Opening Packages: Anime & Comics Merchandise! 

    It’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted this kind of blog post, and I’ve re-gained my passion for online shopping which is fantastic! Even though, some packages were also delivered (and possibly returned back) to, and from my local post office back at home because no one is there to receive it. 


    Most days when I feel like doing nothing, but relaxing, I defiantly consider ‘shopping’, while in bed. There are two elements now that I live in the US, one of which is of paying too little money, or no money at all for shipping, and also getting my orders delivered pretty quickly. 


    1-Archie Comics Pull-Over Hoodie 

    I’m not sure why are the gang scary looking here, could be a halloween themed collection, but the material collects fur/hair like a carpet cleaner. Either way, I still love it, and I was defiantly excited when it arrived. Hai!

    Get it HERE



    2- Cryaotic Tee

    If you don’t know Cry, or Cryaotic is, then I must feel sorry for you. He’s an awesome gamer, with a mysterious face. I believe this one is a unisex shirt too, however it turned out to be smaller than expected, and as you can see, the material collects ‘fur’.

    Get it HERE


    3- Zombie Slayer Tee 

    Such a great quality, which is something to expect from Threadless, one of my favorite online stores. Another shirt, which I had also ordered came in the package as well, but one item out of each package is sort of my rule.

    Get it HERE


    4- Nicolas Brown iPhone Cover 

    It’s Nicolas Brown ya’ll. A character of the anime Gangsta, A.K.A an anime I’m obsessed with, still. Here’s the funny part, I don’t have an iPhone 6s Plus with those over 100 giga bites, since the store I had ordered from didn’t accept my transaction, and it’s hard to get an un-locked iPhone here. I’ll probably frame the phone cover till then.

    Get it HERE


    5- Cruelty Free Vitamin C Serum 

    It’s one of those must haves that I throw in my cabinet, and never really use, which is totally my kind of thing. Since I have a horrible dehydration, my skin is obviously always dry, but I can’t simply use any moisturiser, as my skin reacts negatively with even the most gentle face creams. Therefore I decided to give serums a try, since serums tend to be really light, and not greasy. 

    Get it HERE



    Wen says (Nov 22, 2015):

    i have the same shirt from threadless lolz

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