Inside Look of a Beach Resort House! 

    When it comes to my country, there aren’t many things to do here for fun, especially not during summer vacation, and that’s why the country is empty this time of the year, everyone else is out in Europe, or somewhere where it’s cold. While my plan was to leave the country this month, I had to postpone the trip for some reason, and that had left me knocking my head to the walls out of boredom, so I came up with the idea of booking at a nice hotel (my kind of thing after having given up on cafes here).


    While booking online at a specific global hotel chain, I see that they offer private beach resorts, and my first thought was somewhat sarcastic, but having had the thought go through my head a couple of times, I finally come to realize that it was a brilliant idea. The house resort would be much more spacious with extra rooms, and would get the family together. Other families go there to swim, and hangout at the beach, but our kind of night, was watching old Lindsay Lohan movies while having extra caffeinated Starbucks! I honestly thought I would die from heat, even inside the house, since it has huge glass walls, and balconies, but it was actually rather cold, and cozy!


     I didn’t walk outside, although surprisingly, there were a couple of days where the weather becomes cool around 5 AM. The resort house was really nice, and as usual I get to have the best room, and I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. Late night animated movies, and sunrise watching was exactly what I needed! Even though, I had a lot to complain about, the annoying families around us who’d stay out screaming all day, and all night long, is one example.  Aside from that, it was a pleasant experience, and that’s why we’ve booked in it again a week after that, and while still choosing the same option for housing, and location, the resort house was slightly different, with upgrades. 




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