Blog: USA Week 9! 

    Bowling alleys here are family-friendly, and since bowling is one the best activities out there, spending a noon bowling with my family sounded great! However, the bowling alley’s working hours are not fixed, and that’s made us go earlier than their opening time that day, therefore, we had kill time at a few stores near the alley. Once we were all set for the match, each one of us chose a different coloured ball, and mine was the orange one (I think). I was ranked the second, so that sort of means I’m not that horrible at bowling. My baby sister had her own lane, with a match against herself, using the bowling lane with bumpers that’s designed for kids, yet every time she knocks some pins down, she cheers, and dances for herself. After we were done, and were supposed to return our shoes, I suddenly realized that my shoes were designed for kids, even though they were a little too big for me! 



    One morning we headed to the Sugarloaf mountain, ‘but first, COFFEE!’, so I had to get me Starbucks which by the way, wasn’t a Pumpkin Spice latte, but only a regular black Americano. I initially didn’t want to go up the mountain, and only wanted to walk around near it, because I assumed there would be some cool nature places around it, but there were none, and suddenly we were up the mountain (by car). We followed a couple of cars in front of us, and there were two parking places on the mountain, both on two different levels, or heights, if you will. We went to the higher parking lot, where most cars were parked, and decided to hang around. It was super cold, and I was wondering the whole time how could all of these people go for a hike in such a cold weather. There were elders, babies, pregnant ladies, guys wearing shorts, and then me freezing under layers, not wanting to move. At some point, I even wrapped my blanket around me, or wore it as a skirt. I had no idea where would people disappear all of a sudden, and which directions they followed to go on hike, or how they would find their way to climb up to the same spot. I have no knowledge what so ever about hiking, as it must be obvious. We left around an hour after we had arrived, mostly because it was freezing. The mountain was beautiful, but defiantly too cold. 



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