Box Review: Japan Funbox! 

    Japan Funbox is a Japanese snack box subscription that delivers Japanese snacks & candy from Japan straight to your doorsteps, with free worldwide shipping! It combines old favorites, and new limited releases. The snack box is located in Japan, which guarantees both quality, and freshness of the snacks that are carefully chosen, and picked! They offer 3 different box sizes to choose from: MINI for $14.99, Original for $32.99, and Family for $49.99. Even though mine was the mini, it was still packed with a whole lot of snacks! They have the best snack choices, I’m not even kidding! They combined my favorites: the Whistle Candy, Umaibō, and Caramel Corn all in the box! 


    Slim Ganko Fried Potato:

    Tiny regular salted potato chips, which seem to resemble mini fries. The not too salty thin strips of  fried potato chips seem to have a different texture as well! They’re crispier in texture, and have a toasty fragrance to it! I haven’t tried those, but my sister sure enjoyed it! I try to pass down potato chips, and chocolate to my siblings since they enjoy them!


    Grape Flavor Whistle Candy:

    Can’t go wrong with this classic candy! This very popular Japanese candy isn’t unfamiliar in our house, they’re the perfect fix for a boring afternoon. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, the original flavored ones are good, but Grape flavored ones are my favorite, it has sort of a perfect balance of both sour & sweetness! 


    Umaibō Delicious Stick (Teriyaki, Mentaiko & Vegetable Salad):

    Umaibō is one of the most brilliant snacks out there! They’re light & tasty corn sticks with many flavors! I have 3 different flavors here, to be honest, I didn’t try Teriyaki, it smelled like it had too much spices, and flavors going on, but my little sister said it tasted pretty good! Mentaiko Umaibō tasted like BBQ, has a sweet and sour taste, really delicious! As for the Vegetable Salad, it tastes a lot like sour cream & onion soup chips, really yummy!


    Caramel Corn:

    Yay! My favorite Japanese puffs, reminds me of my love, German peanut puffs. It’s super sweet, and delicious! It has peanuts that sort hang in the bottom of the bag, which gives it an extra crunch. They’re crunchy, sweet, and melt in your mouth, almost. 



    Doraemon themed snack that’s basically chocolate covered corn puffs, however the combination seems like a perfect fit for many! These are stated to be a melt-in-mouth sort of snack, with a satisfying crunch to it! My sister says they’re super light, and yummy! They come with Doraemon stickers which you can collect to find the secret of Doraemon! 



    I remember having these before, they’re chewy candy,  half lemon, half orange, with fizzy coke flavored powder inside! Love the transition of flavors from fruity, to sour coke. It’s a more interesting version of fruit chew sticks! Not healthier, but defiantly tastier!




    Lou D says (Aug 8, 2016):

    So many new Japanese snack boxes nowadays, I'm subscribed to three different ones already, I love opening and sharing them with my nephews and nieces. great review btw!


    Lucy says (Sep 3, 2016):


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