Blog: Week 1 in USA! 

    In case you didn’t know by now, I have made it to the US about a week ago, a week ago, a week ago, no? Well, it’s been nine days so far to be precise. Believe it or not, I started ‘singing’ that when the nurse asked me wether I’ve done extra blood work about a week ago, and she didn’t react. Turned out she doesn’t use Vine. Any who, I will do some sort of a weekly blog just like the ones I used to do during my Germany trip, except that these ones will be on a weekly basis for two reasons. One being the fact that I’m 10 times weaker, and my new camera probably weighs more than I do. The other reason is that I’ll be staying way longer than a couple of weeks, so a weekly update will do. I’ve been sick, and stressed over the fact that we’ve spent a fortune on hotels. We’ve already stayed at three hotels in Owings Mills so far, and I’m very, very, very picky when it comes to choosing a place to stay at. I get disgusted by the best hotels there are, and this doesn’t explain why we’re not able to find a place yet. Surprisingly, finding a place to live in the US is pretty difficult, even if you’re willing to pay high prices. 



    Therefore, I haven’t been feeling like going out, and the only places I’ve been to so far were grocery shops, and the hotel’s lobby for breakfast, where they serve vegan options such as bagels, and oatmeal. It’s not mentioned that they’re vegan anywhere, but the oatmeal was cooked with only water, and the bagels were vegan as one of the employers who’s also vegan told me. Believe it or not, all the three different hotels serve exactly the same food, and use the same equipment too, which almost blew my mind. Since I’ve mentioned grocery shopping, let me let out my feels. I gave Target a first first, where they had too few Vegan food, and without any vegan cheese, or frozen vegan meals available. Just a heads up, I mostly eat fresh veggies which I cook however I please, but since I live in a hotel now, I’ve been feeling the need to change the way I eat, at least for now. That means lots of bread, raw veggies, and hummus which I totally dislike, but was forced to have it since it’s hard to find a vegan dressing that’s tomato, and sugar free. Other supermarket chains like Giant, and Safeway did great job providing vegan food alternatives. I’m only giving my opinion about nearby supermarkets, and I know that other Target branches do have a whole lot of varied food options including vegan ones. 



    Upcoming weeks are filled with appointments, checkups, blood work, and etc. I’m sort of positive about leaving America with actual diagnoses of the rest diseases that I in fact do have, rather than having Drs be like ‘Well it could be this, and it could also be this, and this’. As chill my new Dr seems, he’s really committed to finding out what I suffer from, showing me to other well-trained professors, to take advices, and theories from them. If anything, I’d call that humbling, unlike my previous Drs who act all knowing. ‘We’ll get to the bottom of this’ he said, which made me internally giggle because he sounded like something Sherlock Holmes would say. These blogs are sort of like a diary to me, ones that I will come back, and read in ten years, perhaps. I will try to post more pictures on my instagram, so make sure you follow me there. 



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