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    Here’s a blog that’s a week long due to being constantly sick. So last week, I went to my usual grocery shopping trip to Saveco which is something that I enjoy doing. It’s sort of a lengthy drive from where I live, but it’s not a concern of mine, thanks to having a driver. Of course I had to quickly make myself an Americano ‘to go’ for the road. As soon as we entered, I asked for the card that I’ve registered for, which took one month and a half when it’s supposed to finish in only two weeks, and it basically gives you 10% off on some items only. It sounds like it doesn’t do much, but oh well. One thing I hate about this place is the smell, some think I’m crazy for getting irritated when the smell is really faint. I believe it’s the smell of fried food? It’s defiantly the tiny store inside the supermarket that sometimes sells smelly chips, combined with the smell coming from the cafe upstairs too. However, the smell wasn’t present last time, it was probably too early for anyone to have freshly fried chips, or lunch. I also noticed that the book shelves, where books and novels were displayed, is gone during the buzz of the everlasting changes upstairs. Here are the pictures I took of the place for you to have an idea about it.


    Plastic containers of all sizes and colours are being imported, which is really nice, but I’m actually only collecting the ones with the red lids, including the sizes that I don’t believe I’ll make a use of anyway. Aside from that, they’ve expanded the corner where the bed covers and sheets are, and that means a bigger selection of light blankets, and a happier me! I surely bought a couple to throw on my sofa, and just because the kind of chilly weather is over, that doesn’t mean it won’t be freezing in my room during summer. When it comes to food matter, Saveco seems to have a plan consisting of avoiding all food brands except Tesco to import packed food from, and that has been the way for the past few months. It’s been bugging me, and it’s not that I eat processed food all that much, but when I do, I’d like to have it from new food companies, and for it to be gluten free and vegan, which Tesco rarely offers. Something I went crazy for in my previous trips to Saveco was the Bob’s Red Mill shelve of alternative gluten free flours and starches since many flours that I’ve wanted for long time became available now, so I bought many to make my own gluten free flour mix, and used it over and over to make something as simple as pancakes, but it didn’t work what so ever. 



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