Blog: USA Week 11! (Larriland Farm is Closed & Japanese Store) 

    I literally have the worst luck ever. I wanted to go to a farm called Larriland for fruit picking when the weather was overcast, and cool. Once I arrive, not only does the weather turn sunny, and hot, but the workers inform me that the fruit picking had already stopped since the1st of November! When I entered the wooden barn to ask the workers, I realize that they have some produce available, so I got me some vegetables. No buildings are near the farm area, since it takes up more than 4 blocks, but it’s pretty empty, no one was there. 



    After that I went to a Japanese store, which I’ve been meaning to go to for a while. It looked too small from outside, but it was a little bigger than I’ve expected. They don’t have exclusive snacks, or new flavours of certain snacks, but the place was packed with a variety of food, from chips to frozen food, and sauces too. They also sell bread, and cake imported all the way from Japan, as well as beauty products, and magazines. I was hooked! I almost bought OTAKU, because of that Digimon page, but then realized that it’s in Japanese, and not written in English. I’ll keep an eye on the USA version of OTAKU for Digimon pages in the upcoming months, especially since it’ll premiere 21st this month! 



    lucas hope says (Nov 27, 2015):

    what's the name of the japanese store? it looks nice

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