Still in USA: Washington DC, it Was? 

    Oh my, is Washington DC crowded! The streets are never empty. Families, couples, and even single workers are always roaming around Washington streets. Traffic is also bad, and you have to wait for traffic lights way longer than you usual do. You might also hear a horn or two, which is something I’m not familiar ever since I came here. I feel as if I’ve learned much more of Washington through this visit than the times before, and that maybe due to usually being distracted reading magazines, or playing with my phone in the backseat. 


    We make a stop at a very famous museum in Washington, and I see benches with seated couples, and families, enjoying a meal from the smelly food trucks that are parked, and lined next to them, and in front of the back entrance of what’s supposed to be the museum. I suddenly get a feeling that I might be mistaken in following the directions to the museum, so after several turns around the building, it still seemed impossible to reach the front entrance of the ginormous museum. We finally decide to step out of the car, and give the hidden back door a try, and there was one indeed. After entering, I see that there are lines of people waiting to get through security, and once I’m through, I realize that there were no required fees, and that suddenly explains why the place was crowded in the first place (yuk!). 



    There were different entrances after security, and I chose the glass one that had day light coming through it, and it turned out to be a learning field for kids, and teenagers. Even though I’m no longer a kid, nor a teenager, I knew it was the place to be. The hall was super bright, and had many equipment, microscopes, and drawers full of dead insects, and what’s left of dead animals which I didn’t appreciate at all. I went to the upper half-lever, the place that’s supposed to be for toddlers, to take a picture of the hall from above. There were books for kids, and stuffed animals, if I recall correctly. The drawers didn’t only have insects, and animals, but also plants, rocks, minerals, native americans’ accessories, human skulls that didn’t look like it belonged to actual humans at all, and more. Each glass box that contained the items had a coloured tag, if it’s green, you can go ahead, and take it out of the box, touch it, and even review it under the microscope, if it’s a yellow tag, you’ll need to reach out for assistant, and if it’s red, then you can’t open it at all. I didn’t bother to check the tags, because opening the drawers itself was a big task, since there way too many of them. When I was done, I entered one of the other main entrances, and there were three shops, a cafe, and a restaurant, but the place was rather dark, and crowded. I went upstairs, and didn’t enjoy it so much, so I left immediately. 



    It was so refreshing to get out of there, and inhale the fresh air, such an describable feeling it was. Unlike where I live, Washington DC has many Vegan restaurants, and I’m not a dining out sort of person anymore, but I felt like I had to. Right in front of the restaurant was a guy standing, and enjoying a huge slice pizza in the cold weather, as if he was in the comfort of his home, very New Yorky, right? Then another guy comes running out Whole Foods, which is right next to SweetGreen (the restaurant I was heading for), with a bottle of wine, and yes, he was literally running. Did I mention it was New Year’s Eve that day? The restaurant was uncomfortably warm, too warm to a level where I felt as if my skin cells were burning off. 

    The way it works when you come to order is that you have the option to fill your bowl, with about 5-6 ingredients, with a base of farro quinoa, rice, or whatever available at that local branch, and then veggies, tofu, other legumes, then a topping, a dressing, and then finally a piece of bread which can be discarded if the person doesn’t eat gluten. It was super healthy, super delicious, the sort of food I make for myself at home. We ate outside, and it wasn’t that cold because there were heaters outside too. 




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