Box Review: Oyatsu Cha Cha Cha! (Japanese Snacks)


    OYATSU Cha Cha Cha is a Japanese Snack Box that delivers directly from Osaka, Japan to your doorsteps. It includes from 15 up to 20 snacks per box, most of which are seasonal, and can’t be found anywhere else outside Japan. The box only costs 39$, with no shipping fees. Snacks’ description is included in the box, and also written English. OYATSU uses a cool unique technique when it comes to choosing some of their monthly snacks, and that’s by casting subscribers’ votes through a form on their site. I’ll be reviewing the snacks, with ratings from 0 to 10 right next to each one of them, and not only will be giving my impressions, but also my siblings’, whom I shared the snacks with. 


    Ikedaya: Ebikko (9/10)

    These are very very thin, light, and crispy in texture. There are seaweed bits in there, which gives it a delicate, complicated taste. I believe it is rice based, or has rice in one of it’s ingredients. Everyone liked these even though none of my siblings like seaweed. 


    Yamato Seika: Aji Curry (7/10)

    In texture wise, they weren’t puffy as I suspected, but more on the crackers side. I personally don’t like curry, but these weren’t bad at all. 


    Tohato: Caramel Corn Cheesecake Yakiringo (10/10)

    If I had to choose which one was my favorite out of the box, this would be my answer. I love snack puffs, but all of them are made with cheese, so these ones, and the peanut-butter puffs I was obsessed with in Germany, are defiantly made for me, and everyone who doesn’t like cheesy puffs.


    Morinaga: Nama Ramune Gummy Orange Soda (5/10)

    These gummy snacks have a nice orangey flavour, but I’m not used to the texture. It sort of turns crumply when you chew it, and then melts. 


    Coris: Sonomanma Coke (8/10)

    I’ve seen many try these on social media, since they are very popular, and often included in Japanese snack boxes. Basically, there are 3 gum balls inside, two of which are sweet, and one is supposed to be sour. I’ve tried the sweet one, and it tasted pretty good, really soft in texture, it feels like it’s about to melt in your mouth, unlike bubble gums. From my sister’s face expression, the sour one isn’t deadly sour. 


    Yaokin: Umaibo Corn Potage Soup - Umaibo Pizza - Umaibo Shrimp Mayonnaise (10/10)

    The corn soup one tastes almost like the original corn stick snack that I grew up eating, with a hint of sour cream. The pizza flavoured tastes so good almost like real pizza, with a bit of a smokey flavour. Shrimp mayo is one of a kind, I haven’t really had anything like it, but it has an interesting flavour with a good spices combination.


    Kyoshin Seika: Awamokomoko Banana 

    I can’t really rate this one because I didn’t try it. I don’t like fizzy drink at all, and how this one really  works is you put some water in it, and then it turns into a very foamy drink. Almost like a soda pop, and you have to be careful because the powder inside will keep reacting, causing more foam to come out which will get everywhere. My sister says it’s yummy!


    Coris: Fue Ramune (9/10)

    It was so much fun trying these, they’re something similar to POLO, or Savers mints. These allow you to whistle, and are very crumply. There was a tiny brush that came with it, but I don’t get it. It’s super kawaii.


    Kameda Seika: Kaki No Tane (Yuzu Mentaiko)

    These are spicy crackers and peanuts. I couldn’t try them, but my siblings thought these were great for snacking!


    CTF: Neri Ume (0/10)

    After doing some research, it turns out these are pickled plums candy, which explains why I spat it out. It’s very sour, and odd tasting. 


    Bourbon: Petit Usuyaki Umeshio (9/10)

    I really enjoyed these, and I’ve wondered which flavour were they. After searching them online, it turns out they’re made with plum, and salted rice. I’m guessing they’re pickled plums, not regular ones. I could’ve sworn I tasted ketchup though. Scrumptious! 


    Kameda Seika: Happy turn (8/10)

    It has a cute packaging, with a corn stick prince, not a princess. These are somewhat light rice crackers, with a hint of corn flavour. It’s pretty plain compared to Umaibo’s corn stick snacks, but it still has the same taste of sweet, and salty.


    [LOTTE] Koala no March Sweet Potato (10/10) 

    They’re much like the panda filled cookies, but these are a bit smaller, with less filling. They tasted like vanilla to be honest, and I couldn’t tell which flavour is it from the package, and the taste. Totally like these kind of snacks that substitute chocolate fillings with different delicious fillings. Great taste, and a lovely packaging! 


    Oyatsucompany: Babystar Guruguru Monja (7/10) 

    This is supposed to be a DIY snack. You pour hot water over the instant noodles, and mix in the powder to create the sauce. Toppings are included, and added to the finished snack. The taste was interesting, but very salty! I could defiantly taste soy sauce in there. This was my sister’s favorite snack out of all the them, and it’s funny because she doesn’t really eat Japanese food, or noodles.


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