pretty difficult, even if you’re willing to pay high prices. 



    Therefore, I haven’t been feeling like going out, and the only places I’ve been to so far were grocery shops, and the hotel’s lobby for breakfast, where they serve vegan options such as bagels, and oatmeal. It’s not mentioned that they’re vegan anywhere, but the oatmeal was cooked with only water, and the bagels were vegan as one of the employers who’s also vegan told me. Believe it or not, all the three different hotels serve exactly the same food, and use the same equipment too, which almost blew my mind. Since I’ve mentioned grocery shopping, let me let out my feels. I gave Target a first first, where they had too few Vegan food, and without any vegan cheese, or frozen vegan meals available. Just a heads up, I mostly eat fresh veggies which I cook however I please, but since I live in a hotel now, I’ve been feeling the need to change the way I eat, at least for now. That means lots of bread, raw veggies, and hummus which I totally dislike, but was forced to have it since it’s hard to find a vegan dressing that’s tomato, and sugar free. Other supermarket chains like Giant, and Safeway did great job providing vegan food alternatives. I’m only giving my opinion about nearby supermarkets, and I know that other Target branches do have a whole lot of varied food options including vegan ones. 



    Upcoming weeks are filled with appointments, checkups, blood work, and etc. I’m sort of positive about leaving America with actual diagnoses of the rest diseases that I in fact do have, rather than having Drs be like ‘Well it could be this, and it could also be this, and this’. As chill my new Dr seems, he’s really committed to finding out what I suffer from, showing me to other well-trained professors, to take advices, and theories from them. If anything, I’d call that humbling, unlike my previous Drs who act all knowing. ‘We’ll get to the bottom of this’ he said, which made me internally giggle because he sounded like something Sherlock Holmes would say. These blogs are sort of like a diary to me, ones that I will come back, and read in ten years, perhaps. I will try to post more pictures on my instagram, so make sure you follow me there. 


  • Blog: Saveco Trip! 

    Here’s a blog that’s a week long due to being constantly sick. So last week, I went to my usual grocery shopping trip to Saveco which is something that I enjoy doing. It’s sort of a lengthy drive from where I live, but it’s not a concern of mine, thanks to having a driver. Of course I had to quickly make myself an Americano ‘to go’ for the road. As soon as we entered, I asked for the card that I’ve registered for, which took one month and a half when it’s supposed to finish in only two weeks, and it basically gives you 10% off on some items only. It sounds like it doesn’t do much, but oh well. One thing I hate about this place is the smell, some think I’m crazy for getting irritated when the smell is really faint. I believe it’s the smell of fried food? It’s defiantly the tiny store inside the supermarket that sometimes sells smelly chips, combined with the smell coming from the cafe upstairs too. However, the smell wasn’t present last time, it was probably too early for anyone to have freshly fried chips, or lunch. I also noticed that the book shelves, where books and novels were displayed, is gone during the buzz of the everlasting changes upstairs. Here are the pictures I took of the place for you to have an idea about it.


    Plastic containers of all sizes and colours are being imported, which is really nice, but I’m actually only collecting the ones with the red lids, including the sizes that I don’t believe I’ll make a use of anyway. Aside from that, they’ve expanded the corner where the bed covers and sheets are, and that means a bigger selection of light blankets, and a happier me! I surely bought a couple to throw on my sofa, and just because the kind of chilly weather is over, that doesn’t mean it won’t be freezing in my room during summer. When it comes to food matter, Saveco seems to have a plan consisting of avoiding all food brands except Tesco to import packed food from, and that has been the way for the past few months. It’s been bugging me, and it’s not that I eat processed food all that much, but when I do, I’d like to have it from new food companies, and for it to be gluten free and vegan, which Tesco rarely offers. Something I went crazy for in my previous trips to Saveco was the Bob’s Red Mill shelve of alternative gluten free flours and starches since many flours that I’ve wanted for long time became available now, so I bought many to make my own gluten free flour mix, and used it over and over to make something as simple as pancakes, but it didn’t work what so ever. 


  • Blog: Leftover Clothes

    I normally only go out to get necessities like groceries, drug store for hygiene products, or a coffee drive. However, this time I forced myself to go out for breakfast specifically in a mall, in order to have the space to walk, look around stores, and shop of course! So we went to the most quiet, least crowded mall which is not too far away from us. It’s actually one my favorite malls! It’s where Vans has opened their first store here, I remember getting really excited because ordering them online from the official store took too much for shipping before.







    We arrived there about fifteen minutes after their opening time, and I chose to eat at Lenôtre because I haven’t tried their breakfast before, but I remember them having good coffee. It turned out, they had a small breakfast buffet available, so I was like why not take a look. The buffet didn’t  have a variety of sweet options, as savoury food took most of the table. I filled my plate with fresh fruits, two muffins, and a piece of Victoria’s cake. In the mean time, our table was being set, and when we came back, there was a basket of bread, a small bowl of beans with vegetables(I believe), and others that I didn’t even look at because I never have savoury food for breakfast.










    The muffins, as well as the 2-layered piece of cake weren’t tasty at all, in fact the cream cheese tasted a bit stale. I honestly expected more from the way the muffins looked, but I was disappointed. At least, the coffee was good, and the waitress was nice. After breaky, we wandered out for a while, and bought some clothes. Apparently, almost every store has huge sales, and is obviously stacked with clothes-leftovers, so people were like ‘omnomnom’. I forgot to get myself macaroons from Ladurée on our way out though. Oh no!







  • Weird Habits

    Wether you blink your eyes many times in a second, cover your pizza with ketchup, or sleep wearing socks… Those or many different other weird habits could be obtained by us, and even without us knowing them unless someone points them out. Weird habits aren't necessarily bad, They could be as simple as carrying all of your grocery bags from your car to your kitchen at once, instead of going back and forth. For me, that is weight training! It's fun getting to know what weird habits other people have. Although, not many like to share them, and rather to keep them for themselves. Basically because some of those habits can only be understood within their owners. For example, I remember spending summers at home when I was a kid playing playstation with boys, and as I was waiting for my turn to come, my cousin would ask me to hold his bangs up so he could focus while playing, but his bangs were too short anyway that it couldn't even touch his forehead? Or my other cousin, she used to spin around all the time. Her dignity didn't even matter back then, she would spin around while crying too, which makes me giggle now. She would interrupt our game to click 'start', spin while being seated, then continue the game! I on the other hand used to freak out, scream, throw the controller away, runaway, cry and ask someone else to shut down the console only because I was followed by the cops in the game.

    I do have some freaking weird habits nowadays, a couple of which I have been carrying for long now. I keep some of them as a secret because they sound so silly for others, but really important for me. I have this weird habit that I could consider it a bad one as well, which is wearing socks all day long (unless when sleeping). I sure change them once or twice during the day, but haven't noticed the purpose until now, and that is not only because I have cold hands/ feet but because I tend to pick my toe nails out if they're not covered! Yep, especially the smallest ones, I always take the smallest ones out… I've been doing that since I was a child, it's easier to cover them now since I always shoes when I go out, but I managed to cover them with nail polish when I was little haha. Wait, does that mean that reason I rather to wear shoes instead of sandals because of this habit?… Another weird habit is that sometimes I get obsessed with the things that I hate. Such as being obsessed and craving sushi all the time after almost puking from biting into one the first time, the same goes for soy sauce, or loving cartoons so much after thinking it is dumb, and useless during most of my teenage years(only), because what kind of childhood would yours be without cartoons, right? Re-watching some of my favorite cartoons ever nowadays warms my heart, it's a hobby of mine, I suppose. 

    While writing this, I re-call everything that I frequently do just to examine wether it's in fact a weird habit or not, how ironic! In a way, it's kind of getting to know yourself a little better, try it!

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