• Game Review: Ego Protocol! 

    I daily check new games on Steam, ones that are available for Mac, not just once, but multiple times a day. It’s been frustrating not being able to find exciting RPG games lately, and since I’ve finished most of my puzzle games, Ego Protocol was a perfect fit, a game that will work my well rested brain a little bit. I believed that the puzzle game was making a grand first-time entrance on Steam, but apparently, it was already released as an Android app for Google Play for free. Ego Protocol is a single-player puzzle game that’s developed by Static Dreams, and is available for Android, Windows Phone, and now PC. The game supports six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, and Russian. I didn’t understand my Polish options menu, so I assumed it was a robotic themed writing to go with the game, I mean it sort of makes sense. The reason the game starts with a Polish menu, is most likely because the game is inspired by a Polish game that was released in 1992 called ElectroBoy.


    The game is very simple, yet fun, and defiantly extremely challenging at times! It’s a fast pace game, with several ways to finish each level. It includes 60 levels, 4 different mechanics of playing, and to test your skills, there will be enemy robots standing in your way, as well as shooting guns, trapdoors, mines, and many other deadly hazards. In this game, you’re supposed to escort your humanoid character into the exit, by creating, and clearing the passage for it. The way to do so, is to manipulate the tiles before, and while the droid is moving. You can also control the droid to take actions such as halting, which is useful to pass the sentry cannon without getting hit, shooting, to open doors, and get rid of enemy robots, jumping, to surpass deadly road gaps. 


    Other elements include teleports, allowing the humanoid to teleport from one tile to another, time-pauser, that buys some time (because there’s an achievement timer ticking), and ego fragments, the ego fragments you collect, the better your score gets. With given obstacles, the game is here to find how fast the player will control the situation into his advantage by swapping the right tiles, and rows, as well as avoiding enemies, and traps, in order to guide the adroid safely to the exit.


    The company is still looking into people’s complains about the tiny error bits, and the game did lag once or twice, but nevertheless, the game delivers a fun experience, and challenges one’s mind. The graphics and music are both well done, and interesting. I like the twists, and changes while climbing to higher levels, but that still doesn’t refresh the gameplay each time. It’s a good game, but it feels as if levels are repeating themselves, so I’m not really sure that I have the gut to finish those 60 levels.


    I give it 5/10


  • USA: Find the Duck! 

    I can count on one hand the grocery stores, the ones I usually go to, and one of them happens to be Fresh Market! Considering it being a gourmet supermarket, the place is actually spacious, and doesn’t only sell speciality food, but also a wide variety of  fresh produce, and amazing coffee beans selection. Two of my favorite things that I always get when I’m there are vegetable/okra chips from their own brand name, and their coffee of course! Another non-food item would be the amazing eco-friendly baking sheets, and I couldn’t find ones as good as theirs anywhere else. 



    There’s this mall which is around 35 minutes from my house, I went there once, but I only got through half of the mall until I felt really tired. I was aiming to get to the Disney store there, but I didn’t get the chance. I came again to the same mall to go through the other half of it, and obviously to visit the tiny Disney store. Me, and my sister went nuts! The first half of the store only had dolls of Disney princesses, and kids costumes, the other half however, had a cute stacked pile of plush toys, with many small TV screens that were playing old animated Disney movies. Aside from that were a whole lot of mugs that we could not decide which ones to get! There were kid sized bowls and plates that looked identical to the ones I had when I was a kid, so of course I had to get myself some of The Lion King’s ones, and they look the most similar to my childhood’s dinnerware. We had also passed by a candy store that had the most bizarre collection of limited edition of well-know candy brand, and most of them were family sized!


  • Box Review: Birchbox (Beauty Samples) 


    Birchbox is a subscription box that monthly delivers personalised beauty samples of high quality brands, and not only that but you can go to their website, and shop for the available samples in case you are picky when it comes to beauty products. Everything in the box was packed, and wrapped neatly, with an info sheet that mentions all the products included in it, and how much the actual full product of the sample would actually cost. Also, for a motivational kick since it’s the first box of the year, stickers of different qualities are designed to go on the box’s cover lid where it says: “2016: the year of ___”. I love how this box is all about positive energy! You can actually customize your own box in one of their two branches, one in New York, and the other in Washington DC, and choose the products yourself. I’m not sure which one I’ll visit yet, but I’ll defiantly have to get myself a box that’s 100% vegan, and cruelty free!



    Caudalie S.O.S Morning Eye Rescue

    I’ve always thought that eye creams are not necessary what so ever, and that their one and only purpose is to fix your under eye circles, which to be honest, is impossible! Turns out that they are meant to moisturise the area around the eyes, which can get dry during the winter especially. I don’t really moisturise that area when I use my face moisturiser, since that area is super sensitive, and also because I’ve had horrible experiences using sunscreen, and other moisturisers around my eyes. Even though this one doesn’t have any perfumes, it still includes alcohol which is normally bad for your skin. I’m going to look for cruelty-free eye creams to start using.


    Ciaté Nail Polish 

    I don’t necessarily like ashen colors when it comes to nail polishes, especially since I only use them to paint my little sister’s nails. This one is cruelty-free and vegan. In terms of quality, and usage, the nail polish seems to give a good coverage after a couple of coats, and it dries up quickly, both of which were concerning me since the nail polish is runny in texture wise. The brush is flat which makes the applying process very easy, and not messy. I’ll probably mix in glitter to the container, or use glitter flakes as a finishing touch just to give a kick, and make it more fun!


    Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner 

    I love the fact that most of the products in this box are cruelty-free, including this one! It’s named after the American fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. The eyeliner has a crayon tip, and even though it is smudge proof, I was only brave enough to apply it on the outer corner of my eyes, and blended it a little. It didn’t smudge, and stayed on most of the day. If you’re into smokey makeup looks, you’ll defiantly like this crayon eyeliner! 




    English Laundry No7 

    From the packet design, and color I assumed it was men’s perfume. I smell it, and it still does smell manly more than it is feminine to me. I’ve loved men’s perfumes since I was a child, and that makes me a fan of this perfume. After doing some research, English Laundry only really specializes in men’s perfumes, makes a lot of sense, right? Christopher Wicks who put together this perfume turned it more like a unisex perfume. The first thing you strongly smell is the musk, along with a little bit of vanilla, and a citrusy scent that you’ll hardly ever tell it’s there. With that been said, I like the smell of it, and I’m defiantly getting some of their men perfumes as gifts. 


    Whish Almond Body Butter 

    Oh my god! This is honestly one of the best body butters out there, not only is it cruelty-free and vegan, but it actually smells incredibly good! My mom went crazy over how good I smelled when I used this, and we’ve actually order many of these after using this one, to ship them back to our home. This body butter is more like a lotion, it’s light in texture, and your skin will absorb it very quickly, leaving you smelling amazing! It’s also made with all natural ingredients, and the only downer is that it has perfume, which my skin doesn’t really take well, but at this point, I don’t really mind. There are other scents like: coconut, blueberry, pomegranate, and more. 

  • Still in USA: Washington DC, it Was? 

    Oh my, is Washington DC crowded! The streets are never empty. Families, couples, and even single workers are always roaming around Washington streets. Traffic is also bad, and you have to wait for traffic lights way longer than you usual do. You might also hear a horn or two, which is something I’m not familiar ever since I came here. I feel as if I’ve learned much more of Washington through this visit than the times before, and that maybe due to usually being distracted reading magazines, or playing with my phone in the backseat. 


    We make a stop at a very famous museum in Washington, and I see benches with seated couples, and families, enjoying a meal from the smelly food trucks that are parked, and lined next to them, and in front of the back entrance of what’s supposed to be the museum. I suddenly get a feeling that I might be mistaken in following the directions to the museum, so after several turns around the building, it still seemed impossible to reach the front entrance of the ginormous museum. We finally decide to step out of the car, and give the hidden back door a try, and there was one indeed. After entering, I see that there are lines of people waiting to get through security, and once I’m through, I realize that there were no required fees, and that suddenly explains why the place was crowded in the first place (yuk!). 



    There were different entrances after security, and I chose the glass one that had day light coming through it, and it turned out to be a learning field for kids, and teenagers. Even though I’m no longer a kid, nor a teenager, I knew it was the place to be. The hall was super bright, and had many equipment, microscopes, and drawers full of dead insects, and what’s left of dead animals which I didn’t appreciate at all. I went to the upper half-lever, the place that’s supposed to be for toddlers, to take a picture of the hall from above. There were books for kids, and stuffed animals, if I recall correctly. The drawers didn’t only have insects, and animals, but also plants, rocks, minerals, native americans’ accessories, human skulls that didn’t look like it belonged to actual humans at all, and more. Each glass box that contained the items had a coloured tag, if it’s green, you can go ahead, and take it out of the box, touch it, and even review it under the microscope, if it’s a yellow tag, you’ll need to reach out for assistant, and if it’s red, then you can’t open it at all. I didn’t bother to check the tags, because opening the drawers itself was a big task, since there way too many of them. When I was done, I entered one of the other main entrances, and there were three shops, a cafe, and a restaurant, but the place was rather dark, and crowded. I went upstairs, and didn’t enjoy it so much, so I left immediately. 



    It was so refreshing to get out of there, and inhale the fresh air, such an describable feeling it was. Unlike where I live, Washington DC has many Vegan restaurants, and I’m not a dining out sort of person anymore, but I felt like I had to. Right in front of the restaurant was a guy standing, and enjoying a huge slice pizza in the cold weather, as if he was in the comfort of his home, very New Yorky, right? Then another guy comes running out Whole Foods, which is right next to SweetGreen (the restaurant I was heading for), with a bottle of wine, and yes, he was literally running. Did I mention it was New Year’s Eve that day? The restaurant was uncomfortably warm, too warm to a level where I felt as if my skin cells were burning off. 

    The way it works when you come to order is that you have the option to fill your bowl, with about 5-6 ingredients, with a base of farro quinoa, rice, or whatever available at that local branch, and then veggies, tofu, other legumes, then a topping, a dressing, and then finally a piece of bread which can be discarded if the person doesn’t eat gluten. It was super healthy, super delicious, the sort of food I make for myself at home. We ate outside, and it wasn’t that cold because there were heaters outside too. 



  • Opening Mail: Coffee, Harajuku Lovers & More!


    1- Moustache’s coffee 

    Moustache’s coffee clubs is a coffee subscription service, with varied plans for how often you want your coffee to be delivered. Options are: weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly. To be honest, I haven’t tried this one yet since I don’t own a grinder at the moment. Therefore, I took the bag with me to Fresh Market, where I usually get my coffee from, and grind these along with my all time favorite Georgia Pecan coffee beans, so I’ll be giving them a try tomorrow. The bag has a strong, delicious coffee smell, as well as a citrusy hint, and I haven’t yet dared to get me a citrusy flavoured coffee, so this will be interesting.



    2- Harajuku Lovers’ Perfume (Lil’ Angel)

    After getting my hands on Harajuku Lovers’ perfumes, I never knew what actual perfumes smelled like. I’m literally too obsessed, and the fact that Gwen Stefani along with Japan’s culture have collaborated to create this brand is mind-blowing for me. The good thing about Harajuku Lovers’ perfumes is that they don’t really change on you, like other perfume brands, that you start hating all of a sudden. The scent isn’t overpowering, and they don’t differ from one another a whole lot. The only problem is that they’re not loaded with much perfume, since the doll lid is empty from the inside, and the bottle is only about 2 inches long.



    3- Kikkoman’s Katsu Sauce

    I’ve seen many Japanese having potato croquette topped with Tonkatsu sauce. I looked up the ingredients, and they were Vegan. I was still skeptical, so I emailed Kikkoman to make sure that it is indeed Vegan, and they said yes. I didn’t get the sauce to top it on potato croquettes. I didn’t try it yet, but if it’s as good as it looks, then I believe it’ll be good on plain rice, on top of stir-fried vegetables, and even in sandwiches. I’ll defiantly try them on top of potato croquette, only if I found frozen ones that are Vegan, because I’m that lazy.



    4- Paramore’s Grow-Up T-shirt 

    One of those Paramore T-shirts that I get regularly, the ones that I keep wondering wether I have already bought them or not. I’m like pretty damn sure once I get back home I’ll find a couple of this exact T-shirt in my closet, but who cares? I prefer Paramore T-shirts on regular clothes. I’ve been pairing them nowadays with a flannel, a hoodie, and a coat on top. Yes, it is that cold. Also, the reason I’ve been re-buying Paramore shirts is because there aren’t any new ones out, specially since the band isn’t as active the past couple of years. However, there will be a new Parahoy merch, and just because I’m not going that doesn’t mean I won’t get my hands on it.



    5- Digimon T-shirt

    Oh my god! I was extremely excited to find out that Hot Topic were selling a Digimon T-shirt! I seriously am in love with it. Hot Topic, and I are best friends now. Also, let’s try to ignore the fact that this shirt is almost identical to the one I got from Comic-Con. I’m defiantly ordering more Digimon T-shirts at the moment, because nostalgia.


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