Blog: USA Week 10! (Patapsco Valley Park)

    Before it gets chillier, and before I go into hibernation, I had to spend sometime outside. Patapsco Valley Park was the answer, and when we arrived to the gate which is supposed to be the park’s one, and only gate, they informed us that in order to get to the lake, and the waterfall scenery, we would need to take a fast steep way to get to it, unless we go back, and take directions for a drive that will take longer. Unlike other parks around here, this one asks for fees, and that’s probably due to having beautiful views, such as the lake, and the waterfall, which I didn’t get to see, mostly because I was too tired to walk the long aisle. The park was huge, with many multiples ways to take, and as you drive through the park, you’ll see that there are many wooden tables with benches for families to take advantage of, except for ‘shelters’ which need reservation in advance. 



    Different groups of people came to the park for different purposes, some were there to gather with family members under a ‘shelter’ to enjoy boardgames, and food, others were there to either run, or walk, others were riding their bikes, and some were there to go fishing, even though it seemed to me that the water was not deep enough to even have the tiniest fish. To be honest, when I first read the ‘shelters’ signs, I thought that we were in a park that invites homeless people to feed them, but apparently a group of people within the same race, and big families use it for family re-unions. It was nice since the weather was neither too cold, nor was it hot, but the sun still made an appearance for a while when we were there, but for the most part, it was raining leaves, and it couldn’t get any more fall than that. 



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