• Blog: Week 6 in USA! (Comic-Con) 

    I don’t really have any footage this week other than Comic-Con’s, and that means I don’t really need any. Remember last summer when I went to Germany? I bought tickets to Gamescom, and my dad booked/paid online at a fancy hotel nearby the convention for a couple of nights, but after a 15 hour flight, we thought it was crazy  to go for another 5 hours ride to Cologne. I literally cried because I wanted to go so badly, but my body had given up on me, and it killed me, especially since many of my favorite Youtubers were there! I don’t know why am I connecting these two events, but I sort have this urge in me to go to every game/comic/anime convection nearby. It’s like stepping into a place where you’re not different anymore. It never bothered me being called names, or getting judged for what I like, or what I do because it only proved how true I am to myself, and how the community surrounding me never had a chance to change, or influence me. I literally saw men over 60 enjoying comics as they used to in their youth, and some of them were cosplaying. That itself warmed my heart, and gave me an incredibly pleasant feeling.



    It’s not like I’ve seen anyone that I know, mostly because not many Youtubers/actors come to Baltimore’s Comic-Con. On the same day, there were a few other Comic-cons going on in Nashville, Salt Late, and Jakarta. I’ve seen some awesome cosplays, a couple of which have a really bubbly personality. However, when I ask to take a picture of them, I look around, and find that many photographers come hurling to take pictures, even though my sister would usually be in them. I assume that they already took many pictures of them, so I have no idea what was going on. 



    Here’s my shopping experience, as a smart ‘kid’ I am, I decided to keep my eyes on the things that I wanted to get, and also let the booth hold some stuff for me, as I walk around the whole convention, and then come back, and get it, just so I wouldn’t carry things that were double my weight. I wasn’t following that technique the way I was supposed to, and that’s because I would get excited about something, and immediately checkout. Therefore, after many purchases later, my card gets a restriction on it? I paid with all the I had cash for some of the items, and walked to the ATM machines, and I tried all of them, multiple times each, but none would withdraw me money. Therefore, I move on to the individual ATM, the one in front of the walking stairs, and it wouldn’t work either. I sit down on the ground, where many were just chilling, and oh my god did it feel good to just sit down after walking around for three hours. I opened my bank account using the app to take off the restriction, because by that time I was pretty positive I had a restriction on it, since it happened to me before. Even though I took the restriction off, it still wouldn’t withdraw money, but somehow, the few sellers that I insisted on getting their stuff (Digimon T-shirt!) had to play with my card a couple of times until it worked. I had a couple of items in my mind at that time, but I was super exhausted to go get them. 




    Attending Comic-con was a very humbling experience. Supporting artists, comics, and other booths that sell comic-based items is always very exciting, and meaningful. Meeting cosplays, who all happened to be friendly was heart-warming. Giving complements, receiving complements, and having small talks is part of being in a convention, because attendees gathered for the same reason, and most likely have the same interests. Positive energy roamed around the convention center as I expected, and everyone was having a great time, except the Pikachu guy, whom I believe was suffocating.


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