Blog: Week 2 in USA! 

    17 days later, and we’re still stuck at the hotel, all houses that looked like I could live in them have a minimum lease of one year. To be honest, I can’t imagine myself living somewhere else other than this hotel, which by the way, I’ve decided it’s my favorite. Yet, it would still be nice to find a new house, that still doesn’t smell like paint, with a backyard, and spacious bedrooms. If only I could get my hands on such a house! I’ve sort of given up on looking for a house, or multiple apartments like I specified in the earlier post (I think), and that’s mostly because I’ve been thinking of nothing but finding a house, which meant spending all my time searching online, and making phone calls at the same time, not to mention going for long distances to take a look at the apartments, and eventually get disappointed as hell. I took a break for my sake, and not to put extra weight on my shoulder because I’ve already got too many examinations, tests, and appointments to come. I’ve done a lip biopsy few hours ago, and I’m so grateful that’s it’s all done, and I don’t have to think about it. 

    Restaurant wise, there aren’t any vegan restaurants except for Flying Avocado which has a vegan menu, but unfortunately, you can’t have your orders delivered to your door steps, they’re only available for a pick up. I ordered us some take outs when we were driving, looking for a house on the first week. I ordered a grilled vegetable sandwich, with a side salad, and bean chips. To be honest, their food is pretty good. This week, I went to checkout Columbia Mall, and I haven’t seen anything special, other than book store which happens to sell ‘nerdy’ stuff, although most of the merchandise they sell are about a year old. I don’t know how big the mall is, but I assume that I’ve only checked about 1/4 of it’s stores only. I also went to a small nearby GameStop branch the day before, and got a couple of things. I’m disappointed for not seeing any sort of Digimon merchandise so far! On a total different subject, I’ve realized that the more I look into food aisles in grocery stores that I’m not interested in, the more fascinated I become. For example, packaged frosted donuts, packaged raw garlic gloves, packaged boiled eggs, and canned pigs feet? Oh dear god. 

    I must be the last person in America who is supposed to complain about the weather, for the fact that it’s 10 times hotter back home, but damn is it hot in here! I can only be in air conditioned places, or else, I’ doomed. However, almost all drivers here drive with their windows fully opened, and not to mention those who go for walk or a jog in hot sunny days.


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