Blog: Week 5 in USA! 

    Good news: We’ve finally settled in a house nearby, and with this house, I don’t think any of what happened was planned. I say that because it would be irrational for us to get this house since it’s unfurnished. With that been said, the house obviously needed not only furnishes, which will be thrown away after a couple of months once we’re about to leave, but it also needed wifi connection, a tv, and a tv box/cable to be set up, and of course cleaning tools, dish ware, utensils, ironer, and etc. As for me, I did get unnecessary things such as gardening tools, lots of plants, plant pots, organic gardening soil, seeds, and plant food which I didn’t know existed until I saw/bought it. All of these came out to be pretty pricey for me, but not compared to what my parents had to pay. 



    This week my doctor shocked the hell out of me when he informed me that all of my tests showed nothing, except that I have a primary CTD, and other symptoms. I was previously diagnosed with two other diseases, and now for him to tell me that I don’t have anything specific yet was disappointing. I mean, he admitted that I do have the exact symptoms of the few categories he was suspicious of, but he still didn’t change any of the drugs I take, which frustrated me. I’m supposed to see him soon right after I’m done with the MRI, but I sort of lost hope, and the effort I put to come all the way to here. I postponed the appointment to sort of digest everything, and to also try, and get my mind off of it for a week or so. 



    Right after the bad news, I went to another Hot Topic store nearby, as a sort of meditating. I got myself all the Paramore merchandise they had, and I totally believe that I bought a couple that I had back at home, but didn’t really wear yet, which is totally okay. I was advised to go to Spencer’s by the nice girl who works in the hotel’s lobby, and she explained that since I like Hot Topic so much, I’d like Spencer’s too. Oh boy, was she wrong! Here are the reasons why, for one, the store is way darker inside than Hot Topic, which makes it feel like a club, the music was so loud, and the music they played was crappy, unlike Hot Topic which plays Paramore, and Twenty One Pilots. Most importantly, the goods they sell include nudity, strippers’ costumes, and what not. As soon I as I got in it, I was out of it. 



    We’ve also been to the aquarium, and to get there, you’d have to park somewhere near, and walk to it, passing by some kind of a food festival right next to the harbour. They were grilling meat which got me super grossed out, so I had to close my nose the whole way, and of course I’ve got some looks, and laughs. I really have no idea how do people eat meat at all! The aquarium was huge, and I was sort of happy to find out that the dolphins exhibit was over the minute we walked in, only because we were too tired at that time. Also, funny story, before you walk in to the aquarium, there’s a lady who has her sea themed backdrops, and camera to take pictures. I asked her if it was obligatory to take pictures, and she explained that they’ll benefit from it for a project, or something. Once I told her we’re good, she suddenly changes attitude, and goes like ‘Yeah, I mean you got your tickets or whatever, so you can go’. It was ironic how badly she wanted to take those pictures, and it seemed like many have turned her down already that day. 



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