Box Review: TokyoTreat! (Japanese Snacks)


    TokyoTreat is a Japanese snack subscription box based in Tokyo. They partnership with local distributors, and manufacturers of high quality, speciality snacks/sweets. Being based in Japan, most of the snacks they include in the box cannot be found anywhere else. Seasonal snacks will always be in-date, not only that, but all snacks are fresh (yes, fresh!), since the snacks are produced right after TokyoTreat places their orders, and all snacks are full-sized, meaning no tiny sample ones. They have different box sizes: Small (5-7) snacks for 14.99USD, Regular (8-12) snacks + 1 DIY Candy Kit for 24.99USD, and the Premium box (13-17) snacks + 1 DIY Candy Kit + 1 Drink + 1 Special Item for 34.99USD. They  offer free shipping, from Takanawa, Tokyo to wherever you are! I can tell that too much work has been put into the box, the box itself is so cute, has animated characters inside, and outside. The box also includes a small TokyoTreat magazine, and since it was a February’s box, it was a Valentine’s edition! The magazine contains information you didn’t know about Japan, such annual interesting festivals, must visit places, how to spend this month in Japan, the month’s items (the ones included in the box), a guide for the DIY candy, TokyoTreat news, and a community page. 


    Fujiya Peko Poko Chocolate: 

    Candy pops with heads of the well-known Japanese characters Peko, and Poko. How cute are these? I don’t eat chocolate, but my little sister gave these 10 out of 10 for a rating! 


    Grain Gummy: 

    These are obviously jelly beans, and the packaging is super cute still. Flavors include apple, grape, orange, peach, and sugar coated muscat? They’re promised to be chewy, and delicious! 


    LOOKs Two Types of Strawberry:

    It looks like some really high quality chocolate, with two kinds of strawberry fillings, one has a creamy texture with strawberry flavor, and the other is the same, but with a red strawberry jelly added.


    Collin Strange Gum 2:

    Reminds me of a certain gum I used to eat when I was little! The 3 flavors are lemon, strawberry, and blueberry. All of them taste really good, and each flavor changes into a grape flavor, which is fascinating!


    Kiki and Lala Strawberry Crunch:

    Cute pastel colored packaging, with the adorable Sanrio characters, the twin Kiki, and Lala! This was more like a cereal bar, very crunchy, made with rice puffs, strong strawberry flavor, and some confetti. 


    Princess’s Lost Treasure: 

    I really like this one! The packaging has a princess that looks like Princess Peach from Mario, and the filled cookie snack is crumbly rather than crispy as it was stated in the magazine. I can’t really tell what the filling was, but this snack is so good, reminds me a lot of Maamoul! 


    LOTTE Koume Soft Candy:

    This chewy, sweet, and sour candy, is made with plum, and is very refreshing! I didn’t think I’d like these to be honest, but I guess the taste grows on you! They’re really delicious!


    Strange Candy Grape and Muscat Flavors:

    I’ve tried a couple similar ones by this candy brand, and you’re meant to get creative with these candy strings. Twisting them, and creating shaped is really fun, and the texture varies, depending on the way you twist them. Really fun, and yummy!


    Nagewa Mentai Mayo Flavor: 

    Marinated crispy potato strings, that brings a well-know Japanese flavor called Mentai to life! These potato rings are so good! Super crispy, light, and the flavor is perfection. 


    Dantaco’s Chili Tacos Flavored Chips:

    This is supposed to be taco flavored nacho chips. It says that the ingredients are really made from an actual spicy taco. I haven’t really tried these.



    Pocky Fleck Strawberry Heart Full:

    Another Valentine themed snack, and to be honest, I’ve never tried Pocky sticks. I couldn’t really recognize any the heart shapes while having these, but taste super delicious! The strawberry icing is far too good to be real!


    DIY Kracie’s Mr. Fun Bakery:

    I’ve never enjoyed DIY candy kits, but this specific one was a really fun experience. You make your own frosting, and fill the ice-cream scones with it, as well as the pie crust, and the wafers too. Confetti sprinkles are included too for decorating, and these turned out pretty good. The wafers were crunchy, and the frosting was delicious.



    Sweet Red Bean Soup:

    I was planning on making a sweet red bean soup, since I’ve attempted making the sweet bean paste, and it turned out pretty good. This already made soup tastes exactly like a fresh one, I added sesame Tongyuan to it after boiling it, and it tasted incredibly good!  


    Good Luck with Chopsticks Fortune: 

    Since I already bought me a pair of chopsticks from the asian market, I’ll take these with me back home, because apparently they bring good luck. 


    Cream Collon (Extra Item):

    This neatly packaged snack has vanilla cream filled biscuits. The biscuit shells are sweet, and crunchy, but the cream filling doesn’t taste at all like vanilla. It tastes more like plain thick cream, which I really dislike. 




    Stephen Furey says (Mar 4, 2016):

    watched Tana Mongeau unboxing this one.. it's too funny


    Lucy says (Mar 5, 2016):

    Cute !!

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