Blog: Week 4 in USA! 

    I had to bleach my hair, dye it, then bleach, and dye it again, until I became content with it, and I’ve also done that two days in a row, which totally sounds like me. I don’t worry about the damage, and neither do I have the patience to wait for a week with a hair that I’m not quite satisfied with. Long story short, I’m in love with it now, but it sure did take me some effort, and a whole lot of damage, not only to my hair, but for the bathroom, doors, and everything else. Even my hotel room’s door got some red hand prints on it, and as my brother described it ‘It looked as if you’d dragged a body into your room’. Did I mention that my pillow cases, bed sheets, and shirts get stained everyday? Oh well. 


    I’ve actually just realized that Springfield is less than a couple of hours away from me, and as a person who’s had watched all of The Simpsons’ seasons, I surely, and badly want to go there, and see how Springfield looks like in real life. Ah! This week, I pulled myself together, and decided to go shopping. I found out that Hot Topic is in the mall I was planning to go to, and I totally went crazy. I bought all of Paramore’s merchandise (there weren’t too many though), along side with Twenty One Pilots, The Walking Dead, and more. I got too excited, and forgot to take pictures while I was in Hot Topic. There were also some stores that sold Anime, and TV shows’ shirts, and of course I had to get my brother The Walking Dead’s one. 


    I’ve been wanting to go a museum for long now, but most of them required the visitors to take a troll outside, or around the museum itself, and since the weather wasn’t so great, I decided to wait. However, the railroads’ one seemed to be in a building (which I assumed to have AC), but once we walked in, I realized that this was going to be the death of me. It wasn’t only so hot, but actually too humid, and I couldn’t even breath. I had a horrible rash, and my whole body started to burn. It’s so sad because the museum was actually pretty cool, and I really like trains too. I hustled around, without reading the info boards, and it turned out that the rest of the trains that some of which, we were allowed to look at some of it’s parts from the inside, were actually outside the building. 


    Before I decide to go outside, the old man who worked there came, and was like ‘Can I tell you a joke?’… ‘Do you have an extra barrel of oil I could borrow?’. My brother was the first to laugh as I digest what he said, and eventually laugh. When we went home, I asked my sister wether she got the joke or not, and she explained that she was standing there all this time, staring at one of the info boards, but not really reading, just staring at it, and when she saw us laughing, she tried to get along, and laughed as well. Oh god. Once I got out of the ‘sauna’, I was so happy to find that the weather was actually cooler outside, especially after it had just rained. It obviously did take hours for the rash to go away, but I managed to go hurl around the whole museum. 



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