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    I normally only go out to get necessities like groceries, drug store for hygiene products, or a coffee drive. However, this time I forced myself to go out for breakfast specifically in a mall, in order to have the space to walk, look around stores, and shop of course! So we went to the most quiet, least crowded mall which is not too far away from us. It’s actually one my favorite malls! It’s where Vans has opened their first store here, I remember getting really excited because ordering them online from the official store took too much for shipping before.







    We arrived there about fifteen minutes after their opening time, and I chose to eat at Lenôtre because I haven’t tried their breakfast before, but I remember them having good coffee. It turned out, they had a small breakfast buffet available, so I was like why not take a look. The buffet didn’t  have a variety of sweet options, as savoury food took most of the table. I filled my plate with fresh fruits, two muffins, and a piece of Victoria’s cake. In the mean time, our table was being set, and when we came back, there was a basket of bread, a small bowl of beans with vegetables(I believe), and others that I didn’t even look at because I never have savoury food for breakfast.










    The muffins, as well as the 2-layered piece of cake weren’t tasty at all, in fact the cream cheese tasted a bit stale. I honestly expected more from the way the muffins looked, but I was disappointed. At least, the coffee was good, and the waitress was nice. After breaky, we wandered out for a while, and bought some clothes. Apparently, almost every store has huge sales, and is obviously stacked with clothes-leftovers, so people were like ‘omnomnom’. I forgot to get myself macaroons from Ladurée on our way out though. Oh no!








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